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well our run is over. This was a good team and I had a lot of fun with everyone on there. I'm pretty happy I went 6-1 too, since almost every game was close.

special shoutouts to
Drud really made this team work with his overall enthusiasm
Tricking the goat teambuilder. I didnt like SS PU until I saw your teams lool
Bushtush roxiee carrying BW PU, amazing builder + player core
pdt klang gang
Aliss dont feel bad about your record, youre still a DPP queen. And thanks for helping Drud manage
Raiza the SS god... clutchest player I've ever seen
avarice despite being benched the first few weeks, you put so much effort in. And so impressive going 3-0 in all different tiers
gorex never got to play :(
Oathkeepre despite not being on the team, helped me a ton testing in ORAS. You'll get a win on me someday ;)
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even though i sucked this pupl i still had fun and wanted to thank some people

Drud Aliss thank you for putting me in every week and letting me play, you guys are good managers
Tricking for building a lot of my teams and enabling me to use fun teams throughout the tour (eject button + bd zard was a blast)
ManOfMany for being my mom and being the goat, seriously he is amazing at pokemon and the nicest human

not going to tag everyone else but we had a great team environment imo, i’d be happy to run it back with any of you guys in the future, thanks for making it fun for me :)

Well played to the Huntails, unfortunately our season had to end here but I'm more than satisfied with making playoffs. Sorry for my team for a subpar performance but I think we still exceeded expectations as a whole as we got ranked very low in all the power rankings. For my first time managing I think I did a pretty good job (i hope my players agree w that), I had a lot of fun the whole tour and thought we had a great team environment and because of that i'm gonna write shoutouts

zS: You were the one player I was gonna make sure I was gonna buy and that should say a lot about how much I trust you as a player and builder, I knew you were gonna be cheap but put in a lot of work every week to prep and that's what you did, ending with a nice record. Thanks for doing most of the bidding starting halfway through the auction when I was trying to work on my english class assignments lol... You did a good job and I really hope you get drafted for SCL

Aliss You might've not gotten the record you were looking for and that's fine, you were still a fun part of the team environment, especially in the first half of the tour, If you just start prepping a little earlier in weeks 5 and 6 i'm sure you would've had way better odds of winning. Maybe we couldn't win this tour together but let's win PUWC this year

Tricking: Thanks a lot for building SS for us when you weren't on the team (even when we got swept 4-0 in ss in semis but we don't talk about that), Your teams are both good and a lot more interesting than what everyone else is using. You were also a very fun presence in our team chat and you were quickly catching up on me in lines in our chat lol

pdt: We traded you for EviGaro and while you might have a slightly worse record than Evi, i'm still happy that I went through with the trade, you're a very funny guy to talk to and you made our team chat a lot more interesting, don't worry about your negative record, it always fun to read your wack ideas just for me to start flaming you about it. Hope we'll team a lot more in the future

Raiza: You didn't end up with the greatest record but I still think you played really well throughout the tour while running into some bad matchups, if we got into a tiebreak in semis I would've felt really confident with you in our SS slot there. Thanks for being part of the team

ManOfMany: It shouldn't come as a surprise when I tell you i'm really glad I bought you, 7k for a 6-1 record is a good deal. You were always the first to start preparing your teams and tested probably the most on our team for your own slot and your hard work definitely paid off. I definitely had a lot of trust in you starting week 1 and it seems right like I was right in doing so, hope I helped you at least a little bit with all the ORAS tests.

avarice: Thanks for being a good flex slot, going 3-0 in 3 different tiers is impressive. Sorry to make you play SM instead of SS but I feel like that was the most optimal for our lineup, hope you were fine with not being traded to milkers in hindsight?

dahli: We also got you in the EviGaro trade and I'm glad we did. At first you had like barely any lines in the chat but then we let you play and started becoming a little more active, going neutral maybe wasn't what you were looking for but you're a good player and you had some interesting ideas in the builder

Maki: You were a good sub for SS and stalled one of your friends but I respect it, it's all for the Magmortars cause, thanks for being a fun presence in the chat too

Wingless: You might've not had a great record, but it was always interesting to see what wacky team you came up with for the week (and also bad for my heart), I hope you had fun even while teaming with people you don't really know

Bushtush: You had some of the wildest and funniest games in the tour while still ending up with a positive record and a win in semis so good job, you made me burst out laughing with the eviolite mawile thing in your game vs Evi

roxiee: Thanks for being a good BW builder for Bush, some weeks you weren't able to come up with a good team but i'm pretty sure every week where you did, Bush won so that should prove that you definitely know what you're doing, good job

gorex: Unfortunately you only got to play one game and that game still had some bullshit around it with some miscommunication between us and then your opponent missing a scheduled time, but I hope you aren't too bummed about it and hope you still had fun being on our team

ausma: You managed to be the least active member of the team when we had Bushtush so good job on that? All jokes aside you weren't too active but when you were you still found a way of being useful while also playing only one game just like gorex

Oathkeepre: You joined our team chat in I think week 2? and helped out mainly Many in ORAS, thanks for doing so and I hope you get bought in the next PUPL, you might've not been officially on the team but I'm glad you still got to experience the tour with all of us

Akir 2xTheTap: Thanks for joining us for the playoffs and helping us prep even if we didn't end up needing Tap's SM help. I appreciate it

Chloe Greybaum: Both of you also joined us for playoffs and you didn't really help with prep but that's fine you weren't really expected or asked to, hope you at least enjoyed being in our chat for a little bit? idk

Hyogafodex: I just realised you're in our team chat and apparently you've been there since the start? 26 lines which is better than nothing, thanks for the carry goat

Maybe I'll be back managing next year, I'll have to see if I care about this game when it's time, thanks everyone involved with this PUPL for making it another memorable experience. I hope someone out there enjoyed reading this post, rooting for the Huntails to win it all now


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Finals are up but will leave this unlocked for another day or so if anyone from the tour wants to post their s/o n stuff

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