Project RarelyUsed Teambuilding Competition: week 15: Raikou

While I personally am of the opinion that bulky Regenerator :assault vest::reuniclus: is best :reuniclus: (252 SpA Thundurus-Therian Thunderbolt vs. 248 HP / 244 SpD Assault Vest Reuniclus: 94-112 (22.2 - 26.4%) -- 19% chance to 4HKO :reuniclus:; 252 SpA Thundurus-Therian Thunderbolt vs. 0 HP / 252 SpD Assault Vest Hoopa-Unbound: 70-84 (23.2 - 27.9%) -- 78.6% chance to 4HKO :hoopa-unbound::assault vest:), the sheer creativity and use of Spiritomb that fluff displays has earned my vote. It's just way too fun to use. (edit: Scarf Okidogi is very cool, nobody expects him)
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All teams posted are straight fire, shout-out to lilo, fluff, and forest for cooking me with each of their teams at some point.

Out of those 3 I’ll go with lilo, diancie seems like a good pick into this meta, conk is insane with para support, and the reun set supports the team well

:sv/slither-wing: Week 3: Slither Wing :sv/slither-wing:


Slither Wing has certainly seen better days. What has long-been one of the most popular and common pokemon in the tier has fallen off into undefined obscurity. Its old reliable bulky pivot set has been pushed out by Hippowdon's sand, Moltres' flame body and a bunch of new offensive threats. But Slither Wing still has a lot of desirable traits like its strong priority and deep movepool. Perhaps the secret to resoring its reputation is just a bit of thinking and publicity.

Teambuilding criteria:
Your team submission must be legal in SV RU and have Slither Wing on it.

Submission deadline: Teams should be submitted by 11:59 PM (GMT-5) on Friday, March 29th, voting will then go until 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Sunday March 31st.


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Slither Wing Pivot Hell​

:slither-wing: :hoopa-unbound: :empoleon: :cyclizar: :fezandipiti: :zapdos-galar:

I miss when Slither Wing was the goat of the tier, and sadly I don’t think that it does anything particularly well even with a massive base attack stat. However, it can put aside its old role as a great wallbreaker and revenge killer in lieu of being in a more supportive role and supporting the busted wall breakers in the tier right now.

:Slither Wing: As stated before, Slither Wing, along with the rest of the team, are entirely based on getting in the attacking powerhouses in the back. In addition to this, it also has the nice role of being able to RK an out of control Hoopa with First Impression, however, I think that Will-O-Wisp could probably fill this slot. CC provides consistent damage and Slither Wing can safely negate these drops with a U-Turn. Morning Sun allows it do pivot for longer, although once again, this could probably be subsidized with WOW. I’m running Protective Pads to negate burn from Moltres or Rocky Helmet chip from various users. Max Attack with a positive naturefor surprise breaking capabilities and allows for chip for the breakers, Max HP for overall bulk, and no speed investment means you can throw off slow u-turns to get in everything else without the threat of chip.

:Hoopa-Unbound: Pretty standard specs set, just
going for insane breaking potential, can replace Focus Blast for Trick if you desire, although I don’t think you ever want to get rid of your specs. Tera Fairy allows for better defensive typing.

:Empoleon: I’ve been Pro-Empo for a decent amount of time now, as I think it is very good as a rocker and doesn’t have the downside of setting up sand, which is pretty detrimental to the overall health of the team long term. You do get walled by Volc, so if you feel like it you can probably replace Surf for GK. Just a great Specially Defensive wall for the team, as well as another slow pivot. Tera Ghost lets you beat ID BP Coba, as well as generally useful for other stray fighting type moves thrown out. Additionally gives you a better matchup into Thundurus-T, which the team potentially struggles with in a vacuum.

:Cyclizar: Basic AV bike, DTail to deter setup, gets rid of entry hazards to provide more longevity for the team. Pretty simple over all, real ones use Talonflame though.

:Fezandipiti: Spreads toxic and throws off slow U-Turns, can potentially be a setup sweeper with Calm Mind. Tera Water is just for another solid defensive typing.

:Zapdos-Galar: Other main abuser of the pivoting, throwing off massive BBs with CB boosting power, Tera Flying just to add extra damage, Knock and U-Turn for extra Utility.

Pretty annoying team that hopes to take advantage of repetitiveness of the U-Turns to make opponents misplay and give you free entrance into Hoopa/Gapdos.


