Quite Quiet is now Co-Leader of The Flying Press

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Quite Quiet is the new co-leader of The Flying Press! Some of you may know him as a Tournament Director, but he's also been a member of TFP staff for well over a year now, being one of the most knowledgeable coders on the site, leading our QC team, and, since anto's departure earlier this year, also being in charge on the HTML side. Ever since he was added, he's been incredibly reliable, a very hard worker, and a tremendous asset in general, and we're happy to have him at the helm now. Please offer him your congrats :)

He will be replacing Jellicent, who has decided to leave the position after many years of leading the site's various webzines. Thanks for everything you've done for TFP, Jelli, and for me; hope to see you around as often as possible. ~(^.^)~

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