PU PU Fall Seasonal: Round 4 (POST / PM REPLAYS)

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vs Gunner Rohan
Has Tattoos vs Pohjis
vs Lugia Proto
neomon vs Little Jirachi.


vs EviGaro

proof: http://prntscr.com/hfp3hf


TJ vs Robert Alfons
Overdragoon vs LzzzR
Rapture vs 5gen

Ok soto clear up some extensions. TJ already spoke to me in terms of needing an extension past Thursday which is the only one I will grant, so the loser between TJ and Robert Alfons will get an extension in the Loser's Bracket if either needs it. As for Overdragoon and LzzzR, while it would be easier to grant either of you activity over the other, since both of you seem quite active in terms of being on Showdown, I personally made the decision to give you two an extension because it is much easier to just find an appropriate time for both of you to be on at the same time and be able to battle since I know you both would rather take this situation into your own hands in terms of who moves on instead of leaving it up to me in terms of activity or coinflip if not played by the deadline.
Thanks, I'm fine with that.
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