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:slither wing:-:thundurus-therian:-:palossand:-:bisharp:-:diancie:-:tentacruel:

Slither Wing pogchamp, Slither Wing pogchamp. Hello friends, throwing my hat into the ring for teambuilding comp for the first time this week so I hope yall enjoy lol. The premise of the team is pretty straightforward, half of your guys do big damage, the other half attempt to eat hits.

:slither wing: - Big Damage #1. Choice banded click buttons hit things do big numbers. Having access to incredibly powerful (albeit one time use) STAB priority in first impression is really nice as it turns Slither into one of the more reliable RKO machines in the tier. Backing this up, you also have incredibly potent dual STAB with Close Combat and U-turn to explode things and gain momentum respectively. Finally, the last slot is really quite flexible, I'd say like 95% of the time you'll be clicking the first 3 moves with Slither so you can tech whatever fits with your playstyle more for the last. Personally I chose Flare Blitz because sometimes you just want a strong neutral hit on something that might tera in front of you and blitz does the job. Earthquake, Wild Charge, and even support moves like Morning Sun or Stun Spore could see an argument for that last slot, but, at the end of the day, do what feels best for you.

:thundurus-therian: - Big Damage #2. Double Dance thundy, menace to society, blower up of things, he do be hittin. I think thundy and slither make for a good 1-2 punch with thundy benefitting off the free switches created by U-turn and who generally can threaten whatever physical sponge comes in to absorb the Slither hit. In terms of the set specifics itself, I just really like double dance thundy lol. You could probably also make this like 4 atks, or 3 atks+twave or smth else but personally, I am here for big numbers and setup thundy do be putting up big numbers. I also enjoy this set specifically bc of fun cyclizar interactions. From my experience most people aren't running Dtail on their bikes (you should be btw) and most people also like to pivot Bike first on thundy. That allows you free nasty plot or agility, and then you get the second setup move on whatever their followup play is whether it be draco, double edge, or sometimes even knock. Then at that point you have a pretty decent chance at sweeping them bc its Thundy and he hits unbelievable.

:Palossand:-Big Eat #1. Think of him as Hippowdon, but also a ghost type, which can actually be very detrimental sometimes but also beneficial sometimes lol. Here we have the first designated hit eater on the team in Palossand. His job is primarily to just get rocks up and keep them there as he also doubles as a very effective spinblocker as well as giving you an elec immune which is always nice. Having access to Scorching Sands is also nice for his ground STAB as it allows him to act as a potential status spreader if the opponent decides to try and pivot around him. Curse is a personal pick for me and something I wanted to experiment with although you could very easily have hex in that slot. I think its nice to have as a timer of sorts if you find palossand matched up vs fat mons and you want to try and force some progress. Shore Up is there as the obligatory healing move and is even stronger right now as Hippowdon is super common and sand gives you the extra 25% recovery boost.

:Bisharp:- Big Damage #3. SD bish is just that guy. Another reliable RKO option alongside Slither as he sports what is essentially the strongest sucker punch in the tier. Able to cleanup through weakened teams quite easily through his strong dual STAB, access to prio, and access to SD. The set itself isn't anything ground breaking. Some bish like to run low kick to turn off cobalion as a reliable switch in but since I'm also rocking palossand in the back who dunks on most cobalion I think its fine to have the more consistent secondary dark STAB option.

:diancie:- Big Eat #2. Majestic Pink Rock. Since I have Palossand in the back for spinblocking purposes I mean I might as well have the hazard stack option which Diancie brings to the table. Diancie is also the teams primary Hoopa pivot. I must clarify, Diancie is NOT a hoopa answer/counter, simply a pivot so you can see what type of Hoopa you're working with and adjust accordingly. Diancie also benefits from being a rock fairy type giving it immensly useful utility being immune to dragon and also getting sp def boosts from all the hippo sand that is running around the tier. I think encore on diancie is funny because sometimes teams will try to outpassive you or try to use you as setup fodder and you get to say "no you". You might get a case where Hippo is trying to heal up and 1v1 you, or Enamorus is coming in to try and setup on you or smth and you get to say haha, you played yourself and then switch to Thundy or Slither and attempt to blow them up. Diancie is also super fast because Conk is scary and I wanted it to be faster than conk.

:Tentacruel:- Big Eat #3. Palossand was your physical eater, Tentacruel is your Special Eater. Nice utility mon that fills a few roles for the team namely being the primary water resist, fairy resist, and also spinner. Also contributes to the team offensively by providing flip turn momentum and knock support. Rain Dish over liquid ooze bc some extra healing vs rain could be cool in that matchup and rain in general is scary for the team. Tera grass is for emergency click vs thundy situations lol.

