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Presenting Official Room Tournaments, hosted in our PU room on Pokemon Showdown! With a common complaint being the poor quality of the ladder making it difficult to get good PU games, we'll be hosting more competitive roomtours daily. Players who win a tournament will get points on a scoreboard, with the top 8 being entered into an invitational playoffs. The winner of the playoffs will be awarded a custom title on both Smogon and the PU Discord!

The PU room has been very lacking in competitive events, and we're hoping you all take advantage of this event as an opportunity to test, chat, and make friends with other PUers. We're not offering Room Voice as a prize, but players who consistently participate, place well, or just enhance the tournament experience in some way will not go unnoticed as good users. Mods and drivers will post the name of whoever won the tour that they hosted, and I'll keep track of all the wins in this thread.

We understand everyone isn't going to place, however. We'd love to see everyone improve, so if you have any concerns, you can pm any of the staff (%, @, or #) for help!

Here are the times for the tournaments (EST):
Sunday: 11 AM and 2 PM
Monday: 5 PM
Tuesday: 8 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM
Thursday: 8 PM
Friday: 5 PM
Saturday: 11 AM and 2 PM

Tournaments will extend every day through the month of April, with the invitational tournament starting May 2nd!

Please note that there is always a possibility that tours do not get started on time, as PU only has so many mods who have different issues with time zones. If the tour has been left too late, feel free to ask a voice or driver to request that a global moderator starts it for them, and if a tour is skipped then we apologize.

Points will be simple, with two points going to the winner and one point going to the runner-up.

Sign-Ups will stay open until 10 minutes past the assigned time. Mods, please do not start a tournament before then as it's unfair to any players who may show up a couple minutes late.

During any given official roomtour, scouting will be turned on in order to prevent any form of counterteaming.

Also, our room auth are highly encouraged to participate as well! Having seasoned players in the mix adds to the tournament experience and creates a more competitive environment.

If any of you have any questions, please feel free to post them!

# of Users Entered:
Replay (optional):
Global who started tour (optional):

Accurate as of April 30th

The standings are separated by points, and then by alphabetical order. Points are the only thing that decides qualification for the playoffs, so in the event of a point tie there will be a tiebreaker bo3.

  1. Ktutverde - 15
  2. Genzeon - 13
  3. Sam I Yam - 11
  4. New Light (icening) - 9
  5. Darkinium - 7
  6. zoowi - 6
  7. Sir Kay - 5
  8. tafuga - 5
  9. Chrisloud - 4
  10. Prinplup Fiction - 4
  11. HJAD - 3
  12. Toy Time King - 3
  13. yogibears - 3
  14. allstarapology - 2
  15. CaptMicrowave - 2
  16. ComeGetShumm - 2
  17. Dandies - 2
  18. JBand - 2
  19. Melemele Sea - 2
  20. NeverUsedTier - 2
  21. Pepeduce - 2
  22. Power of Luvdisc - 2
  23. rhydonphillip - 2
  24. Beefdreams - 1
  25. boycow bopbe - 1
  26. fasdfasfsa - 1
  27. ekacxx - 1
  28. Ganso - 1
  29. Haund - 1
  30. jey2 - 1
  31. jronclad - 1
  32. Nyan Dash - 1
  33. passion - 1
  34. PhreshOatmeal - 1
  35. The End of Life - 1

Round 1 Playoffs
Round 2 Playoffs
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