Tournament RarelyUsed Ladder Tournament - Cycle 4


my cancer is sun and my leo is moon
Forum name: HailFall
Cycle 4 Alt: RULT4pm Hail
Did I make this post before laddering with the account?: Yes


Morse code, if I'm talking I'm clicking
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RULT Cycle 4 has concluded.
Congratulations to the following users for qualifying for playoffs:
1) Ajna - 1634 ELO
(84.5% GXE)
2) PokemonCestDur - 1632 ELO (85.0% GXE)
3) Osh - 1623 ELO (84.8% GXE)
4) Aquarius Ghost ❤ - 1615 ELO (81.0% GXE)

taken at 11:01:10 PM GMT-4
Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 10.01.10 PM.png

Playoffs will be posted after tomorrow's drops and a potential council vote.
Playoffs will be in the new meta.

Congratulations to all who made it, and thanks to everyone for participating! Hopefully we can keep up this activity on the RU ladder in the future. :)

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