Random Pokemon Tournament Round 1

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seafunks responded to my pm, and i responded to that
he hasnt responded to my second pm yet, so i guess ill send another one?


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I`ve been trying to get this done but its hard because he lives in australia and I live in Texas
I should be playing Lusit today.

EDIT - He was just AFK on shoddy all day. I'll PM to see if we can set up another game.
Yeah. I look for him all the time, but he's never on, unfortunately. I'm on all the time practically though.
Stone_Cold said:
I am terribly sorry. Exams have just been eating me alive and since you are German and I am American, time zones are even harder so I will just give you the victory. I apologize for everything.
Thats quite sad, but i guess we have to accept Stones issues :(

Have a good day
I've been trying to get in contact with Fitzy, but since he can't even seem to be available at normal times, I've worked something out with him, bending my schedule to suit his needs.

So hopefully we'll get it done tomorrow.
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