Rainy Day, Dream Away (Hendrix-themed Rain RMT)

Rainy Day, Dream Away
A Rain RMT by Deuce

"Rainy day, dream away
Ah let the sun take a holiday
Flowers bathe an' ah see the children play
Lay back and groove on a rainy day. "​

Prior to making this team, I had been playing with Gamester's sun team with success. Even after every good player prepared their team to deal with it (and then unprepared because people stopped using it), I was able to win most of the time. However, I wanted to try out using some of the cool new things that B/W2 released. Keldeo, Genesect, Tornadus-T, Thundurus-T, all of them benefited from rain. I had specifically decided to make a team based around Keldeo, so I began to do just that. I ended up getting rid of Keldeo, but using the final version of this team I've managed to get a record of 15W/3L.

"Hey man, take a look out the window 'n' see what's happ'nin'" :​
The Teambuilding Process

I began with Keldeo. Along with Keldeo, I needed Politoed for obvious reasons.

The next addition to the team was Dugtrio. I figured that Keldeo didn't appreciate getting outsped by Chlorophyll sweepers and 1HKO'd, nor did it enjoy Sandstorm damage while it was trying to CM up. Overall, the usefulness of having rain did not end up being as beneficial to my team as it was detrimental to sand or sun teams, but Dugtrio's presence was still crucial for that reason. He also brought Rocks to the table.

Next up was Genesect. I needed a Scarfer, and I also wanted to try him out.

I had used a Tentacruel/Ferrothorn combo in an earlier team and it worked quite well. I decided that Toxic Spikes support would be useful for Keldeo (spinning was nice, too), and Ferrothorn would work nicely as a defensive pivot.

This was not the case, however. It became difficult to maneuver between Pokemon, so I decided I would compromise between Tenty and Ferro with Forretress, then add Mamoswine for another Fire resist and help with Dragons (which Keldeo hated).

Keldeo was too much of a one-hit pony, if you will. I needed something that could actually accumulate a few Calm Mind boosts and have reliable Recovery, while also having good synergy with the rest of the team. Latias did that.

"Well I can see a bunch of wet creatures, look at them on the run":
The Team in Detail

Ability: Drizzle
Nature: Bold
EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpDef

I know the first question on your mind right now. Due to the offensive nature of your team, why isn't Politoed Choiced? I tried using SpecsToed and ScarfToed whenever I made a change to the team, but I preferred the bulky variant every time. Toxic gives me an answer to Jellicent, which is somewhat annoying to this team, and Encore gives me an answer to set-up sweepers. After killing something with the Choice variants, it was easy for a set-up sweeper to come in on a resisted hit and proceed to sweep. I enjoy the flexibility and longevity of the bulky variant more. Those Scald burns are never bad, either!​

Genesect@Choice Scarf
Ability: Download
Nature: Hasty
EVs: 84 Atk/ 252 SpAtk/172 Speed
-Ice Beam
-Bug Buzz

I love Genesect. I never had any problems facing it on any of my teams, so I never really thought of it as being that good. However, in use, it has proven to be one of the most valuable, if not the most valuable, members of this team. While fulfilling its role as a scout lead/revenge killer admirably, abuse of Download can make for easy late-game sweeping and/or early game mini-sweeping. I changed the EV spread to the one given, as suggested by Joeyboy. However, I added 8 more points into Speed to speed creep the Genesects of those people who invested points into their Genesects to speed creep other Genesects.

Dugtrio@Focus Sash
Ability: Arena Trap
Nature: Hasty
EVs: 252 Atk/ 4 SpAtk/252 Speed
IVs: 21 HP/0 Def/0 SpDef
-Stealth Rock

I took this Dugtrio set from Gamester's sun team, primarily due to the fact that Dugtrio serves the same role on this team as it did the other. It's basically Politoed's personal hit man. Dugtrio can safely switch in to Tyranitar or Ninetales and proceed to KO. It can set up rocks without having to worry about Espeon or Xatu switching in and reflecting them. It can Memento something and make it set-up fodder for Latias. It can come in off of a U-turn/Volt Switch to trap and OHKO Magnezone or Heatran. Winning the weather war is crucial to preventing powerful Sun/Sand abusers from stomping all over you, so I would recommend using this thing on any Rain team.

Ability: Levitate
Nature: Timid
EVs: 252 HP/ 4 SpAtk/252 Speed
-Calm Mind
-Dragon Pulse

Keldeo just wasn't working for me. It didn't have any longevity whatsoever, and it was hard to switch it in to something. Latias remedied that situation well. I opted for the mono-attacking set because I had Dugtrio to help eliminate Steels, and I didn't want to fall victim to Toxic death. This thing can set up on Jellicents, Ferrothorns, and most other walls with ease. It causes problems for the other team by disrupting any momentum it has in order for them to switch in and force it out fast. If the team is unprepared, it can easily sweep.

