Rainbow League IV - Round 4

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Rainbow League I,
Rainbow League II, Rainbow League III
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  • SS OU Best of 1.
  • Every player will be randomly given a color, and will have to use Pokemon belonging to this color. HERE is the color pokedex.
  • You HAVE TO have a "mascot". Thats is to say a Pokémon belonging to your color that you will keep the whole tournament. For instance, Ash is a player of the Yellow nation and chose Pikachu as mascot. Thus, he'll have to play Pikachu at every game! POST YOUR MASCOT IN YOUR WIN POST FOR THIS ROUND!!!!
  • If you're caught using Pokemon of another color, you instantly lose the battle.
  • Replays are mandatory.
The tournament will have two main phases:

Phase 1) All the citizens of a Nation (pool) will fight in a single elimination bracket. In the end, the winner of this bracket will be the Nation's Champion.

Phase 2) The 8 Champions will fight in a single elimination bracket. To attempt to balance the disparities between the Colors, the startup Bracket will be as follow:

Green Champion Vs. Yellow Champion
Purple Champion Vs. Pink Champion
Grey Champion Vs. Brown Champion
Red Champion Vs. Blue Champion

The winner of each of these 4 battles, will be granted the power to use the Pokemon belonging to the Color Nation they defeated. On top of that, the winner between the Green and the Yellow Nation will rally the White Nation to their cause. And the winner between the Purple and the Pink Nation will rally the Black Nation to their cause.

The semi-finals will have a similar rule: The winner of a semi-final will be granted the power to SECRETLY drop one of his Colors, in exchange of a Color belonging to the Champion he defeated.

General Tournament Guidelines apply (http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/tournament-rules-and-general-guidelines.3486049/).


martinvtran vs  McMeghan


avyrie  vs Sage


YasuKe vs Neko


memedose46  vs  Lily


tMoi  vs  Helonium


gorex vs Lugior


Enzonana.  vs  ibeat


Eeveeto vs Raptor

Deadline is Wednesday, October 5th, at 11:59 PM GMT-4

IF YOUR OR YOUR OPPONENT'S MASCOT IS NOT SHOWN ABOVE THEN PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT IT IS AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Also a reminder that Rotom and Silvally can be any of their formes.
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