Randbats Tournament Round 3

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Andy Snype

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Hello everyone this is a straightforward bo3 single elimination singles randbats tournament. When this gets to top 32, each match will be best of 5 randbats tournament.

Sign up by posting in this thread. All battles are meant to be played using Pokemon Showdown. Use whatever server you want. If you can't decide, use smogtours or main.

  • Best of 3 Singles Randbats (Before Top 32, Best of 5 At Top 32 and Beyond)
  • Don't be a dick
  • Have fun =]
  • Deadlines will be a week long from the time of posting.
  • If you're claiming activity over opponents, use VMs to make my life judging them easier.

Good luck have fun!

Round 3:

SOMALIA vs Michielleus
Star. vs CrystalRam
Crestfall vs Reken
(Googly vs Natalie.) vs Dominatio
vs Hector Hard Mode
(Texas Cloverleaf vs LightningLuxray) vs PursuitOfHappiny
Shuckleking87 vs Sopheon
(silver97 vs boltsandbombers) vs TraceofLife
HANTSUKI vs Xander of Nohr
vs Haruno
Ninjacalibur vs (daftmau5 vs Don Slime)
blarghlfarghl vs cdumas
Oglemi vs Finchinator
vs DittoCrow
mang@ team vs BigBoy038
HQuaze vs Ha In Kang

Reminder: Matches for Round 3 are Best of 5 since we are at Top 32.
Round 2 Extensions have until Wednesday July 6 at 9:00 PM EDT (GMT -4)
Round 3 Deadline: Wednesday July 13 at 9:00 PM EDT (GMT -4).

Please do matches. The sooner they get done, the sooner next round can go up.
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i'm sorry mr. man
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opponent hasn't replied to my most recent vm offering a time to play and wasn't very specific in giving time's he could play, requesting activity

e: contacted ToL earlier
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lost in 5 games with 5th game opponent haveing speed boost blaziken, mega metagross and geomancy xerneas but thats how random works. gl in tourney
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