Tournament PUPL IX - Finals [Won by m.A.A.d. City Magmortars]


got that stank up on me
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gonna do a longer post+team dump later but really quickly just wanted to thank Shaneghoul -Howkings for having me and all dedennes for a lovely experience but especially Floss soulgazer Danny for trusting me with my teams. this is obviously not the outcome we wanted but i couldn't be prouder of this group of people and everything we achieved during the last ten weeks so thank you thank you thank you

and grats mags for a very well deserved win hooray!!


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i started to write shoutouts and it was taking way too long so here are scuffed shoutouts. ggs to our opponents, everyone in playoffs was much stronger than the scoreline suggested due to fortunate rng, and thanks to the hosts for making the tour run smoothly.

my manager team:

Drud my brother. we started this journey a while ago and now we made it. love you and how you match my stupid energy.

ManOfMany the hard carry. literally you're such a cheat code for pupl it isn't even funny. I love working with you in oras and other tiers, and you're the voice of reason that keep me and drud contained. you've genuinely been a role model for me on this website, and i can't express how valuable that is to me.

Dj Breloominati♬ DJ Dib Dab. Ever since you popped off last year in pupl, drud and I knew we wanted you as integral part of the franchise. You're the best auction bidder, great teammate, and got some insane wins for us in playoffs. my brown brother love you bunches.

Akir you've been on this journey with us since the beginning supporting our old gen slots. don't think we would've come close to our dominance in bw and dpp without you. you're a backbone on which this team could always fall back, and i can't thank you enough for it.

TWiTT you helped in drafting, helped in cheering on the team, and helped in giving opinions in various channels. your attitude and encouragement helped propel this team to the top. thank you my friend.

my players:

justdrew you and i go way back, starting from just chilling in various uu tours, to uufpl, to your expansion into other tiers. you showed up with a newfound confidence that i had never seen from you before, and you work-horsed multiple slots and countless teams to carry this team's sv slots. on top of that you stacked an undefeated record. very impressive brother. for some real advice, be more self aware and keep yourself out of bullshit drama, you're a good dude and have a good heart.

Fogbound Lake you had a rough start with some stupid games at the beginning of the season, but our manager team never doubted you as a player, as you were still building solid teams, testing, and executing well in game.that really started to show in the second half of the season when you started farming games and getting key wins for our teams, including the winning game for both semifinals and playoffs. we've teamed together a bunch, i've always respected how you approach the the game and how you interact with teammates, so it was awesome to see you succeed. thank you very much for your work.

tier yung tier acid. your lazy ass didnt do fuck all for prep except test games soon before you actually played and you made your teammates workhorse your teams. on the contrary, your nonchalant, relaxed confidence to roll up and just win games for the team had an extremely positive effect on everyone else. you had fun with your games and your brings, and you brought the wins to back it up. i can't help but respect you for that, and i thank you for helping make the tour so fun for everyone.

Xiri honestly it was criminal how cheap we got you for and its funny how many times i've seen other people say that. you diligently prepared each week to bring solid teams and played almost robotically to back it up. you were a slot that i knew i wouldn't have to put in as much time to support because of how talented of a builder and player you are. not only did you bring big wins in high pressure games in playoffs, you made the managers' jobs extremely easy. thanks buddy.

Xrn following in the legacy of the legendary plot armor TheKingKarp from last year, we knew we had a solid oras core to support any player that we would throw into to the slot. however, i did not expect the level of commitment and level of play that we got from you xrn. i want to thank many for doing a majority of the work coming up with the ideas and doing the grunt work of building and testing the teams. xrn consistently tested and made sure he was comfortable with the team he was using, and executed perfectly in game, resulting in an undefeated oras record. to brag a bit, for many and i, our oras slot is now on a 12-game winning streak for the mags in pupl. you were a great presence in the team chat, and it was extremely easy to work with you as a teammate. thank you friend.

