Random Battles Team Tour 3 - Week 7


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Welcome to Week 7 of the Random Battles Team Tour, where 8 teams will compete for the title of RBTT Champion as well as a custom avatar!

Tournament Rules
  • The tournament will consist of 8 teams battling it out in a Round Robin format over seven weeks; after that, the four best teams overall will move onto playoffs.
  • Each series will be played as a Best of 3
  • Matches are to be played on Pokémon Showdown.
  • Do not make baseless activity posts, get in contact with your opponent and report missed times / scheduling issues only.
  • Replays of the matches must be posted to verify a win; if replays are not posted, the match doesn't count.
General Tournament Rules
  • Scheduling: Attempt to contact your opponent by posting on their smogon profile as soon as possible. It is strongly advised to schedule publicly there on Smogon so the host can make any necessary activity calls. If you cannot get in contact with your opponent, inform the host in this thread so we can make any necessary substitution. If you have made no visible contact, the host may substitute you out for another player.
  • Timer Clause and Disconnections: The timer is not required to be on during games; however, if the timer is on and a player runs out of time, their opponent wins the game via timeout. If a player disconnects and thus times out, this also counts as a loss for the player who disconnected.

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Team Sky Shaymin (7) vs Team Regirock (5)

Gen 8 Random Battle: Legendary vs Hipmonlee
Gen 7 Random Battle: cloudiness vs Chill Shadow
Gen 7 Random Battle: Staxi vs Delta 2777
Gen 5 Random Battle: TheFranklin vs Roseybear
Gen 4 Random Battle: El químico del pueblucho vs Rage
Gen 3 Random Battle: HeroicTobias vs Watchog
Gen 8 Monotype Random Battle: Poison Adhesive vs not a racist
Gen 8 Hackmons Cup: Zephyr Dragon Lord vs Ransei
Gen 7 Super Staff Bros Brawl: ihasdisname vs Ereshkigal
Gen 7 Battle Factory: sigmatecture vs Stoward
Gen 7 BSS Factory: kaori vs Alakazam
Gen 7 Random Battle / Gen 7 Battle Factory / Gen 7 Hackmons Cup: Peer777 vs vivalospride

Team Raikou (7) vs Team Victini (5)

Gen 8 Random Battle: TJ vs Sylveon used calm mind
Gen 7 Random Battle: Odd Della Robbia vs Jacked
Gen 7 Random Battle: fitzy72 vs Glop
Gen 5 Random Battle: ajhockeystar vs Anthonyy23
Gen 4 Random Battle: bugzinator vs VigilanteVigoroth
Gen 3 Random Battle: Dragonillis vs xGang
Gen 8 Monotype Random Battle: Feliburn vs Jynx Nuggets
Gen 8 Hackmons Cup: platinumCheesecake vs sharpclaw
Gen 7 Super Staff Bros Brawl: Discordual vs Trade
Gen 7 Battle Factory: lax vs Waszap
Gen 7 BSS Factory: rssp1 vs King Leo V
Gen 7 Random Battle / Gen 7 Battle Factory / Gen 7 Hackmons Cup: longhiep341 vs PikminWarrior

Team Diancie (6) vs Team Hoopa (6)

Gen 8 Random Battle: Prosaic vs BoRida
Gen 7 Random Battle: pokeblade101 vs LordST
Gen 7 Random Battle: Santu vs snorlax142857
Gen 5 Random Battle: Diophantine vs RealMiwa
Gen 4 Random Battle: SMB vs Jytcampbell
Gen 3 Random Battle: Amaranth vs Roginald
Gen 8 Monotype Random Battle: maroon vs ArcHale0
Gen 8 Hackmons Cup: Jrdn vs Fissure
Gen 7 Super Staff Bros Brawl: Mannat vs bike waffles
Gen 7 Battle Factory: frisoeva vs Hamhamhamham
Gen 7 BSS Factory: Lego vs soTsoT
Gen 7 Random Battle / Gen 7 Battle Factory / Gen 7 Hackmons Cup: London13 vs Panty&Stockings

Team Meloetta (6) vs Team Marshadow (6)

Gen 8 Random Battle: GaryAjax vs Typhlosion48
Gen 7 Random Battle: Andyboy vs MJ
Gen 7 Random Battle: Elgino10 vs breh
Gen 5 Random Battle: fupizza vs Dj Breloominati♬
Gen 4 Random Battle: Flare vs Surgeon
Gen 3 Random Battle: Irpachuza vs Abyssal Ruins
Gen 8 Monotype Random Battle: Mitsuki vs get_lucki
Gen 8 Hackmons Cup: Andy Snype vs c.kilgannon
Gen 7 Super Staff Bros Brawl: WeepingDevil vs i want a lamp
Gen 7 Battle Factory: Brandon vs RustySheriffBadge
Gen 7 BSS Factory: RaJ.Shoot vs DarkFlames64
Gen 7 Random Battle / Gen 7 Battle Factory / Gen 7 Hackmons Cup: My Big Diggersby vs Lucas2543

The deadline for this week is February 24th 5:00AM GMT / 12:00AM EST
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For those unaware, we have individual standings and rankings by format on the official RBTT3 spreadsheet. See how well you and your team stack up!

If you've been switching around formats and don't see yourself on one of the headers, please let me know so I can add you where you belong. It's really hard for us to track who's played what.

Big shoutouts to everyone who posts their wins and includes both their opponent and their team. Lets see that team spirit in your victory posts so its easier on me when i enter your matches.
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