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Nidoqueen is the undisputed queen of RBY PU and is the only Pokémon that is considered to be mandatory on every team. It's large bulk, strong offensive stats, and wide move pool allows it to be the strongest progress-maker in the tier. Furthermore, Nidoqueen's Ground typing also makes it immune to Thunder Wave, making it very difficult to cripple without attacking it directly. Since Nidoqueen can OHKO or 2HKO the majority of the metagame, it making it onto the field unscathed will almost always force the opponent to sack a Pokémon or risk their switch-in taking massive damage. Nidoqueen is especially potent at capitalizing on double switching into slower Pokémon like Drowzee or Omanyte, whom Nidoqueen can kill after very little chip. Nidoqueen is also serviceable as a lead, having a strong matchup into Thunder Wave leads like Dragonair and Slowpoke, while also beating Rapidash and Fearow one-on-one at the cost of taking significant damage. However, Nidoqueen does have a few weaknesses in spite of it's overwhelming positives. Nidoqueen is often prone to being revenge-killed due to it's lackluster speed, especially in the late game when the checks to the most common revenge killers have been worn down. Nidoqueen's defensive typing is also far from ideal, making it weak to some of the most common attacking moves like Surf, Psychic, and Earthquake.

Name: The Queen
Move 1: Earthquake
Move 2: Blizzard
Move 3: Fire Blast
Move 4: Thunderbolt

Set Description

This set gives Nidoqueen near perfect super-effective coverage, allowing it to deal massive damage to almost everything in the tier. Earthquake is Nidoqueen's strongest attack and is incredibly safe to use since nothing in the tier resists Earthquake without also taking super-effective damage against one of Nidoqueen's other coverage moves. Blizzard allows Nidoqueen to reliably 2HKO every Flying and Ground type in the tier other than opposing Nidoqueen. Fire Blast allows Nidoqueen to 2HKO Pinsir as well as acting as a strong mid-ground option against physical attackers like Machamp due to it's high burn rate. Thunderbolt is Nidoqueen's least mandatory option, but is still useful due to hitting both Water types and Flying types for super-effective damage, which can ease prediction in scenarios where you would want to hit both.

Other Options

- Substitute
- Surf
- Body Slam

Checks and Counters

Switch-ins: Machamp, Pinsir, Vileplume
Revenge killers: Abra, Staryu, Fearow, Rapidash
General: Seaking, Nidoqueen?

**Insert Counterplay Here**: Describe the counterplay / check / counter.

**Insert Counterplay Here**: Describe the counterplay / check / counter.

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