Random Battles Multi Format Tour [won by longhiep341]

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Try to schedule on smogon to make it easier on the hosts (myself, frostyicelad & Irpachuza)

How does this tour work?

Matches will be best of three except for semis and finals which will be best of five. This is how the three formats for the best of three will be chosen (in a helpful step by step guide):
1. Contact your opponent on Smogon and each of you lock one format. The player on the left of the matchup will pick first to make things easier, so if it says Irpachuza vs Rage, Irpa will pick first. Example: Irpachuza locks gen7BF, and Rage locks gen7BSSF.
2. Each player then bans one tier. Example: Rage bans Hackmons Cup, and Irpachuza then bans Lets Go Random battle.
3. The remaining tier (Monotype Random Battle) will be played as the third format.
4. Battle each other. The format not chosen by either player is played first (i.e Monotype Rands in the above mentioned example), and the loser of g1 picks the second tier played.

Note: Whoever locks first bans second. So if A locks Battle Factory, and B locks Let's Go, the next step is for B to ban a tier, and then A will ban a tier. That way the same person doesn't lock/ban first both times.

saba1111  vs  Lucas2543
teresbahji  vs  Emboar02
A Random Duck  vs  Roxiee
The Bomb  vs  ron...5
Andy Snype  vs  Nav1gator_
Sificon  vs  weinerdog69420
RaJ.Shoot  vs  MichaelderBeste2
James2464  vs  davidelbello
frostyicelad  vs  bike waffles
Windingsss  vs  Rory Mercury
velvet  vs  TJ
Elgino10  vs  ShionShadows
LittEleven  vs  Colteor
sigmatecture  vs  Panty&Stockings
Sensei Axew  vs  Roginald
lazatron  vs  satvik123
LordST  vs  TacticalFacepalms
Wigglytuff  vs  Legendary
Rach  vs  dumbbutt2252
karloco  vs  HGgamer
RacsoZeta  vs  Jacked
Calem DPU  vs  Sylveon used calm mind
Pants  vs  ToastedBunzzz02
boulicrok  vs  lost in milkyway!
Pujolly  vs  PrAiSe GrOuDoNiSm
Calm  vs  RustySheriffBadge
reshprince  vs  My Big Diggersby
Dorron  vs  Milkshook
Mordecai & Rigby  vs  Blaz
The fierce  vs  Mitsuki
Rage  vs  ajhockeystar
unitedkingdom  vs  VigilanteVigoroth
platinumCheesecake  vs  TheFranklin
WeepingDevil  vs  mamawebos rodriguez
AuraLuna  vs  Fakee
Ryuuji Kuroiwa  vs  PartMan
Mammaluu  vs  Pixelationaire
bwiwkeje  vs  MaswoodShaheb
Aloopuriza  vs  Dragonillis
Drookez  vs  London13
Raj 00  vs  dogecreamgaming
Jayi  vs  longhiep341
Z Strats  vs  PokemonMaster4953
Quoise  vs  Aurodian
not a racist  vs  PA
ElectricityCat  vs  MultiAmmiratore
cloudiness  vs  Kitty Kthulhu
Yes or no my dude  vs  ClaudioINK58

Replays are mandatory! Deadline is Sunday, September 20th!
E2: SCHEDULE PUBLICLY TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR THE HOSTS, if you show a pm of only one side of a convo that is not good enough
Edit: check out the spreadsheet ran by Irpachuza!! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15L1ySVJDPdjAHLgQsG1gLxboCwFMjqLUudWVPgRFp2Q/edit?usp=sharing
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Was that in pms? If it was in your wall I somehow missed it, or deleted the wrong name by accident , so lost in milkyway! sorry but you’re out, and boulicrok vs basaninho is the new match
Well ik that he just wanted to cheat not replying me from a period of time. I was mailing and he wasnt answering me.. see this



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won in 3 ggs
[00:06:36] roxiee: wanna play for randbat tour
[00:07:48] +a random duck: sure
[00:08:02] roxiee: locking monotype
[00:08:32] roxiee: wait
[00:08:35] roxiee: u lock first mb
[00:09:22] +a random duck: locking hc
[00:10:12] roxiee: ok locking monotype
[00:10:27] roxiee: then u ban one
[00:10:40] +a random duck: n u ban first
[00:10:49] roxiee: o
[00:10:53] roxiee: lgpe rand batts
[00:10:57] +a random duck: nice
[00:11:04] +a random duck: banning bf
[00:11:25] roxiee: bss or battle
[00:11:33] +a random duck: battle
[00:11:38] roxiee: so its hc -> mono -> bss
[00:11:39] roxiee: lgi
so i can't invite u because he created the discussion but to be clear what u saw on the second screen was before the first one


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This shouldn’t be this difficult, lost in milkyway! invite me to the DMs. From here onwards any game decided in pms and not publicly that isn’t played will be considered dead and flipped

boulicrok im sorry for the opponent changes and mishaps, but this will be sorted soon
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