Project Random Battles Monthly Spotlight - Cycle 5 Voting

What would you like to see as the next Random Battles Monthly Spotlight ladder? (See post for info)

  • Hackmons Cup Ultimate (Gen 9 HC + all nonexistent things and Mega Evolution)

  • [Gen 6] Battle Factory

  • [Gen 9] Pokemon-Of-The-Day Random Battle

  • Bring 12 Pick 6 [Gen 1] Random Battle

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Hello and welcome to the next...

Monthly Spotlight Ladder!

The Monthly Spotlight Ladder's purpose is simple: to give formats that would not otherwise have one a chance to be played on a wider scale. Each month, four options will be given, and the winner after a week of voting will have its own ladder for a month!


Information for Hackmons Cup Ultimate:
Hackmons Cup Ultimate is Gen 9 Hackmons Cup, but it contains everything that Pokemon Showdown can possibly do. It has Z-moves, raw G-Max moves, dexited moves and Pokemon, Pokemon and moves from the Create-A-Pokemon project, Pokestar Studios props, past-gens-only event Pokemon, and anything and everything else you can think of. Literally the only things not included in this format are Dynamax and Super Staff Bros things. Try it out sometime!

Information for Pokemon-Of-The-Day:
Pokemon-Of-The-Day is an old, dummied out feature of Pokemon Showdown of yore, where a specific Pokemon generates on EVERY SINGLE TEAM. The way this will work here, is that a schedule will be provided of one randomly-generated Pokemon each day (server time), and on any given day, every game in this spotlight ladder will include the scheduled Pokemon of the Day on both sides. How will you fare knowing 1/6 of every team? Will we be "lucky" enough for one of the days to be Scovillain? Let's find out!

!IMPORTANT! New Ladder Contest Information

Each month, in addition to the Spotlight ladder, the Random Battles room will host a contest to see who can get the highest ELO across the month! To participate, please post screenshots of your highest ladder peak in the Ladder Peaks thread! Whoever has obtained the highest ladder peak of all time at the end of the month wins! The winner will obtain Room Prize Winner (^) rank for one month and get to choose a format for the next available Monthly Spotlight voting!

Rules and additional details:
- Ladder peaks posted in this thread will not be counted. Please post them in the other thread that will be out when the ladder is released. Additional rules on the ladder contest are in its respective thread.
- When selecting a format to vote on as the winner, you will have a wide array of options, from modded variants of ladders that already exist, to formats that are challenge-only, to formats that don't exist at all! However, these are subject to coding limitations, and formats that have recently been a monthly spotlight cannot be voted on again for several months.
- This thread is open for discussion. Stay cordial, follow all site rules.
- Only votes in the poll above will count. Please do not type your vote out in a reply.

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