Pumpkaboo-Super [QC 0/3]

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- Super is the best if you want bulk, whereas Small is best for speed.
- Unique typing other than Phantump, making it immune to Spore and Rapid Spin.
- Versatile movepool in Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Sneak, Leech Seed, Destiny Bond, and even Trick Room
- Knock Off weak.
- Numerous weaknesses which can be hard to play around.


Name: Spinblocker
move 1: Bullet Seed
move 2: Will-o-Wisp
move 3: Leech Seed
move 4: Shadow Sneak
ability: Frisk
item: Eviolite
evs: 204 HP / 36 Def / 236 SpD / 32 Spe
nature: Careful


- Bullet Seed is Pumpkaboo’s primary STAB. It is super effective against all of the prominent LC spinners other than Anorith. It can also break Sturdy, Focus Sash, and overall has a high damage output with no investment.
- Will-o-Wisp is used to cripple things like Drilbur which you easily switch in on or burn the switch in.
- Leech Seed is for some semi-reliable recovery.
- Shadow Sneak is great priority,

Set Details
- The EVs are designed to maximize special bulk in order to more easily beat Staryu, and no EVs are wasted.
- Frisk is the preferred ability over Insomnia and Pickup because Pumpkaboo is already immune to most sleep moves and doesn’t want to lose its item via Knock Off.

Usage tips

- Switch in on Rapid Spinners without fear barring Anorith and Sandshrew which can carry Knock Off.
- Completely walls Drilbur as it resists its STAB.
- Has a free switch in to Bunnelby without U-Turn.
- Early game you can spam Will-o-Wisp unless they have Ponyta.
- Keep Pumpkaboo alive as long as they have their spinner alive, maximizing damage on the opposing team via your hazards.

Team options

- Things that stack hazards. Trubbish, Tirtouga, Surskit, Spinarak, Dwebble, Pineco, Omanyte, Koffing.
- Pawniard to deter the use of Defog.
- Attacking pokemon that miss a lot of OHKOs like Sash Abra, Elekid, and various others. Everything likes hazards.

Other options

- A suicide Trick Room lead can be effective for certain teams with Focus Sash, Trick Room, Destiny Bond, Explosion, and some attack.

Checks and counters

**Fire-types**: Fire types, especially Ponyta and Houndour as they can get a Flash Fire boost, can switch in on Pumpkaboo safely as they are immune to Will-o-Wisp, resist Bullet Seed, and can easily kill with a STAB move.

**Faster Pokemon with Knock Off**: These pokemon check Pumpkaboo as they can usually kill it or severely weaken it with Knock Off. These include Pawniard, Mienfoo, and even Dwebble and Tirtouga.

**Timburr**: Timburr can be a fantasic counter to Pumpkaboo due to Guts, Knock Off, and decent bulk, but it must watch out for Bullet Seed.

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I look forward to this. Be sure to emphasize how this Pokemon can switch safely into Bunnelby (aside from its U-turn) because it runs Wild Charge now, and also talk about how Pumpkaboo can really mess with Drilbur.
My thinking on the Trick Room set though is that it's still a Trick Room set. Meaning that as a whole, it isn't very viable. Porygon is also one of the best Trick Room setters, and it doesn't have a set to its own.

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Yeah, but it's the only reason you would use Pumpkaboo-Super over Pumpkaboo-Large, which reaches the same defenses as XL, but with an extra point in speed. Either way, if you keep it in OO, keep in mind that it should hold Eviolite rather than Focus Sash.
I'll change the Sash bit.

Super is also far superior to large. My spread gives Pumpkaboo-Super 25 HP, 14 def, 16 SpD, and 11 Speed. The max that Pump Super can hit is 24 HP, 14 def, 16 SpD, and 11 Speed. At 25 HP Pump Super has a 100% chance to live a Knock Off from Pawniard.

236 Atk Pawniard Knock Off (97.5 BP) vs. 204 HP / 36 Def Eviolite Pumpkaboo-Super: 18-24 (72 - 96%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

It even has a chance to live after some hazards.

236 Atk Pawniard Knock Off (97.5 BP) vs. 204 HP / 36 Def Eviolite Pumpkaboo-Super: 18-24 (72 - 96%) -- 81.3% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock and 1 layer of Spikes.

Pumpkaboo Super is far superior to Large.
Rock Slide should be mentione din Other Options, if not slashed next to Shadow Sneak. The ability to hit pokemon like Ponyta, Fletchling, and especially Larvesta on the switch in invaluable.
Set Details:
-I personally like the physically defensive set a lot more because of its ability to take on Fighting types, burn Fletchling, take less damage from Drilbur, etc. and I think it at least deserves a mention. I use 204 HP / 196 Def / 76 SpD / 32 Spe for reference.
Other Options:
-Using Flamethrower or Fire Blast makes pumpkaboo a solid Foongus check although it kinda forces Pumpkaboo to go special which it has a lower stat in and it's forced to use Energy Ball for a grass type STAB, as it doesn't learn giga drain.
-Protect helps rack up passive damage of WoW and Leech Seed and gives you more recovery because of the additional leech seed damage.
-Definitely mention Rock Slide like Adam said.

This is nicely done, good work. QC 1/3
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