Random Pokemon Tournament Round 1

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Well, I beat fitzy72 1-0 in a really close game in which my team advantage saved me from a shitload of hax.

Thank god, and gg to him.

EDIT: We didn't need logs, did we?
Confirming I lost 1-0 from 031ap.

@031ap yes we do need logs, but i saved it and i'm sure you don't need logs if both player's agree on who won


the best
pm'd goldenknight a few days ago but he hasn't responded yet. so activity post and hopefully he'll respond by tomorrow and we can get this done.
so apparently mizuno has been very busy. we are going to try to get this done tomorrow. unless he comes on tonight.

edit: won.
Lost 0-3. Successfully pulled of Agility-Baton Pass with Fearow to Swords Dance Sandslash, but alas Stone Edge proves again why it's the worst move in the game and couldn't do anything with it! :( gg though! My only regret was that I was not able to get a KO with Farfetch'd :P
Me and Ryo have been contacting each other on smogon for many times, but we just can't seem to find each other on shoddy :/
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