The team is SUUUUUPER new, like I built it, played a room tour, won room tour and said alright, this is probably good enough lol. Lemme know what yall think! Also lmk if you see any super big weaknesses bc lol.

:slither wing: :volcanion: :hippowdon: :cyclizar: :zoroark-hisui: :thundurus-therian:
:slither wing: Decided to use CB because I like to have a strong physical breaker in most teams, access to strong priority and pivoting is must appreciated and opted to use Wild Charge to hit mons like Slowbro and Moltres.
:volcanion: Some of the common hurdles for most physical attackers in this tier are Moltres and Hippowdon, so I wanted a mon that could preferably deal with both of those and Volcanion seemed perfect as it handled both of them quite nicely as well as providing good defensive utility.
:hippowdon: This mon was to help Volcanion as they cover eachothers weaknesses pretty well, it also provided a physical wall and a good Stealth Rock user.
:cyclizar: Pretty standard here, it is just the best form of hazard removal in this tier so I had to put it on the team, also helps with checking stuff like Thundurus-Therian and acts as a nice blanket check to a decent handful of special attackers with an Assault Vest.
:zoroark-hisui: Needed some speed control and a fighting resist/immunity so I decided on H-Zoroark over Gengar as my team was pretty decently weak to ground type moves anyway and also its ability to pivot to facilitate Slither Wing more effectively.
:thundurus-therian: To finish it off I decided on something that would give a bit more speed control, act as a setup sweeper and also was off the ground where Thundurus-Therian seemed like a perfect choice.

Would add replays but I am submitting pretty late, will try to have them in for future weeks. I appreciate stuff like this because it gives me inspiration to build.
Please listen to my cooking guide, I swear this is not a troll I peaked 1498 with this
(click on the sprites for paste!)

The last minute submission that peaked 1498 on ladder (I didn't play only this team, but I did play it like 90% of the games from 1300 to 1498), the Lake Trio + Moth team (I can't think of a better name I'm too excited to submit this)

We have a lot of BO cores in the tier. Mainly SpDef/AV Empo + a ground and that's it. So, what if we shook things up?
Uxie is your Special sponge, able to take Gardevoir Moonblasts with ease and is our Rocks setter, while Mesprit handles physical assaults with its trusty rocky helmet, with a set specifically tailored to hit Crawdaunt and Breloom as well as locking Bisharp into Sucker Punch thanks to Encore. This is your defensive core and the objective is to click U-turn as many times as possible.

Starting with our 1st offense element, Azelf, here to nail Empoleon with Thunderbolt at +2 and acting as your cleaner once the enemy Cyclizar is KOed. Psychic is a great move to spam in the current meta with few resistances, and it is your primary way of beating Cobalion. Encore is incredible against Bisharp and can lock something else into Swords Dance, Bulk Up or Iron Defense, letting you win last mon scenarios against it.

I needed a Ghost immunity as to not autolose against Scarf Gengar and H-Zoroark, so why not run THE mon tailored to do just that and is also the #1 Pokemon in usage. Also brings Rapid Spin utility, so that's great. I did not run into any Forretress somehow, but I think Overheat is still the better last slot, feel free to edit it and change it for Double-Edge.

Brings speed control and a physical attacker to the mix. Rock Slide is great in this team as, despite the looks, may need a liiiittle help from the Pokemon Showdown gods to win. A single flinch on HO leads often means auto-win. Outside of that, Terrakion resists Bisharp's Sucker Punch and can KO back with CC, just make sure to scout for Tera.

The most important mon in the team, Tera Bug Silver Powder First Impression is your main way of claiming KOs and cleaning games up. Not being locked into First Impression came in clutch so many times during my tests.

SCREENSHOTS because people are cringe and they all automatically make their replays private so I can't share them, you're no fun guys

elo peak vs rain
Screenshot 2024-03-29 152707.png

vs HO, vs Bisharp endgame, Encore wins

The threats to the team are obvious: Mimikyu hits the entire team super effectively but mon's a fraud and is so weak, just decent positioning avoids most sweeping opportunities. Bisharp can still be a problem despite all the precautions taken in the builder. Yanmega mandates Tera steel from Uxie. Outside of that, the team is actually quite solid even if a little matchup reliant at times.

If you still don't trust me, just play the team for yourself and see the truth.


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The team is SUUUUUPER new, like I built it, played a room tour, won room tour and said alright, this is probably good enough lol. Lemme know what yall think! Also lmk if you see any super big weaknesses bc lol.
If Ming can do it, then I guess I can too!