LpZ we originally didn't go into the draft looking for a bw player because we had spitfire who had done so well in bw last year, but during the draft we found ourselves with duplicate slots and some holes, leading us to shift some slots around. spitfire suggested to get you for bw, begrudgingly giving up his beloved tier, but that gave me confidence because he was the one suggesting you. we definitely did not regret that decision. you are passionate about bw pu, and i could tell you really loved playing the tier. on top of that you brought big wins and a positive teamchat presence. there is nothing more i could ask for, thank you my man.

Lily drud and i were ecstatic when we realized adv was going to be included in the tour and that we would get such a high value retain for our adv slot. thank you for letting us not worry at all about that slot and being self sufficient, even when we bought no support or testing partners for you. you were committed to getting your games done even when external circumstances may have prevented others from playing, and i really respect that. i was happy to have a long time friend on the team and even happier to win this thing with you, thanks so much.

bb skarm i know this tour didn't go the way you wanted, but shit happens. you still played some of our most difficult sv opponents and put up strong fights through tough rng. as much as i know you don't think you deserve this win, nevertheless you are still part of the team. thank you for putting in the work you did this tour. keep your attitude positive and remember to have fun with this game. can't say it enough my friend, thanks for all you do for me.

Baloor as you know i originally did not want to draft you because in my anecdotal experience in upl, i didn't see you contribute very much. drud assured me that things would be different for pupl and you also pm'd me while the draft was going on to reinforce that. any person willing to do that is definitely not a dud teammate, and i was not disappointed. even in the bench role you constantly asked for tasks to help the team and provided builds and tests for our sv core. you also provided bw support which went above and beyond my expectations. your presence and activity helped our team reach the top, so thank you for that my g.

Taka since we teamed in ndwc i had been impressed by your ability to contribute to a team no matter whether you were in a starter role or bench role, and while i feel sad that we couldn't get the bench dudes more games, i really appreciate the attitude and activity that you contributed to the team environment. thank you buddy, and i hope you only go up from here.

BlackKnight_Gawain drud laughed at your username when i first suggested you, but from my experience as your teammate in ompl i was committed to getting someone who was going to provide good vibes to the team chat and support for our new gens. if it hadn't been for ompl there was no way i would've known who you are, but i am very lucky that i do, because you were integral for this team. lines, tests, building ideas, just to name a few. thank you bunches my friend.

NHelioX7 i know you were busy during the tournament and your schedule didn't necessarily line up with the rest of the team, but you still offered crucial tests, cheering, and ideas for our sv and ss builds. i apologize that we couldn't get you more games, but i thank you for embracing your role and being a great presence for our team.

Hera last but not least, a long time member of the mags, but this is the first year we got you on the roster! you were very integral to helping our sv and ss builds, and provided clutch subs for us when we had some hiccups during the regular season. thanks very much for your commitment to the mags franchise, and i am happy we were able to get you on the roster.

Helpers + Mags Alumni:

zoe when drud suggested you last year i didn't really know who you were, but i loved the way you cheered on the team and chatted with us this year, and happy that we've become friends. thanks for spending time with the mags :).

BeatsBlack we don't interact much but i know you are integral to drud's dpp horror house. thanks very much for your work and contributions.

other helpers and cheerers thanks for helping out in various places or just being good chat presences in the server, you're always welcome.
hariyana grande gum

people that helped during playoffs thank you very much:
TSR HSOWA sorry if i forgot anyone

