Tournament Random Battles Team Tournament 5 - SIGNUPS (Open until January 8)

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Bka Onon

Yuta Okkotsu of Monotype (Not Real)
is a Pre-Contributor
Smogon Username: ASKid679
PS Username: Bka Onon
Preffered Formats: SSRB, SMRB, SSBF
Timezone: IST (GMT +5:30)
Inactivity: Exams from 10th Jan-21 Jan but I don't think I care
Smogon Username: Dark Red
PS Username: Dark Red 979
Preferred Formats: Gen 8/7/5
Timezone: IST (INDIA)
Foreseeable Inactivity: To beat everyone and be unbeatable
Can i be in team yveltal?
Smogon Username: O1V7O2X9O
PS Username: O1V7O2X9O
Preferred Formats: Gen 7, Gen 6, Gen 5, Gen 4, Gen 8 no dmax, Gen 8 (from highest to lowest preference)
Timezone: GMT+11
Foreseeable Inactivity: None
Smogon Username: Pald
PS Username: Pald
Preferred Formats: Gen8 Random battle, Gen8 Random Doubles Battle, Gen 8 Monotype Random Battle
Timezone: IST (GMT+5:30)
Foreseeable Inactivity: Probably not
Smogon User: noobateveryting
PS User: PizzaNinja45
Preferred Formats: Gen 7 Random, Gen 8 Random, Gen 3 Random
Timezone: UTC+10
Foreseeable Inactivity: Definitely a lot unless after 7:00pm
Smogon Username:haba yada
PS Username: haba yada
Preffered Formats: Gen 8, gen 7, gen 6 any except hackmons stuff
Timezone:GMT +6:30
Forseeable Inactivity:No
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Smogon Username: KingArti
PS Username: LordHyperBreath
Preferred Formats: Gen 8 RB / Gen 6 RB / Gen 3 RB / Free-For-All RB
Timezone: CET +1
Foreseeable Inactivity: No


You Wanna See Me Dead Cause Of My Hops
is a Tiering Contributor
Smogon Username: Drifting
PS Username: Aranacana
Preferred Formats: Everything in gens 6, 7 and 8
Timezone: AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Foreseeable Inactivity: None at all :)
Smogon Username: Furious_Thunder4
PS Username: Furious_Thunder4
Preferred Formats: Gen 7 randoms, Gen 7 Battle Factory, Gen 8 monotype, Gen 7 hackmons cup.
Timezone: EST (UTC-5)
Foreseeable Inactivity: Midterms in late January (Also school on the weekdays from 7 am - 5 pm latest)
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Smogon username:Tji69
PS username:Tji69
prefferred formats: gen 7 RB, gen 1 RB, gen 8 Hackmons
Timezone: +1
Foreseeable inactivity: everyday from 7:00 untill 17:00 max (school)
Smogon Username: JackAttackVGC
PS Username: JackAttackVGC
Preferred Formats: Gen 7
Timezone: PST
Foreseeable Inactivity: hope not
winning team: Lets go team yveltal (i hate xerneas)
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