Tournament PU Seeded Tournament [won by PILZ]

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And now for something completely different
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Alright, time to get this show on the road! First of all, big thanks to all of HJAD Teddeh Akir 2xTheTap Taskr LordST g Anty TJ Robert Alfons for helping out with deciding the seeding. Seeds are here and you can see the eventual matchups on a challonge bracket I made. I won't be updating it every match, but I will update it before each new round.
A note on how the seeds were decided: First of all, we mixed both past tournament performance and general evaluations of players. However, up to a certain point it can be difficult to differentiate players. So we created 3 separate groups. The first one was for players we individually seeded at the top of the bracket, while the next two randomized the seed of players considered approximately equal in skill. So if you feel you were seeded too low, it's possible that you were randomly assigned a fairly low seed with a wide margin for change. Anyway, on to round 1!

Remember, this is Single Elimination, Bo3 USUM PU. It does not count for circuit

PU Seeded Tournament: Round 1

Ktütverde vs LopeLupe
XxAwesomePlayzxX vs GW
Skipkan vs Musharnanigans
vs DurzaOffTopic
Many vs Marination
Akashi vs SeelofApproval
Luthier vs Sqookblooks
neomon vs GotCookies
Teddeh vs Big Camel
Sjneider vs Oathkeepre
Raiza vs Tack :]
Jason Genova vs Staxi
EviGaro vs Piervs
Jytcampbell vs Averardo
Ren-chon vs maroon
tcr vs luisotte
Taskr vs c kai
m3po vs Sultan of Skook
Chloe vs Twixtry
Specs Jigglypuff vs LightPinkYoshi
Shaneghoul vs toxya
Magma vs Reaper200
TSR vs Equistacle
Aaronboyer vs Darkfire47
TJ vs leo05051998
Toy Time King vs czim
RawMelon vs Blue YM
j0gurt vs Pyrados
PILZ vs vanisherrr
OminousDraco vs RaJ.Shoot
Arifeen vs PhantomHurious
ShuckleDeath vs Windsong
Megazard vs z3ll1
Go0d vs Holy Ghost
Jarii vs tlenit1
lockjaw vs I'm actually Cash
dibs vs TheInnocentNerd
Espeonage. vs Hijasu
Jmash324 vs DarkAngeallenq.q
trace vs BackAtYouBro
Xiri vs Dollainthewoods
Magearna8000 vs Moron5
Slowbroth vs tazz
TONE vs Louna
Sam I Yam vs 7shoes
Mikaav vs tennisace
vs zoowi
poh vs uhuhuhu7
HJAD vs Cheese5555
Yoshi vs Mirbro
Rexus vs Granuble
5gen vs Havens
robjr vs Youngster_Bill
MJ vs UberSkitty
Drud vs Drop That Volbeat
Plans vs Lost Soul
Robert Alfons vs TheJ3estPenguin
Haund vs Misterioussaint
2xTheTap vs jonago
PTF vs StickingGum
LordST vs hua00
Kink vs Dj Breloominati♬
Kiyo vs kythr
Cam vs Ampha

The deadline is Sunday, February 10th, 10pm EST
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