s/o TheKingKarp s/o BreloomBuddy

to my team, thank you very much for sacrificing time out of your day to play this tournament with me. as cheesy as it sounds, this time means a lot to me, and i am thankful to everyone who made it such an enjoyable experience for me. everyone worked toward a common goal, had fun doing it, and we did it. that alone is more valuable to me than many things in this world, so i'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude.
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PUPL is probably my favorite tournament on this site because I like the people in this tournament and I also love playing most gens of PU a lot and this tournament incentivizes me to do just that for 9 weeks in a row and this championship has been a long time in the making: I started managing PUPL in 2021 when I first teamed up with pdt, Many and Akir and we lost in semis. In 2022 we made finals but lost the finals tiebreak 2-1 in heartbreaking fashion so we decided we had to come back stronger than ever this tournament, and I'm so happy we finally brought home the win this year, in pretty dominating fashion with a 17-1 record in playoffs too. This year individually wasn't great for me, going negative in regular season though at least I went 2-0 in playoffs and made it 5-4 still, if you ever helped me with DPP at any point of the season even if it was just 1 test game just know I appreciated it a lot. Our team was amazing this year and I loved teaming with everyone on the mags so here are my shoutouts:

pdt: You're definitely one of my favorite if not my #1 favorite person to team with on this site. You're an amazing person to have around as well as being a great player and a motivating teammate. I wouldn't want anyone else to be in our Bo3 slot, maybe you click a lot and give me like 10 heart attacks a game but that all adds to the experience. This year you were actually able to be there for the auction which helped (Spitfire and twitt too) us form a very solid team as your sleeper picks ended up working out really well. I think we work very well together as we are both probably too passionate about winning this as well and get along very well. I always feel kinda bad about that we don't really talk outside of PUPL but maybe this is the year...anyway, much love and keep being you.

ManOfMany: It really is crazy to me that I guess you won't technically be considered a PUPL champion for this but all of mags know you won this PUPL. Your ORAS support is obviously just overpowered but even outside of that you help in multiple gens. I was shocked to learn you actually were playing quite a lot of SV at the start of the tournament and you were able to help in that as well. In DPP you always hold me "accountable" when I want to use something weird which is something I really appreciate that. Also a very passionate teammate who (even tho i have to ping u 10+ times to play dpp) is always down to help anyone on the team out. Goat forever

Dj Breloominati♬: I pushed hard for your retain and even though your individual record wasn't amazing, you still contributed to the team in countless ways and I'll stand by retaining you of course. Loved having you around for the auction that was really funny and you helped make some good calls during it. We've been friends for a long time now and it's cool to see we are still connected through this tour and I know how bad you felt after losing the tiebreak last year, which makes me even more glad we finally won it together. Those vcs before and after your finals games were great moments and I'll remember this for a long time. Keep it killing it brother

Akir: You didn't have much to do this season with us having an actual BW main now as well as us already having DPP and ORAS pretty much settled but I still appreciated you being there. You're one of the OGs of the mags and the first PU friend I made back in the day (bc of RoA). Still hoped you enjoyed this season and hope you'll be back for more

TWiTT: Maybe not as unfair as having you in ZUPL but I still appreciated having you around in PUPL this year. Your draft prep made us have a good idea of the pool and your help during the auction as well definitely helped with making a great team. Your positivity is really nice to have around to keep the teams spirits up and especially during finals you did a great job checking people's prep. Let's get the ZU repeat now.

rest of these are in kinda random order

Lily: ADV PU World Champion. Unfortunately no one on our team really played ADV but you are good enough on your own to figure it out and end up with a solid record. Retaining you was always gonna be the right choice with ADV added and I always appreciate your attitude. I remember we were really excited at 9-0 in semis and then you started playing for the 10-0, me and Beats were in vc for your whole game but that 500+ turn game killed the hype for the 10-0 so we weren't that excited anymore :sob:

LpZ: Your passion for BW PU is really awesome to see, such as when you just started posting detailed thoughts about the tier. I remember when you lost in week 1 and the day after you posted like 10 fresh new teams which really inspired me a few weeks later when I started to go on a loss streak, I thought back on what you did after losing and it reignited a flame within me. You're a very creative + skilled builder as well as a great player and fun teammate to talk to.