Mamoswine@Life Orb
Ability: Thick Fat
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed
-Ice Shard
-Icicle Crash
-Stone Edge

I've really warmed up to Mamoswine after I've started using it. With Thick Fat in the rain, it can make a lot of people attack it with a seemingly super-effective Fire move and have it do resisted damage. Mamo is my answer to Volcarona (and any other irrelevant things with a 4x weakness to rock), Dragons, and Grass types. It also helps get rid of Steels, which Latias and Genesect appreciate. EQ 2HKOs a ton of things, which I could list but won't because it would take a very long time.

Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Relaxed
EVs: 252 HP/176 Def/80 SpDef
IVs: 2 Speed
-Gyro Ball
-Volt Switch
-Rapid Spin

As some of you may have noticed, this set is also from Gamester's sun team. Forretress is primarily used as a pivot , generally only spinning once or twice a game. It has a more offensively inclined moveset to allow it to act as a lure for things that might want to set up on it, such as Gliscor. Volt Switch was such a boon for Forretress, allowing it to switch out of things that might want to set up on it that Forretress can't do anything to (or Magnezone), then give you the switch initiative. After its usefulness is gone, Forretress makes for great death fodder, too.


Jellicent can get a bit annoying. Latias can set up on it, but it can be difficult to switch it in without the fear of a Toxic. In fact, stall-based teams in general can get annoying if I don't play around them well enough. Rotom-W (and other Pokemon with a Water move and Electric coverage) also needs to be played around a bit, seeing as I only have 2 water resists which kind of disappear in rain.

A Final Look:

"Rainy day, rain all day
Ain't no use in gettin' uptight
Just let it groove it's own way
Let it drain your worries away yeah."​

Wow there are a lot of things that I like about this RMT, one being how you used inspiration from a Sun RMT to make a rain one. Let me be your knight in shiny metallic purple armor and suggest what I can.

On Mamoswine, I would change his nature to Jolly. With 284 speed you gain the ability to Outspeed Jolly Techniloom for the OHKO, who could before OHKO you with Mach Punch. You also get the jump on any Pokemon who runs 263 speed, a common number to outspeed Scarf 110's at +2. It seems Farfetched, I agree but that is what I run on my Volcarona, hehe. Don't worry, with Jolly you can still OHKO all the Therians after Stealth Rock.

Though you may have already done it, I suggest changing Dugtrio's HP, Def, and SpD IV's to 20/0/0, as it lets him get down to 1 HP easiest, Seismic Toss included.

Other than that, this team is way solid. If you don't post another RMT soon, I know your sister will. :)
Thanks for the input! I actually derped and didn't change Duggy's IVs, so thanks for that tidbit. As for the nature, I can use Techniloom as setup fodder for Latias. I would rather keep the ability to 2HKO Jelly on the switch (and some other random somewhat unimportant crap) than have a bit of an easier time dealing with Breloom. I know Jelly isn't supposed to be all that common anymore, but for some reason I face one every other game.

Pretty standard Rain Team here, but it really does seem to me you lack a solid wallbreaker. You look like you have big problems against Stall Teams in general. Any good stall team will carry a spinblocker to aid against Forretress, while your opponent can just keep switching into the appropriate wall to beat anything on your team. From here your opponent doesn't even need to predict, as any common Stall core causes you a lot of problems. To help with this, I'd highly recommend you try out Choice Band Terrakion over your current Dugtrio. Choice Band Terrakion murders the previously mentioned stall cores, forcing your opponent to predict correctly. If your opponent mispredicts then they lose one 'mon instantly, which is a nightmare for stall teams. Not even Skarmory or Forretress risk switching into Terrakion, as they are 2HKO'd upon switching in. Terrakion also removes Chansey, something which looks very problematic for you to face. This paves the way for Mamoswine and Latias to tear through your opponent's team once the counters are removed by Terrakion. Losing Dugtrio is not much of a drawback, as everything that is trapped by Dugtrio is straight up beaten by Terrakion. Magnezone, Heatran, Tyranitar and Ninetales are all beaten by Terrakion just like Dugtrio, but Terrakion actually has uses outside of trapping the aforementioned threats, unlike Dugtrio. Terrakion also 2HKO's Jellicent as it switches in which is great because you mentioned Jellicent as an annoyance to your team as Dugtrio is not beating it anytime soon, and it Taunts Latias stopping it dead. Terrakion also helps out against Rotom-W who also looks annoying for your team. The only set beating Terrakion one on one is Choice Scarf Rotom-W, who is dealt with by your Latias. Terrakion OHKOs all offensive sets and the defensive sets too with prior damage.

