Tournament Random Battles Extension League - FINALS (Won by Team Metagross)

won vs sulo g1 g2 g3
let me tell u g3 was a nail biter and full of 50 50..also i would request the auth to lower the level of shell smashers, they put too much pressure in game especially when they appear a lot and accounting dmx its tough to stop(looking at poltea)
also won for my team when it mattered the most so no grief of early losses..
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I’m such a carried fraud.
Yes you are, you also made me lose one point for my predictions >:(
I’ve been humbled by this experience.
Nobody believes it '-'
Thank you to the hosts for giving us RBTT-rejects a chance! METAAAAAAAAAA
I'll use this comment to say that rbel was a ton of fun to spectate and it went way beyond my expectations. I am happy both experienced players and newcomers had a chance to play in a team tour, improve and, most importantly, have fun :D

PS: Jake can be an idiot but he hides well his caring side, so next year draft him for rbtt and you'll get a good teammate for your squad x)


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When the RBTT draft went by without me getting drafted, to be honest, I was pretty demoralized. Last year I went all out, peaking the ORAS ladder a few times with 85-90 GXE's, and even making it to the Rands Slam playoffs stage. I appreciate the messages I received from some users who know who they are, telling me I was snubbed, but after a bit of a bodge WCOR filled with bad luck and tilted plays, I can't say it was too surprising.

When this new tournament, RBEL was announced though, I knew this would be a great opportunity for some redemption. I called up Elgino, a guy who I had honestly never talked to prior, but who I knew was an extremely capable player, Rands Slam champion, and the man who had absolutely dumpstered me in the previous Gameboy Cup. We spent days collaborating on our draft plan, pick order and backup choices for each tier, and I'm happy to be able to say that work paid off. GGs to Dorron and davidelbello, to be honest we had to get pretty lucky to take this and the Dragonites deserve a lot of credit for their success.

Of course, at risk of sounding egotistical, going 7-0 was quite literally the best record I could have asked for, and despite a non-insignificant Stealth Rock issue, the revamped Gen 6 format is one that I feel very attuned to as a player. Even with my record though, it isn't enough to win the tour by myself, so I wanted to give some shoutouts to the people that made the Metagross' such a well-oiled machine, in pick order. Suffice to say, I encourage all WCOR and RBTT managers to look into these players, as there isn't a single one amongst them without solid potential.

jackofspadesman: Going into the tournament, I heard all kinds of warnings about drafting you, that you were gonna be toxic, or spam all the channels with absolute nonsense, or what have you. I can officially say now though, if this was your reason for not drafting Jake, you've been woefully misinformed, because he was nothing but nice and encouraging to his teammates and an overall solid team presence. I think most would agree regardless of record here that the VGC Regional Winner is certainly skilled enough to find a place in RBTT, especially in such a niche, high-demand tier as doubles. 10/10 would first pick again.

ninjadog: You've always been one of my favourite people to team with on this website, partially yes, because we share a city, but also because I've never seen someone who always goes positive in such a wide variety of tiers. SV UU, SM LC, GSC OU, BW Rands and on and on, this guy can do it all and is literally never a bad choice in literally any tournament, guaranteed. Just frighteningly rock-solid fundamentals and understanding of Pokemon itself. I look forward to WCoP greatly, this one is our year.

Elgino: Very much a great co-manager. Whenever there was a hard choice to be made, be it who we should draft or what our lineup should be for a specific week, I always relied on following your opinion, and look how it worked out for us. Frankly, it's a bit criminal that a guy who literally won Rands Slam is in RBEL in the first place, and your ability to flex into basically any format was highly valuable. Unfortunately, you ended up in the Gen 7 madhouse, but nobody can say that you didn't get the wins when it counted the most.

phoopes: RBY main and the first of our three-man Smogoff core, despite your record I'm still glad we picked you up, since you were one of the best additions to our teamcord and demonstrate a clear proficiency with RBY and its lower tiers. You weren't even playing like your record implies if I'm being honest, and I found a lot of your plays and double switches quite impressive, but sometimes RBY is just of your hands. Enjoy your moderation retirement.

SANKE CARP: The carp himself, your ladder performance in gens 2 and 3 is highly impressive, and along with a solid WCoR, we knew that you would make a valuable part of our team, and with your fantastic record, we were definitely right. I know that you're not a fan of Gen 3 Rands (I'm not either, trust me), but you "took your medicine", so to speak and persevered in it every week and ended up doing great because of it. Thank you for being an absolute team player and good luck in the future.

El químico del pueblucho: In our draft plans, our choice for Gen 4 was listed only you and Wifi password, simply because we knew that you two were far and away the most talented at the format in the pool. Judging by your records, we were right. Solid player with a very good understanding of the format and definitely unpredictable, I suspect that your return to RBTT will be sooner rather than later.

