Rain Dance! Woohoo!

Hi guys,
My first Raindanceteam! (Woohoo!)
It probably sucks... But that's why I posted it here.
Changes in bold.
You guys could help me improve it, so I'll end up having an awesome Raindanceteam.
Here you go:

Electrode @ Damp Rock
252 Atk, 208 Spd, 48 SpAtk
-Rain Dance

Danmire suggested me to replace Roserade by Electrode. I looked him up at Smogon and indeed, Electrode is the BEST lead for a Raindanceteam. I took the whole set on Smogon. First Rain Dance setup, using Thunder to blast a lot of others away. Taunt to be an antilead and Explosion to finish things off. Damp Rock is pretty obvious and Soundproof is just better than Static.

Zapdos @ Leftovers
-Rain Dance

I changed my Toxicroak into a Zapdos. (thanks to Lizardman for that). He's now my second Rain Dance set up. It gives me something bulky on my team with a lot of HP combined with Roost. I can outstall a whole lot. Also leftovers to stall. It has Rain Dance in case of setting up and 100% accuracy Thunder is a real must.

Kabutops @ Life Orb
Swift Swim
32 HP, 252 Atk, 20 Def, 204 Spe
-Aqua Jet
-Swords Dance
-Stone Edge

Kabutops has Swift Swim, which helps its sweeping potential. Swords Dance is there to boost Attack, Waterfall and Stone Edge for STAB, Aqua Jet to have a priority move in my team and Life Orb for even more damage. This could be a dangerous Sweeper if used correctely.

Ludicolo @ Life Orb
Swift Swim
60Atk, 252SpA, 196Spe
-Ice Beam
-Grass Knot
-Focus Punch

This was a Milotic at first, but Danmire suggested me to change that into Ludicolo. Swift Swim boosts speed, which is always useful. I gave it full Special Attack so he can do some Sweeping with Surf, Ice Beam and Grass Knot. Together with Life Orb, this will do enough. Didn't do full speed, because we've got Swift Swim already. I gave it some more HP instead. Also changed Rain Dance into Focus Punch to cover Blissey, since I've got Zapdos as an extra Raindancer already.

Bronzong @ Damp Rock
128 Def, 128 SpDef, 252 Atk
-Rain Dance
-Stealth Rock
-Gyro Ball

My third Rain setup Pokemon. I want to use Damp Rock again, but I know some battle rules make it so that an item can only be used once. If that's the case, I used Macho Brace to lower Bronzong's speed even lower to power up Gyro Ball. Stealth Rock is a must here. Explosion is a one-off to take out a problem Pokemon. This EV spread is different than my normal 252/252/4, so I'm not sure on effectiveness.

Kingdra @ Life Orb
Swift Swim
208 Atk, 132 SpA, 164 Spe
-Hydro Pump
-Draco Meteor
-Rain Dance

My 4d Rain Dance set up, Kingdra. It's a must on every Raindance Team so I put it in, thanks to Lizardman again. No full speed because we've got Swift Swim, he'll outspeed a lot. Dragon + Water is a great combination which is resisted by nothing but Empoleon. And Empoleon can't touch Kingdra. With 3 great STAB moves, it will be an awesome Mixed Sweeper in my team.

None of these are already set, so I am willing to change everything.
Thanks in advance!


its okay.
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Might want to expand your descriptions a bit more.
But still, let me tell you about Rain Dance teams. If this is a 4th Gen Rain Dance team, use an Electrode as a lead, to set up Rain Dance mad fast, and Explode on things. Milotic isn't that great for a Rain Dance team, so you might want to replace it for a Ludicolo, who is a much better Rain Dance sweeper, and gets Swift Swim for quickness.

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to you too! :)

Yes, it's a 4th Gen one. Electrode, huh? I guess that could work.
Shame, I love Milotic. :). Still, Ludicolo will work better I guess.
my first double team!! yaaaay!!

so guys, i've made my first team for double battles.
please comment and give some tips,
i'm not experienced with double battles, so this is just to try :p

first I use gyarados and marowak as lead pokes.

GYARA-dancer@ life orb adamant nature 252 spe, 252 att, 4 def.

-dragon dance
-ice fang

lightningrod MAROWAK@ thick club
adamant nature 252 hp, 100 def, 152 sp def, 4 att.

-(I don't really know something as last move)

so the thing is, with marowak's lightningrod gyarados has only 1 weakness, which is rock-type, and gyarados can take some rock-type pokes :p. so with one weakness less, it can set up several dragon dances and will gain a high sweaping potential. and with marowaks average attack stats but with the major boost of thick club, it can do some damage to. but the most important is that marowak stays alive as long as possible.

the rest of the team will support these two also.

next in the team is charizard, clefable, heatran and sceptile.

