NOC Rand+++ Mafia [GAME OVER | Zombies/Jester/Lyncher/Survivor Win]

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Former: At this point I guess @KnightsofCydonia could host something if they wanted to

Step One: Rand The Setup

I have five 13 player semi-open setups that all use d100 randomization for selection of roles. I start by rolling a d6 to determine which of the 5 setups will be used in the game (with 6 being reroll). The players will not be told which of the 5 setups has been selected, only which five setups are possible.

The setups are as follows:


Step Two: Rand The Roles

I determine the PRs for the game as per the instructions of the selected setup. Two of the potential setups are bastard multiballs, so balance is not guaranteed and everything is up to RNGsus and the power of my digital d100.

Step Three: Rand The Assignments

I use my traditional method of randing to assign factions and roles to players.
1) Copypaste the player list from the signups sheet.
2) Going down the list from the top, roll a d100 and mark the outcome for each player.
3) Repeat Step 2 two more times, so that each player has 3 randomly chosen numbers.
4) Take the average of the three numbers for each player. The resulting number is the player's Faction Score. (Note: Faction Scores with decimals/repeating decimals are entirely possible with this method.)
4a) In the event of tied Faction Scores, the tiebreaker is alphabetical order.
5) Sort the Faction Score.
The X lowest scores (X depends on the T:S ratio of the setup) are the scumteam. The remaining scores are Town.
5a) In the event of a multiball setup:
The X lowest scores (where X depends on the faction ratios) are the scumteam. The Y highest Faction Scores (where Y depends on the faction ratios) are the Townies. Any other factions randed are assigned in the middle Faction Scores, with multiple factions in the middle given highest to lowest order mirroring the roles randing order listed in the respective multiball.
6) Sort out the player lists by faction (retaining first signed order for each faction) and repeat steps 2-5 to assign PRs.

Step Four: ????

Step Five: PROFIT!

Pretend there was always a note here saying that all phases will be 48/48 72/24.

13 players are needed for this game. Subs will be accepted at any time and (given my past hosting history) are likely to play.

Player List

  1. CaffeineBoost Lyncher, exited victoriously D4
  2. MewtwoHidden
  3. Texas Cloverleaf
  4. DS. Mafia Goon, killed N1
  5. WaterLily3 Mafia Godfather, lynched D2
  6. apricity
  7. Energy Zombie, lynched D5
  8. Duskfall98 Jester, lynched D1
  9. Nuxl Serial Killer, lynched D3
  10. Whydon Zombie, lynched D4
  11. Asek
  12. acidphoenix
  13. CsYager Mafia Doctor, killed N1
Subs List

  1. Samoyed
  2. BLOODYRAIN10001
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That's possible if the other players agree to it.
day phase is kind of whatever but i prefer longer dls

i start idling in games anyway if i get disinterested and having a larger night phase(and lets be real do u really need 48h to submit an action) will easily get me doing that sooner, i dont think this 48h is necessary

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