Tournament PUPL VII - Week 5

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Deadline: Sunday, July 25th 11:59pm GMT-4


Moo Moo Milkers (3) vs Happy Huntails (5)
SWSH: Vulpix03 vs TJ
SWSH: Osh vs Lambovino
SWSH: Star vs PTF
SWSH: jonfilch vs lockjaw
USUM: HJAD vs yandaud
ORAS: Taskr vs McSim
BW2: Tack vs Feaniix
DPP: JabbaTheGriffin vs GeneralAnnoyance


Fruity Frosmoths (7) vs Deez Nuts Druddigons (1)
SWSH: robjr vs Sensei Axew
SWSH: Z Strats vs Bouff
SWSH: TeamCharm vs Punny
SWSH: tlenit vs umbry
USUM: Xiri vs Pak
ORAS: Teddeh vs tko
BW2: MrAldo vs DnB
DPP: Lilburr vs HSOWA


The Snap Trappers (3) vs The Unscrupulous Scraggies (5)
SWSH: Greybaum vs TDK
SWSH: ez vs Feliburn
SWSH: ojr vs Sjneider
SWSH: Wanony vs termi
USUM: MZ vs Jisoo
ORAS: Bobby Dagen vs asa
BW2: SBPC vs LpZ
DPP: Heysup vs Raichy


The Vicious Rends (3) vs M.A.A.D City Magmortars (5)
SWSH: TheFranklin vs zS
SWSH: Expulso vs pdt
SWSH: Roseybear vs Raiza
SWSH: Decem vs Maki
USUM: LordST vs Wingless
ORAS: TSR vs ManOfMany
BW2: EviGaro vs Bushtush
DPP: SergioRules vs Aliss

No extensions will be given, and replays are required. Contact me or Specs if there is an issue with player scheduling or this post.​
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ss predicts hf

Moo Moo Milkers (2) vs Happy Huntails (1)
SWSH: Vulpix03 vs TJ - TJ is on a strong run as a player, finishing UPL 8-1 (!) with, I believe, little prior experience and also winning 3 straight in this tour to justify his hefty price tag. Vulpix is a bit below average which is about how i'd expect him to do. Think Vulpix will pick a cool idea to build with but fail to cover himself defensively as well as Tj and get outlasted by a solid balance/BO.
SWSH: Osh vs Lambovino - Im ngl I did not understand a lot of lambovinos plays in his game vs franklin last week and also dont personally know who he is. Seems he played last PUPL and ended 2-3 for the tour-winning claydols, though. Meanwhile, Osh (grand slam semifinalist) has looked very good on his run to 4-0 so I'm sure he'll easily wrap this up.
SWSH: Star vs PTF - star’s 3-1, an impressive record which even understates his skill since the loss was def unlucky for him. honestly he’s good enough that he’d go 7-0 without bad luck, plue he’s used very solid teams, so i def trust him to close this out
SWSH: Splash vs lockjaw - Not even predicting this LOL, >80% it'll be a deadgame or one of them gets subbed

Fruity Frosmoths (1) vs Deez Nuts Druddigons (3)
SWSH: robjr vs Sensei Axew - Robjr is a good af player, even if i feel like i see him end many of these non-UU PL tours 3-4 or so (which could be a product of luck? who knows, i can’t go rewatch these) he can farm pretty well with support. problem is, frosmoths' team chat is likely dead, whereas sensei is probably buzzing :cwl: with (bad) ideas. Ill give him the upset nod here though, he has some experience taking down good players en route to 6-2 in nupl bo3. Now make this predict look less insane from me king
SWSH: Z Strats vs Bouff - Bouff has a ring but z strats is italian, or at least hangs out w italians, so that evens out to me. the druddigons lose points in a neutral mu like this due to losing all 4 of their ss games last week gum l2p. the frosmoths also lose points for the reasons in rob’s paragraph, especially since z strats is very prone to not giving a fuck. I rly should call this even but sure we’ll give it to bouff ig, his game vs pdt was strong tho idk if it was last week or the week before that whereas i remember less from z strats’ games. …This reasoning is kinda stupid tho LOL, it can def go either way but i gotta bold someone
SWSH: TeamCharm vs Punny - Im going to predict another upset here, despite predicting against punny being a horrible sounding idea i feel like notorious cheeser(TM) teamcharm will come up with some crazy shit that preys on a very standard balance from Punny's end.
SWSH: tlenit vs umbry - quite unsure why tlenit is 0-3 given his long history of success and consistency in the tier, but ig hes just out of tune rn, and there arent any recent developments that lead me to believe otherwise. hope he breaks out of the slump (if u can say that about 3 games) at some point soon, but cant predict in his favor based off of that

