Tournament PUPL VIII: Week Seven

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won gg

Hopefully not needed but going to do s/os here in case we don't make it (huntails and scraggies we're rooting for you!)

HJAD The big boss himself. Thanks for believing in me and bringing me back into the fold after I'd been gone for so long. Hope I did you proud and matched the price point

Teddeh Great to be able to chat to you again and see you're doing alright. Still the king of ORAS PU.

Squash RAWRIZARD! One of the best things that happened to me this PUPL was getting to meet and team with you. Been an amazing time bud and I've thoroughly enjoyed talking about metal burst Aggron with you and all the other nonsense we came up with. You know I love you and hopefully you get your spot in SCL to shine on the big stage

MZ So glad that you were able to turn your tour around in ORAS. From 0-3 to 4-3 is super impressive and idt many people could do it. Been great fun testing with you and getting to experience ORAS PU again as a result.

JabbaTheGriffin Not the tour you wanted but you're still the DPP king in my eyes. I know you worked hard and it just didn't happen. There's also no better feeling than you telling someone to "Crush your opponent" in the discord lol

astralydia Another person I got to meet for the first time this tour. Building SS with you was so much fun I actually loved it, sad to see that LO spam never happened but on the bright side I feel like we set the tone for SS PU HO together so we'll always have that. Was actually great fun doing this tour with you and bouncing ideas and while I know you didn't have the record you wanted, I feel like you had a huge impact on all the other SS slots with the work you put in (you definitely influenced my building a lot). Been great and I hope you come back to PU for PUWC.

tlenit Had seen your name before but idt we had ever properly met. Was a great experience either way, really enjoyed passing off my dogshit builds on you and seeing you win with them LOL. Congrats on a great tour and hopefully we get to carry that into playoffs

Luck O' the Irish Great to be back on a team with you after all this time. I knew you'd start killing it in SS once you got put it, hoping you stick around in PU a bit it's actually fun I swear!

TeamCharm Been fun man, didn't get to chat to you much since I avoid SM like the plague but you were great fun to hang around

etern Feel like I could've done a better job supporting you in the earlier weeks. Sorry things happened the way they did and I feel like that was a bit part in you not liking the meta. Hopefully you come back to it some day cause I swear it's actually a great tier :p

TONE That skill issue gif is one of the best things I've ever seen LOL. Appreciate you bud and you're amazing to have on a team

yogi ur a knob but I love you nonetheless

Haffling Appreciate you coming on board mate, you not signing up ended up being a huge asset for us because it was amazing having you help in SS. A load of the stuff I did was inspired directly by your ideas and you really helped my building a lot. Would love to see you take a more active playing role in some future tours cause I think you could be great. Appreciate you buddy


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won gg, unfortunately Lambovino and his extremely unique team broke our POs dream, but I would like to thanks everyone who was in the team server, it has been a pleasure to spend those weeks with you. Also a huge thanks to Nol for hosting and updating the sheets/stuff like that and all people who contributed to the tour in a way or another
(and give Lambovino his SCL slot, I swear the car won't crash again)
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