PU is now an official tier!

Yeah mag wanted to do this but hes late soo thanks to anybody it would have been impossible without your support

Some immediate things:
- All future PU suspect tests will count towards TC
- The current tier leaders are Magnemite and galbia
- PU will be listed as an official singles tier on PS rather than as an OM
- PU will be added as a usage based tier on the Dex
- PU will be the name given to the tier for the remainder of this generation. Whether or not we rename it will be a new discussion and decision at the next generation. The name is not up for debate at this time
- The TDs are not going to be considering it for inclusion in this year's SPL, we already considered it and almost unanimously agreed to pass on it this year.
- PU being official does not imply a "slippery slope" or that we'll make FU or whatever the hell official next just because we're making PU official. We're making PU official because it met the criteria needed, namely: active and capable leaders, active competitive playerbase, community, and ladder, and active community willing to create onsite content for the tier, and i'm sure something else that i'm missing but can't think of it atm
Our baby's all grown up now :')
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Congrats to everybody that make it possible!

I gtg guys... I'm gonna cry...

P.D.: can FU take PU's place on the OMs? I would love to have a FU ladder! *_* please Mag! Please Galbia!

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