I love Bagon: Very solid rands player and a very nice person, you're definitely a hard worker (both in the game and in real life). As current gen Sword & Shield becomes a more and more distant memory as time goes on, players who specialise in it like you will become more and more valuable the less common proficiency in it becomes. I think after a positive WCOR and now a positive RBEL to add to your resume, I think you're more than ready to show off your talents in the big leagues, RBTT.

Suzuya: If you asked people right now who the best young player under 20 is (not just randbats in general), most would probably say JJ09LIE. You however, have always been my pick. Whenever I've seen you play, your proficiency in multiple tiers, especially Ubers, similarly to ninjadog tells me that you have extremely-developed fundamental talent at the game of Pokemon, a perfect fit for a format like Battle Factory. You've been "retired" for quite a while now, so I don't know how much longer you have in you, but either way, merci pour ton services mon reuf.

Career Ended: I had actually never heard of you before this tournament (OM's moment), but between an endorsement from our mutual friend Buhrito, your ladder records, and that ribbon on your profile which I know people joke about but aren't easy to get, I was very confident in your ability to succeed, and succeed you did with a nice positive record. Very fun guy to talk to as well. I don't play much Gen 9 rands, but I could tell you're a very solid player and I wish you luck in whatever you do next, be it random battles or whatever the fuck "Mix-n-Mega" is.

henguinie: The only player that we picked up through tryouts, your talent stood out to us immediately. Most players either played the game too textbook, just clicking the safe button every time and losing instantly with a bad matchup, or were the opposite, trying to make too many ambitious plays without the fundamentals to back them up or make them work consistently. You were the only one who could do both at a solid level, and both me and Elgino agreed you were an ace up our sleeve in the draft. You might not have gone positive, but as a newer tournament player, that's not important. What matters is showing the drive to win and improve and the ability to be a good teammate, which you certainly did. I hope this is the start of a successful tournament career.

Mr. Uncompetitive: I knew I had to get you after that Randbats Money Tour you took me out of commission in the finals of, and you not only added to our illustrious Smogoff core, but were someone I knew could play the game proficiently in a variety of randbats formats. Your record obviously could be better, but honestly most of that is probably the fact that you were sacrificed to the Hackmons Gods (sorry). Hopefully you and I can win some more money in another tournament , the burger I paid for with the first one was pretty tasty.

feen: Solid player, SPL veteran and proficient in multiple generations, I knew that you would be a good, flexible pick in the draft. I cannot thank you enough for being willing to do the dirty work in Gen 1 and Mystery Box without any complaints and being quite successful in both. Hopefully next year Gen 2 Rands is an actual tier in RBTT, so I can see you, SANKE and fellow GSC goat Stallion squaring off on the big stage, you're all certainly good enough for it.

Boomenheimer: IDM we in this motherfucker, BSS only came up twice so sadly you didn't have much to do, but the one win you did get was very clutch, so cheers for that. Thank you also for being one of the more motivational speakers in the team chat, definitely helped to create a more positive team environment. You definitely have potential you didn't get enough games to show off so here's to hoping you make a deep run in the Factory Open.

BP: The goat, a player so powerful he wins tournaments without even playing a game. Jokes aside, sorry we couldn't get you any action, but tying most of our regular season weeks made it hard to give the bench a lot of chances. We tried to get you one when Elgino overslept but sadly they just claimed the act. Not to say you were worthless though, as I personally appreciated your consistent cheerleading and filling out the final piece of the Smogoff core was valuable enough on its own. Hope you get more chances to show off.

Apart from my wonderful team who I greatly appreciate though, there are a few other players who I wanted to shine some spotlight on in a lightning round.

O1V7O2X9O My undefeated brother, you should have been in RBTT this year and I'm sure you will next year.
Batzi I knew from WCOR you had a lot of potential in Gen 8 rands, and you definitely showed it off this tour, sorry for the scheduling dramas lol
Kipkluif My OTHER undefeated brother, I did not expect this at all, but you absolutely cooked RBY this year, LC discord excellence
Ghostilex You were on our plans from tryouts but got taken too early, good job this tour, I'm confident you'll have a slot on Team Oceania in WCOR this year if you want to keep going.
drifttrick Ngl I have no idea who you are but you did really well this tour, so good job, you must be pretty good.
Castelia Unbelievably good ladder player. Between you, Hacker and GeniusX, it's blown me away how much hidden talent there is in the draft community that we on Smogon are yet to discover.

Thank you greatly to the hosts Dark Pulse and bobomania and thank you to everyone who rooted for the Metagross' in this tournament. Anyone who I've mentioned in this post I officially endorse for WCOR and RBTT. With all that being said here's to another successful RBEL next year!

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