Tournament Random Battles Team Tournament VII - SIGNUPS (Open until January 5th)

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Smogon Username: jackofspadesman
PS Username: jackofspadesman
Preferred Formats: Gen 9 Doubles and MBox Gen 8 Doubles
Timezone: Whatever US East is right now. -4? -5?
Foreseeable Inactivity: weekends where there is a VGC regional in the US I will likely be in attendance but can play during the week.


Liever Kips leverworst
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Smogon Username: Kipkluif
PS Username: Kipkluif
Preferred Formats: gen 1
Timezone: gmt+1
Foreseeable Inactivity: its randbats lol I can get a set done while biking if I have to
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Smogon Username: snorlax142857
PS Username: snorlax142857
Preferred Formats: Gen 9 Dubs, Gen 8 Dubs, can play 9 if needed
Timezone: -5 (EST)
Foreseeable Inactivity: 12-3 pm most days but I can get games done no issue. i'll be busier irl than 2023 but hopefully it doesn't affect my playing condition much?
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