Belly-ZARD@ salac berry 252 att, 252 spe, 4 hp adamant nature

-belly drum
-fire punch

encore CLEFABLE@ leftovers 252 hp, 152 def, 100 sp def, 4 att calm nature

-follow me
-seismic toss

well those two form a perfect couple :p, with clefables bulk and follow me charizard can easily set up its belly drum or substitute, and then sweeps his way through XD while clefables keeps using softboiled and follow me, encore can be useful as well. nothing more to say I guess.

torment-HEATRAN@ leftovers 252 sp att, 252 spe, 4 hp modest/timid nature

-flamethrower/lave plume
-earth power
-explosion/dragon pulse

well, heatran is also for use with clefable, encore and torment ruins a pokemon. it's a good combo, I guess. for the rest, with its major sp. att. it can deal some damage.

choice specs SCEPTILE@ choice specs(obviously) 252 spe, 252 sp. att. 4 hp naive nature---> I have one allready
-leaf storm
-energy ball
-dragon pulse
-focus blast

this one is just another sweeper, choice specs leaf storm ruins EVERY pokemon! it is for use as a late game killer.

well, I hope this is a good team,, comment if you would change something, I'll be happy with some tips, tnx anyway

Rules are standard on any internet forum, and if he's new to the "whole forumthingie", then that should give him one more reason to get to know how it all works. Just let him know, thanks!
Also your friend said he is not experienced in doubles battle right? I think he should go to the battling 101 thread if he wants to get some experience. Also with Toxicroak your probably wasting a turn or 2 of rain by setting up. I recommend you add a Kingdra in this team. He can provide rain dance on his own and can smack hard with a STAB waterfall or outrage. You can find a set by smogon-ing Kingdra.
Hello Kepperino, I noticed your Rain Dance team on the forum, and immediatly knew I had to post. I have been playing with Rain Dance for over a year, and I think I can help you. It is quite a fun playstyle, and has some neat perks for running it over other teams.

For one, while running Rain Dance in the 4th generation of pokemon, choice items are a no-no. Reason being is that they force you to switch. Every single turn you have in Rain Dance is very precious, and you would rather have the freedom to switch attacks. If you switch, it will also let your opponent possibly set up on you/or kill your offensive momentum

This is a minor nitpick, but run 32HP/252Atk/20Def/204Spe on Kabutops with a Life Orb. In addition to that, I would run Swords Dance over X-Scissor. Kabutops is great at forcing switches, so Swords Dance is great for breaking down defensive teams which Rain Dance can usually have trouble with. You also have no use for max speed on Kabutops in OU, the extra bulk can help while simutaneously giving you a Life Orb number. +2 Stone Edge is usually enough for some Shaymin/Celebi, and most Breloom are OHKO'd by a +2 Waterfall in the Rain.

Another main issue that I saw is the fact that you do not run Kingdra. Kingdra is easily the best Swift Swimmer in the entire game, and there is simply no reason for Kingdra to not be on this team. Kingdra is very quick, meaning it can outrun Scarfed Flygon and Jirachi. It also has a brutal mixed set, which can break down defensive cores with much ease. I would drop Lanturn for Kingdra, and run 208Atk/132SpA/164Spe with a Mild nature and Life Orb. I would run Rain Dance/Waterfall/Draco Meteor/Hydro Pump. Dragon + Water is nearly unresisted in OU, and Empoleon cannot do much back to you anyway. You can also never have too many Rain Dancers on a Rain Dance team because of how popular Tyranitar is.

The speed EV's run enough to outrun several common scarfers including Scarfed Rotom, Scarfed Jirachi, and Scarfed Flygon. The EV's also allow you to 2HKO Blissey with a combo of Hydro Pump + Waterfall while Rain is up. You do not really need Lanturn all that much in return, simply because with my next fix and Ludicolo/Kabutops, you will have enough to deal with Vaporeon.

While Toxicroak is a pretty good pokemon, a Bulky Zapdos would probably be better in that slot. It provides your team with more resistences, bulk to reliably set Rain, while giving you a better Lucario, Celebi, and Shaymin check. It also can deal with the bulky waters the way Toxicroak did.

Zapdos is absurdly powerful, and can spam powerful Thunders which can be a major threat to any team. It has Roost to last a long time to give you a long lasting Rain Dance support pokemon, as Bronzong will probably explode right after setting up. It can also make way with U-Turn to get into a sweeper without worrying about mispredicting. I would run 224HP/108SpA/176Spe with a Modest nature on Zapdos with Roost/U-Turn/Thunder/Rain Dance. The EV's outrun Adamant Lucario, and guarantee you will survive a +2 Extreme Speed from it after Stealth Rocks. The rest of the EV's go into SpA.

A couple of final nitpicks are is that you can now afford to drop Energy Ball on Ludicolo due to Zapdos being able to destroy Vaporeon with much ease for Grass Knot. Grass Knot hits nearly everything you would see in OU harder. You also have one more Rain Dancer than your original team, so now you can afford to drop Rain Dance from Ludicolo for Focus Punch. Focus Punch really helps against Blissey, which can be a major pain in the neck for Rain Dance. However that is entirely up to you.

If you do chose to run Focus Punch run 60Atk/252SpA/196Spe with a Mild nature.

That is pretty much all I see. I hope I helped, and good luck!

Edit:Run Stealth Rock over Earthquake on Bronzong. Stealth Rock is too important, especially with people trying to pivot stall your Rain. You can keep Gyro Ball though since it hits Gengar, and gives you a Tyranitar check.

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