Xrn: I remember that right after the auction, some people were saying ORAS was looking like our weakspot (next to SV) and well, we ended up with a 8-0 record in ORAS. You are a seriously amazing player and despite that you still worked hard to learn the tier and test plenty every week which was very cool to see. Our timezones/schedules didn't match up very well so you obviously tested against pdt and Many more than against me but despite that I wasn't worried at all. Good shit

Xiri: 13.5k for you was such a steal. I felt very at ease having you for SM, you both put in the time to prep and test while also being such a great player on top of that, that's just a recipe for success. I don't think we had many friends of yours on the team but I still hope you enjoyed the mags experience. Congratulations on the insane record, it's well deserved

justdrew: You came in as a sub and finished 5-0, that on it's own is very impressive but you also built SV for all the other slots too which ended up working out extremely well for us. You're a confident player and helpful teammate. I do hope you would get yourself into less problems in the PU discord but you have 9 months to work on that until next year

tier: All time yapper and the laziest player on the team but at least you did very well and played very well week in and week out. You make any tour or team more entertaining that's for sure. The one week you actually tested a considerable amount, we were already guaranteed in playoffs... You're just an enigma but you make the tour more fun and you're actually a good player. NP for easier matchups tho

Fogbound Lake: Early weeks didn't go your way but I always felt good about you slotting in SV. Not a PU main but you always took some prepping and you're a great player. You playing both your playoffs games on 0 sleep was a bit questionable to me but I guess you did win both games.

BlackKnight_Gawain: Amazing teammate and I really wish you got more chances to play. Very fun to talk to and really helpful even as a bench slot. Thanks for all the work you put in for this tour and for constantly being active in our chat. I really hope we team more often in the future. Never discuss cheese with rats.

Taka: Everything I just said for Gawain above applies here as well. Especially during finals you stepped up big time in terms of support and it was definitely cool to see you building SV and being around in other prep channels like SM as well. Not really being much of a PU main but helping out with building with prep as a bench slot is awesome to see.

Baloor: You're welcome for me pushing for your useless ass to be on our team. On a real note you bring a lot of personality and humor to our chat which I knew I really appreciated from BDSPPL last year. You also contributed to prep with testing with LpZ for example, not much more I can ask for a substitute. Carried the mags with his Loortrio teams.

for these last ones i accidentally deleted them all and had to rewrite them so i'm sorry if these are even more scuffed than the ones above

Hera: Helper in our chat last year and for this year we decided we wanted to actually have you on our team, and I'm happy we did. You're never gonna live down that week 7 game though. You got your first PUPL win in semis which was pretty funny to me

NHelioX7: Not really around for most of the tour but you decided to wake up in finals where you gave your opinions on prep and was discussing games which was for sure dope to see, also 1-0 just like LOOR

bb skarm: Not your tour. Congrats on winning the tour either way.

BeatsBlack: For my slot probably the most important teammate. Discussing and playing DPP PU with you just makes it so much more fun and bearable for me and like I told you idk if I would be even playing this tier anymore if not for having you around. You're a really funny person and I love having you as a friend (even though you ignore 80% of my dms...). Thanks a lot brother

zoe: Oops sorry we won without you..You were fun to have around in our chat for another year so thanks for that! signup next year

hariyana grande gum: Both fun chat presences, thanks for joining us and adding to our chat environment

HSOWA: Thx for being around running tests for me and checking my ideas. You always beat me in team tours but one day I will beat you...maybe..:(

Everyone else that joined in our discord at all idc how much you typed or what you did thanks for being around Jett TSR SergioRules plznostep

TheKingKarp: Mags Forever...

Well played to the other teams, particularly those in the top 4. It was kinda nuts to see a tournament where all playoff teams were pretty much set in stone after week 5. Both series we played in playoffs were closer and more competitive than the score would you let you believe, there were a lot of extremely close games just look at Xiri vs soulgazer for example. Thanks Theia and Vertigo for making this tour go very smoothly. This was yet another fun edition of this tournament and while I wasn't a fan of 10 slots at first, I think it ended up being fine in the long run. Maybe see y'all next year?

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