Random Pokemon Tournament Round 2

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I lost 2-0 due to my general stupidity and a lucky break for him. gg

also: anything is possible with me and pkmn the_chaser, I've lost just about every way there is to lose that you could think of as well as every way you couldn't think of
Activity post. Blue_Blur hasn't posted and I can't find him on the members list .-. If someone could link me to his profile I would be immensely grateful.
activity post, my activity has gone down dramatically this past week, if I can't complete my match, let hanke advance.


the best
I attempted to PM Serendipity about a time for a battle before the deadline but his PM box is full so that didn't happen, and he disabled his Visitor Messages on his profile.
  1. Serendipity has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
So, if he comes on and reads this, I'll be on early and late Sunday and probably after school sometime so we can get this done.
I should extend it probably

Aside from just extending it, why dont you PM/VM those who are inactive/have yet to battle to make sure people are trying to get this done? because seriously, even with time zone issues this should not take a month to finish.

EDIT-also, 19 battles have been completed, so theres only 13 battles left
just posting to say i told dragonknight! he could have the win, or i guess you could sub someone.
i guess he hasn't posted anything about it?
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