Tournament Random Battles Team Tournament 5 - SIGNUPS (Open until January 8)

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Welcome to the 5th annual Random Battles Team Tournament, and the 1st with twice as many hosts as ever before! The Random Battles Team Tournament is a tournament involving 8 teams battling it out to prove their skills in randomized formats.

Tournament Formats
Each team will play 12 matchups per week, with all formats played as Best of 3. The formats are:

Gen 8 Random Battle
Gen 8 Random Battle
Gen 7 Random Battle
Gen 5 Random Battle
Gen 4 Random Battle
Gen 3 Random Battle
Gen 1 Random Battle
Gen 8 Hackmons Cup
Gen 7 Battle Factory
Gen 8 BSS Factory
Gen 8 Random Doubles Battle
Mystery Box (note: do not list "Mystery Box" in your signups.)

What is Mystery Box?
Last year’s Mystery Box slot was a great success, helping us preserve the tournament's format-inclusive spirit while also giving subs a more pivotal role on their respective teams. This year’s Mystery Box functions similarly to last year’s, with two amendments:
- In the round-robin phase of the tournament (Weeks 1-7), a random format will be chosen from the Mystery Box each week, with no repeats.
- In the playoffs (Weeks 8-9), Mystery Box will convert to a multi-format Bo3. Game 1 will always be Gen 8 Random Battle; for the next game(s), the loser will pick any extant format from the Mystery Box.

The Mystery Box formats are:
Gen 6 Random Battle
Gen 2 Random Battle
Gen 8 Random Battle (No Dmax)
Gen 8 Monotype Random Battle
Gen 8 Challenge Cup
Gen 7 Hackmons Cup
Gen 8 Doubles Hackmons Cup

Teams and Managers
Each team will have 12 starter slots and 3 substitute slots, and will be drafted via snake draft format on January 9th. Each team, in a randomized order, will select 1 player each round, with order reversal at the end of each round (i.e. teams will draft in the following order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, repeat). The draft order is: Deoxys, Rayquaza, Hoopa, Shaymin-Sky, Kyogre, Arcanine, Darkrai, Yveltal.

The participating teams and their managers are:

Team Deoxys managed by Fragments and Pujo
Team Rayquaza managed by za and LoSconosciuto
Team Hoopa managed by Irpachuza and not a racist
Team Shaymin-Sky managed by jasprose and Perish Song
Team Kyogre managed by Roginald and frostyicelad
Team Arcanine managed by RustySheriffBadge and MaswoodShaheb
Team Darkrai managed by Rage and Aquaa (Aqua)
Team Yveltal managed by pokeblade101 and Quoise

To sign up for the tournament, please fill out the form below. Signups will close on January 8th. The tournament is expected to start on January 9th, and the regular season will last for the following seven weeks, with playoffs and tiebreakers immediately afterwards. Please state any potential inactivity in this time when signing up. Please copy and paste the form below.

Important: You may list individual formats in the Mystery Box in your preferences, but please also put at least one of the tournament's primary formats in your signup if you actually want to be drafted. Do not just sign up for "Mystery Box". That's not a real format.

Smogon Username:
PS Username:
Preferred Formats:
Foreseeable Inactivity:
The winning team will get a team-wide custom avatar on Pokemon Showdown!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask any managers or staff members in our PS Room. Good luck to everyone signing up, and have fun!
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