Tournament PU Podracing Challenge (aka PUtrid Path II) won by Raiza

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Amazing Concept by Many

Welcome to the PU Podracing Challenge! Here you will compete against some of the best Podracers in the Smogon Star System. May the Force be with you! This challenge is nearly identical to the iconic Elite Four found in every main Pokemon series game, where you have the opportunity to prove to everybody that you are the reigning champion of
"PUdracing". One difference though, is that you do not have to use the same team between battles of any session. Look here for more details.


  • You must beat all Elite Four Podracers in ANY order you'd like before facing the Champion.
  • Beat the Champion to earn your place in the Hall of Fame and take their place as Champion.
  • As soon as we have our first Champion, the clock will start ticking, and all participants have one week remaining to dethrone the current Champion.
  • If the old Champion is dethroned, the clock starts over and the remaining participants (including dethroned Champions) again have one week to dethrone the new Champion.
  • The first person to become and remain Champion for one week wins the tournament!
  • All matches will be SM PU, best out of one, unless agreed upon otherwise
  • You can challenge the Elite Podracers in any order, but anytime you lose you must restart the challenge.
  • Players should wait at least 24 hours before challenging the same player again after a loss.
  • Please do not spam the Elite Four with battle requests
  • Post after you win or lose a match
  • Post replays
  • Be understanding of the Elite Four's availability
  • Most importantly, have fun!
The Elite Four Podracers + Champion are:
Dibs The Dreamer (9-9)
Time Zone: GMT +0

TJ (13-14)
Time Zone: GMT -7

HJAD (18-11)
Time Zone: GMT +0

Megazard (13-9)
Time Zone: GMT -5

Time Zone: GMT +1
None So Far!

The Winner of the PU Podracing Tournament is
Raiza!!! Congratulations to him!


Google Sheets:
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won vs twix, gg

won vs cryalot, gg

won vs shane, gg

lost vs dundies, gg

lost vs haund, gg

lost vs dibs, gg

lost vs shuckledeath's kabutops and surskit, gg

won vs kill the lights, gg

won vs lakeredman, gg

lost vs pancake's primeape, gg

lost vs manyy's mesprit, gg

f replays if u want them they are on my replay wall
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Google Sheets, Replays, and E4 W/L ratio has all been updated up until this post. This tournament is receiving a lot more attention that I thought it would have gotten today, so I want to thank you all for that. Please help yourselves to using any of the resources provided in the OP. I hope to see even more of you participate as the days go by. PM me if I did something wrong, and please please please post your replays as soon as your matches are done. Helps me keep track in case someone loses and wins against two different E4 members in quick succession.
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