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i am going to delete a lot of posts so be sure not to suck at this

posting guide


[22:58:01] @Mambot: Driftveil Drampas: [Money: 500 | Bidders: megazard] Players: Rawmelon, BOUFF, PokemonMasterTJ, Megazard, Ares, Finchinator, Raseri, Empo, DISJUNCTION, Mysterious M, Optical Real, iRebel, Christo
[22:58:02] @Mambot: Destructive Dedennes: [Money: 1000 | Bidders: hjad] Players: Teddeh, Taskr, Dibs the Dreamer, HJAD, Sam I yam, Ajna, Quite Quiet, Heysup, Ruby Matoi, ggggd
[22:58:02] @Mambot: Shoegazing Stoutlands: [Money: 1000 | Bidders: galbia] Players: FLCL, Lax, "PEARL, Omfuga, Feliburn, Twix, Kiyo, Void, Many, EviGaro
[22:58:03] @Mambot: Marxist Marowaks: [Money: 1000 | Bidders: haund] Players: LordST, Tricking, GeneralAnnoyance, pancake, MiyoKa, Arifeen, star, Raiza, YABO, shaneghoul, Chrisloud, Bushtush
[22:58:04] @Mambot: Fudge Packing Passimians: [Money: 0 | Bidders: ] Players: amberlamps, LUCK>SKILL, TONE, snagaa, Robert Alfons, Eternal Spirit, Rodriblutar, Jarii, Oglemi, r0ady
[22:58:05] @Mambot: Team Pikachu: [Money: 0 | Bidders: anty] Players: Kushalos, Honko, Anty, ict, tko, p2, 49, Lycans, DrReuniclus, False.

auction log: https://pastebin.com/raw/Fbc7FqYF
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Hi everyone! I'll be holding manager tryouts all throughout 4PM EST to 10PM EST today. Now I know you might be confused since this is a new concept, so let me explain. Any manager can challenge me to a battle, and I will assess whether they are worthy of me playing for their team. If you play well, who knows, I might be tempted to grace your team with my presence! :heart:
please don't reply to this post, instead tag me in a new post. Smogon uses derogatory statements when replying and my mom told me not to

also Drampas and Marowaks look hella good

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