The Snap Trappers (0) vs The Unscrupulous Scraggies (4)
it might not actually be 4-0, esp. since the scraggies are already in
SWSH: Greybaum vs TDK - It sure is tempting to predict the Scraggies to win 4-0; in fact, that is what I am doing. This should be quite a close game, though. Greybaum is 3-1, though wins over the combined 1-8 trio of jonfilch, yovan, and wingless hardly inspire confidence in his ability to take on a very in-form and well-supported TDK. A win is a win, though, and the Snap Trappers have needed that consistency. They are nearly out, though, after what MZ described as weeks and weeks of unlucky losses, so that may take away his motivation to build something offbeat that lets him beat TDK. I def think an upset is possible and this shd be a good game but TDK is def favored
SWSH: ez vs Feliburn - 4-0 “retired” feli ez got into an unplayable game vs pdt due to luck but it’s unlikely id predict vs feli + the fire scraggies support here anyways
SWSH: ojr vs Sjneider - sure. i mean ojr isnt lookin terrible — i think zS lucked him last week — but neider has been 4-0 and has some great meta takes
SWSH: Wanony vs termi - Upon consulting with the 20 man rend army we still do not know who wanony is. this a good chance for wanony to enlighten us, but until then bolding termi, who has done an absolutely fantastic job with this 13-3 (!!!) SS PU core
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Moo Moo Milkers (3) vs Happy Huntails (4) (1 tie)
SWSH: Vulpix03 vs TJ (30-70) TJ's been hot pretty much all tour long, but has resorted to pretty standard and consistent BO/Balance builds so Vulpix will need to bring something strong and hopefully catch him offguard. Not sure of his abilities to outlast TJ if they both bring some standard balance builds.
SWSH: Osh vs Lambovino (70-30) Osh isn't losing this game. No reason to never bold here. He's far too solid a player and his building has been amazing all tour.
SWSH: Star vs PTF (80-20) I love PTF with all my heart but good lord you have by far the most difficult player on the entire Milkers' roster to go up against.
SWSH: Splash vs lockjaw (35-65) This should (hopefully) be a closer game, however lockjaw has definitely been the better player between these two throughout PUPL this time around. But who knows? Maybe this is finally the turnaround week that Splash has desperately needed this tour?
USUM: HJAD vs yandaud (40-60) Although HJAD is still a very strong player, his SM repertoire remains the same as it always has. So with proper teambuilding and configurations, I believe yandaud should have this game. This should still be a close game though.
ORAS: Taskr vs McSim (65-35) Taskr is much more familiar at ORAS than Sim and on top of that, has been performing solidly nonetheless. It would take a significantly strong showing on Sim's end to wrap this one up.
BW2: Tack vs Feaniix (50-50) This is probably the closest matchup between either of these teams, and could go either way. Feaniix however has been playing very well for what it's worth and definitely been bringing some surprisingly useful techs. Tack though, is the much more familiar player with the tier as a whole. This will be a good game to settle whether or not these two teams tie this week.
DPP: JabbaTheGriffin vs GeneralAnnoyance (30-70) I'm going to hard-bold GA here. Even with being recognized for his incredible talents in DPP by pretty much every person who's touched this gen, he still finds ways to innovate the metagame and have close-to-perfect matchups. I see no reason to ever suggest otherwise.

Having Ktut sit out this week definitely does more harm than good for the Huntails as he is quite considerably the best player on their team. I'd assume he has some stuff going on otherwise there's no reason for him to be on the bench during such an important week. But once again following previous week trends, Huntails have a 50-50 in their SS slots and will rely on oldgens to carry them to victory.