I tried kind of hard (for me at least) to make a TR team with Slither Wing work. It didn't. So basically I gutted the TR part and added a dash of paralysis control with a bunch of priority. That also didn't work. And then I basically autolost to Blastoise and Volcanion, so I added a Volcanion! I didn't want to fall into the same usual Slither Wing sets and team archetypes so I kept cooking and decided I just wanted to kill all Moltres to open up a possible Enamorus-Therian sweep. Um, this current iteration is certainly overcooked and does not handle ghost types very well. Ghost resists/immunes both of my current forms of prio aaaand the team has no ghost resists, but yeah, keep Conk and Mag healthy and minimum hazards up and they can usually manage to tank a hit and KO back. At the end of the day, I'm not saying this is a good team, but it's the best creative "non-standard" one I managed to make. And it won a small room tour!

Without further ado, here it is

:slither wing: :enamorus-therian: :hippowdon: :magnezone: :conkeldurr: :volcanion:

:slither wing:
Can't fly (Slither Wing) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Protosynthesis
Tera Type: Rock
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe
Adamant Nature
- First Impression
- Tera Blast
- Close Combat
- Stun Spore

Basically, I saw that it got Stun Spore and I liked that.
Then I was using the team a bit and got tired of just paralyzing the Moltres, Enam-T, and Gengar switch-ins so Tera Blast Rock was an easy choice!
(also, sp def boost in Hippo's sand is sweeeet!)

So yeah, Rock + Fighting coverage is good, FI prio is good, Stun Spore gives me a 25% chance to be gifted a win when I play like crap!
U-turn, one of the best moves in the game? Pssh, we don't need that when we're cooking!
Assuming just a little bit of hazard chip and correct predictions, this Slither Wing has the chance to tank boosted hits from any of the current big 3 Thundy-T, Enam-T, and Leaves and KO back. Odds can be even better in sand.

Eh, probably a better slightly invested speed tier to hit, but some of these calcs are shaky already [ +2 252 SpA Thundurus-Therian Thunderbolt vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Slither Wing: 306-361 (81.8 - 96.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO ] so I just added 4 to speed tie max neutral 50s and lower and crank that HP up!

Free Hugs (Enamorus-Therian) @ Leftovers
Ability: Overcoat
Tera Type: Steel
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Calm Mind
- Mystical Fire
- Earth Power
- Moonblast

Pretty standard stuff, just hope that a little para support gets spread around and then Moonblast away...
Originally was trying Draining Kiss, but this really has to sit back for the late game sweep so it just didn't work out very well for me and I added Mystical Fire back in. Get's some important coverage for Air balloon Rev, but maybe that's a flexible option?
Tera Steel is fine, Poison is fine. I wanted a second emergency Garde check and a way to tank +1 Rev Iron Head so Steel is a bit better and this is the best thing to get a scarf or specs tricked onto.

Two Punch Man (Conkeldurr) @ Leftovers
Ability: Guts
Tera Type: Fighting
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Mach Punch
- Drain Punch
- Defog
- Knock Off

This is basically the set I use for all of my Conks, I always want slightly better longevity and after seeing lefties recovery, he usually gets burned anyway... which is nice.

This actually beats most common hazard leads and, with a little prediction, keeps hazards off in the early game. Doesn't beat full health Hippo when unstatused since it out speeds this set. However, knocking helmet off, defogging and switching to Enam-T when the Hippo sets SR again is pretty good momentum so I'll accept this match up.

Mach Punch pretty important on a team like this. Especially important vs Maus/Chinchilla if Hippo's helmet is knocked.
Tera Fighting Conk is kind of the other late game finisher option, but usually I need to blow tera defensively earlier in the game.

UFO2 (Magnezone) @ Leftovers
Ability: Magnet Pull
Tera Type: Grass
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Volt Switch
- Thunder Wave
- Flash Cannon
- Tera Blast

Just opting for T-Wave over a normal damaging electric move. Gotta spread that para around. Certainly a very fine option to use thunderbolt or discharge here. Unfortunately, a lot of the top tier threats kind of just switch in on this, and obviously Thundy-T isn't the greatest thing to give free switches. So it feels like a weak link, but I honestly can't think of a better option since the team like really needs these resists + a pivot option.
Neutral normal Tera Blast at least kind of hurts Thundy and other electrics not named Magnezone. Tera Grass because I need a grass move and a way to actually kill Quagsire/Gastrodon :blobshrug:

If this tera is forced early, it's going to be a rough game.

