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(art by Chloe)
Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Ciao! 你好! Welcome to the SECOND OFFICIAL PU Swiss Tournament! Whether you're a PU veteran or someone just wanting to learn the tier and start out, this is the perfect opportunity for you to play some PU! I'm looking forward to seeing who will emerge victorious and looking forward to seeing some cracking games!

  • Standard SV PU.
  • All rounds will be best of three, you may switch teams in between games.
  • Any changes to the tier that occur in the middle of a round will not apply until the next round.
  • You are expected to know and follow all general tournament rules.
  • VMs are only thing that matters for activity. Use this guide to ensure you don't lose via activity or coinflip.
  • No extensions will be given.
  • Replays are required
This tournament will contribute to the PU Circuit standings!!!!

What is a Swiss Tournament?
A Swiss tournament is a two-part tournament where everyone starts in a sort of round-robin. After Round 1, instead of being eliminated or advancing to a higher part of a bracket, you are paired with someone that has the same record as you. You will play every week after the new round is posted. After several rounds, the last person who is x-0 wins the tournament!

Cao Jie  vs  Corvy
asa  vs  Danny
TyCarter  vs  kythr
robjr  vs  Hera
MZ  vs  sugar ovens
gum  vs  toraflora!

Estarossa  vs  Mr.Bossaru
Shaneghoul  vs  jackuzzler
Xiri  vs  waterfals
eifo  vs  Banbadoro
Platum  vs  Uta The Clown
sleid  vs  PrincePucci
Chloe  vs  yandaud
swag god  vs Reuben_Thomas05
memedose46  vs  avarice
Theia  vs  third bonnie
Slowpoke Fan  vs  fish anemometer
Raahel  vs  Jisoo[/USER
pannu  vs  zoowi
VyoletRayn[/USER]  vs  Aqua Jet
DugZa  vs  boris69
ZippyDoo200  vs  MrSoup
TMM vs Medeia
Felines vs giove97

NHelioX7  vs  Lennart
shadowtime2000  vs  Change
zeeLitium  vs  cicepece11
frogogajet  vs  ariesbk
Flameorbjolt  vs  Slip
Nultiprise  vs  stargaming
tipulipa  vs  AstilCodex
illegal in galar  vs  zman0604
Amit_gamer 69[/USER]  vs  Leynei
jeza.p[/USER]  vs  Ara
nolen  vs  LettuceLeaf07
yokoisop  vs  seroo
SpaceSpeakers  vs  TTK
Huargensy  vs  Blue YM[/USER]
What should by name be?  vs  Xt_Universe
Taka  vs  BiscotteKouloulou

Del985  vs  Oathkeeper
TheBeGoldedOne  vs  Lechen
romanji  vs  Federico segu
kn1ght#6969  vs  Theblobfishman9
PU Rules vs BYE 1

Games are due Sunday 30th 11:59pm -4. Good luck and have fun!
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