Fruity Frosmoths (5) vs Deez Nuts Druddigons (3)
SWSH: robjr vs Sensei Axew (65-35) Running into robjr is not a "walk in the park" for someone's debut in SS this PUPL. He's been performing well for most of the tour, and I see no reason to not bold here. I'm surprised though, that Sensei isn't sticking to ORAS especially this week when the player for Frosmoths just so happens to be one of the best ORAS players of all time. But on a personal note, I hope Sensei in SS proves me wrong here.
SWSH: Z Strats vs Bouff (40-60) I think this game is going to be decently close, but not necessarily because both players are equal in strength. I think Bouff is considerably the better player here, but the Frosmoths have considerably better SS support in the building aspect. I'm going to bold Bouff though because he is still a stronger player backed with good teambuilding, however this should be a fun game.
SWSH: TeamCharm vs Punny (40-60) This should also be a very close game, since Punny is a phenomenal player and TC has been performing very well in recent weeks. My vote's on Punny to wrap this one up.
SWSH: tlenit vs umbry (55-45) Another tight game here, however I'm gonna bold tlenit here because although his PUPL performance hasn't been stellar this time around, PULT just started and he's immediately climbed to the top of that with ease so he definitely has found success with whatever he's been cooking on ladder. He doesn't have an easy opponent however, so this should definitely be the closest game of the series.
USUM: Xiri vs Pak (60-40) Pak is good, but Xiri is better. This'll be a very good game to watch and easily the highlight match between these two teams. My money's on Xiri though. He's been too fire to see a reason to not bold.
ORAS: Teddeh vs tko (60-40) tko is fire, but not entirely sure why Sensei isn't playing here when you could have just replaced Serene with tko and had better odds imo. Unless teddeh subs out, no reason to not bold here.
BW2: MrAldo vs DnB (35-65) This to me is another miscalculation in their lineup strategy, however this is on Frosmoths. Maybe llamas cannot play this week and needed to sub out, but DnB is one of the strongest BW players of recent time so why would you not give yourself the strongest chances of winning this slot with Lilburr not starting here? Idk, I like Aldo but it's hard to not bold DnB here.
DPP: Lilburr vs HSOWA (60-40) Contrary to what I suggested in the BW slot of this week, Lilburr also happens to be quite the exceptional player in DPP too lol. However I'd take my chances of securing a win vs both DnB and HSOWA by swapping Aldo and Lily here. But maybe they didn't want to 50-50 the DPP slot assuming BW doesn't go as tight as expected if it were Lily vs DnB?

This series has quite a few tightknit games that could easily go either direction, however with lineup mistakes made by both managers here, it's no telling how their decisions will impact the week. No slot seems to have a guaranteed victory aside from BW imo, so if that become an upset, then that should be the team to win here.

The Snap Trappers (3) vs The Unscrupulous Scraggies (5)
SWSH: Greybaum vs TDK (40-60) This will more than likely be the closest game between the clash of these two teams as both players are skilled in their respective slot, however TDK + termi is a powerful combo that will be very difficult for grey to break imo.
SWSH: ez vs Feliburn (30-70) I'm never not bolding Feli tbh. ez is a good player but like, Feli is tough to beat coming off of incredible performances in previous weeks. Granted, ez has not had matchups his name would suggest otherwise, but last week with the Trappers losing in every SS slot is not sounding promising here.
SWSH: ojr vs Sjneider (40-60) Honestly, ojr's PUPL record this time around doesn't do him justice as a player, since he is still quite strong. His lack of tier knowledge was the reason he lost last week in tandem to his opponent choking, but he is still a good player. However, running into neider is not an easy task since my guy's been solid all tour and has more awareness in the tier. If ojr can be given the support he needs in SS, he has a shot to win this week but as for now, I'll bold neider.
SWSH: Wanony vs termi (30-70??) Not gonna lie, I have 0 clue who Wanony is but termi has been pretty good all tour, so I'm trusting my knowledge on termi as a player/builder more than trusting my lack of knowledge on Wanony as a player with Trappers' building support.
USUM: MZ vs Jisoo (65-35) MZ is the better player and is much more familiar with the tier, so no reason to not bold here. I'd have loved to see Finch vs MZ though. That'd have been a good matchup.
ORAS: Bobby Dagen vs asa (60-40) ORAS should be pretty close this week, but I'm leaning more so toward Bobby Dagen due to past experience in the tier comparatively.
BW2: SBPC vs LpZ (40-60) LpZ is pretty good in BW, but this should be a pretty close game.
DPP: Heysup vs Raichy (65-35) Heysup is goat.

No Chloe this week hurts their chances at trying to secure some wins for themselves, but the Trappers have easily the biggest uphill battle this week. It will take considerable efforts to possibly change the expected results for this week.
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