By losing Dugtrio you lose your Stealth Rock, which is arguably the best and most important move in the game. Stealth Rock breaks sashes and more importantly, Dragonite's Multiscale which is great for revenging it with Mamoswine. I think you should use Stealth Rock on Mamoswine in place of either Ice Shard or Icicle Crash. Mamoswine is a great user of Stealth Rock, as it poses an offensive presence. You can easily set up Stealth Rock as your opponent switches out in fear of Mamoswine's great dual STAB. I'd also recommend you run Superpower > Stone Edge on your Mamoswine. Stone Edge is just redundant coverage for Mamoswine, as the only notable thing you hit harder than Icicle Crash / Earthquake is Volcarona, who is never setting up versus Mamoswine anyway. Earthquake does enough to the point where it can't set up, and if you have Stealth Rock up you can ensure this. It's not like Volcarona is too much of a problem for your team. Politoed can Toxic / Encore it, while if you choose to run Terrakion > Dugtrio it becomes even less of a problem. Superpower is great for hitting Ferrothorn harder, as it can take a hit or two from your current Mamoswine set. Superpower also hits Tyranitar and Air Balloon Heatran harder, which is great because it stops your opponent from getting Stealth Rock up putting more pressure on Forretress to Spin said hazards away.

I also looked over your Forretress set and noticed something. I saw you were running a Hidden Power [Ice] set, which doesn't really seem all that beneficial given how your team plays out. Hidden Power [Ice] Forretress is commonly used to beat Gliscor and random Dragon spam teams. It seems weird to me you're running this set because neither of these are particularly threatening to your team. Sub Toxic Gliscor is setup bait for Latias, while Mamoswine and Politoed check it very well. Dragons on the other hand are also not that problematic. Genesect revenges said Dragons with Ice Beam while Mamoswine has that great priority in Ice Shard to stop them from sweeping you. I really thinking you should change your Forretress set back to the standard set. A spread of 252 HP / 176 Def / 80 SDef with a moveset of Spikes, Volt Switch, Gyro Ball and Rapid Spin seems optimal. This set gives you additional hazards in the form of Spikes, which is great for a little extra residual damage on your opponent as they switch in, making it easier for Mamoswine and Latias to turn their 2HKOs into OHKOs. With this set, you still hit the majority of Dragons hard with Gyro Ball given Forretress's pitiful speed, while still retaining some Special bulk which is nice when switching into random Scalds.

Good luck!

Terrakion @ Choice Band
Trait: Justified
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature (+Spe, -SAtk)
- Close Combat
- Stone Edge
- X-Scissor
- Rock Slide / Quick Attack


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Cool team dude!

I agree with everything Jimbon said.

A quick small difference I'd also like to recommend is changing up Genesect just a tiny bit. The set I suggest is:

Genesect @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Download
EVs: 92 Atk / 252 SAtk / 164 Spd
Hasty Nature
- U-turn
- Hidden Power Water
- Ice Beam
- Thunder

The EV spread is much more beneficial to you. 164 Spe EVs with a +Spe nature allow you to outspeed almost everything 252 EVs with a +Spe nature would. You will not be able to Speed Tie with some enemy Genesect now and will lose to Timid Scarf Hydreigon; but the first situation is a 50/50 and the second is extraordinarily rare. With those spare EVs you can beef up the U-Turn Genesect so loves to spam. The other small change is giving Genesect HP Water. This is a rare sight but it is very useful on a rain team. It hits many of Genesect's "counters" for SE damage, including Terrakion and Heatran, and of course benefits from the 1.5x bonus from Drizzle.

Hope you try it out, Good Luck!
Thanks for the rates, guys! After testing, I decided to switch Forretress sets to the suggested one. However, I kept Duggy over Terrakion. I prefer his reliability, and he's also able to beat Bliss/Chan when played correctly. Plus, he's a lot better at setting up rocks than Mammy. I'm also keeping SE over Superpower. Despite getting some nifty KOs I couldn't get before, Superpower has redundant coverage with EQ. I would rather get the 2HKO on a non-choiced Rotom-W set with SE on the switch. I haven't gotten a time to test out that Genesect set, I kind've ruled it out prior to using Genesect because I wanted to Speed tie with others. After playing with the thing and understanding the role a bit better, I'll definitely give it a go.

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