Sand Bag (Hippowdon) @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Sand Stream
Tera Type: Dragon
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Earthquake
- Slack Off
- Whirlwind

Everyone is super familiar with this set. It does and doesn't do exactly the same thing as on other teams. Whirlwind is pretty important here (Mence, MMQ, greedy shell smashers, etc.) so consideration for Stone Edge ended quickly. Slither got the rock STAB today!

More or less, this is the only dedicated defensive part of the team's backbone so it's very pressured into switching in and needing to Slack Off to stay healthy enough, this team doesn't really have the tempo to get/keep hazards down especially when Conk might need to defog too. It's mostly just a bonus.

Tera Dragon, never used it. Might come in handy in a very specific endgame match up?

Glue V3 (Volcanion) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Water Absorb
Tera Type: Ground
EVs: 248 HP / 252 SpA / 8 SpD
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Steam Eruption
- Taunt
- Earth Power
- Flamethrower

Maybe Sludge Wave over Taunt or Earth Power? Kind of needed something to help vs stall. Also I wanted a little help in the Volcanion mirror. It's pretty slow, but para support helps. This is the newest addition to the team so I don't have much to say about it really. Got tired of losing to Blastoise and other Volcanions.

For sure a lot of surprise factor when running a lot more bulk than commonly seen on some of these 'Mons. Early game can be pretty rough before some para can be spread especially vs high tempo teams. Seemed to do ok (with some luck of course) vs mid ladder HO.

Hope you enjoyed my cooking! I'm certainly over it...

Plenty of misplays and pretty low ladder. You've been warned
earlier version with Craw before swapping to Volcanion
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:slither wing::rotom-heat::cyclizar::gardevoir::hippowdon::bisharp:
double priority bulky offense:
I went through a lot of ideas trying to find the best, or rather most usable slither wing

This is the most fun version of the team I could make. The thing I learned most is that rotom-heat is slither wing's bff, and moltres to an almost equal degree. It covers the protagonist's weaknesses well, and it handles basically all of the mons that would try to freely switch in on it. Hippowdon, moltres and enamorus are all problems for slither wing, and rotom-heat takes them all on. Rotom's EV spread gives it enough SpA to ohko hippowdon with a +2 overheat. wouldn't want to be phazed out after all the trouble of setting up. I went back and forth on items and final moves for slither wing, eventually settling on stun spore and protective pads. Slither wing being able to just cripple some faster switch-ins with stun spore is cool and really supports the middling-speed core of this team. Gardevoir is just the best pokemon in the tier, possible even in the game. Bisharp is there to create a double priority core, helping to manage some of the weaknesses of slither wing's fimp. I briefly had a triple priority core with lycanroc, but that was not the most viable of team cores. Vs tera fighting Iron leaves you either use tera ghost hippo or die a horrible death.
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The deadline has passed and it's time for voting.
:slither-wing::hoopa-unbound::empoleon::cyclizar::fezandipiti::zapdos-galar: Illegal pivot spam by HoopsspooH
:slither wing::thundurus-therian::palossand::bisharp::diancie::tentacruel: double dance Thundurus offense by Ming549
:slither wing::volcanion::hippowdon::cyclizar::zoroark-hisui::thundurus-therian: CB slither wing + volcanion by Ac1D_13
:slither wing::azelf::uxie::mesprit::cyclizar::terrakion: lake spirits by fluff!!
:slither wing::enamorus-therian::hippowdon::magnezone::conkeldurr::volcanion: taunt volcanion paraspam by lars
:slither wing::rotom-heat::cyclizar::gardevoir::hippowdon::bisharp: double priority bulky offense by Sneakyplanner
My vote goes to Ac1D, it looks like a really solid team. Also shoutout to Ming for spreading palossand spikes awareness and showing off a neat tentacruel set.
Voting for Ming’s team. Very anti meta that abuses many of the common cores right now with palo spikes and dd thundy. Love to see diancie getting some love with a cool set, cb slither works quite well with the dual priority to make it less annoying to lock into FI while retaining the great power. Great offense that I will be adding to my permanent cycle of teams. Double dance thundurus is also extremely cheap against teams without priority and has an extremely easy path to 2 boosts by setting up on a switch to cyclizar without dragon tail.
It would seem not using U-turn was a bridge too far... haha

As I see Sneaky is also a fellow Stun Spore enthusiast (and I know from experience it's at least situationally good), it leaves me no choice!

Voting for Sneakyplanner

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