Project RarelyUsed Teambuilding Competition: week 18: Weezing-Galar


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Bird Up BO (Pretend there are like 50 eagles here)

:cresselia: :muk-alola: :talonflame: :empoleon: :breloom: :salamence:

I get to use the same set for VOTW and team building, fun. Used this team for RULT and I think that it’s still pretty valid in a non-Hoopa meta. My team building has been criticized one to many times because of non-existant ground immunities, so now we have 3 immunities and a resist, so take that ig. Anyways, here’s my explanation for each of the sets and spreads.

:Cresselia:: I pretty much built around Cress and Breloom for this team, as I thought they were pretty good into the Molt-Hippo-Cyc core my opponent had been using. This is the most cream of the crop Cress set you can imagine, just CM/Moonlight/SP/MB. I have a pretty customized spread, running max HP, 52 Defense, 64 SpAtk, 140 Speed and a Bold Nature. 140 Speed lets you outspeed 96 Speed invested Moltres, 64 SpAtk to OHKO Hippo from full after 3 CMs and the rest dumped into Defense. Would the Hippo scenario ever happen, probably not but let me have my cool spreads. Cress is very easy to sweep with, and with the removal of Hoopa-U from the tier it’s even better at its job. Tera Poison gets rid of the threat of toxic, even if it is extremely rare right now, and neutralizes the threat of U-Turn and Knock Off chipping you down.

:Muk-Alola:: I was using this as my main Hoopa-U check at the time, but it’s so naturally bulky specially that i’ve found that it works great as a Thundy-T check, especially with the decrease in NP variants in favor of Knock FB ones. RestTalk A-Muk sits on that variant as well as most other special attackers and spreads status with ease. I’ve been running Tera Water as just a naturally good defensive typing. Very nice glue for the team in general that makes progress for Cress or Loom late game.

:talonflame:: I was very tired of building with Cyclizar and wanted to branch out into other options, but didn’t want to give up the great speed tier that it had, so I decided my best bet was Dollar Store Moltres. Defog is needed for hazard removal, and I figured that the team wasn’t to weak to hazard as it was, so Talonflame was a nice emergency option against play styles like hazard stack if spikes started racking up, or if Mence got knocked. BB was to threaten Cyclizar if it wanted to try and spin on me, which does around 50% to it, U-Turn was very nice for pivoting, and I found the utility of it to be generally more useful than WoW, I figured I could fish for burns against any of the prevalent pivoters in the tier. Roost is obvious as I need recovery when I don’t get free health just for switching. I run Tera Ground on my bird to try and fight back a potential Thundurus sweep, which is definitely possible with my lack of speed on the team, so with Tera Ground I’m able to land at least 2 BBs for upwards of 50%, if they decide not to go for the Tera Blast then you can kill as +2 Grass Knot isn’t doing enough to kill even after recoil. The spread is slightly edited from my original one to outrun AV Cyclizar by one point, allowing for more investment into Attack and SpDef

:empoleon:: A Bird Up BO needs birds, and I only have one right now, so here’s the second. Empo is pretty much my comfort mon right now, as I find that its job as a Rocks setter and tank is very easy to work with. Empo acts as my secondary check to Thundy-T after tera, as well as another punisher to stray u-turns with Rocky Helmet. It does get walled by Volc, however the rest of the team makes up for the weakness in the set. Tera Ghost helps against the aforementioned Thundurus-T, as well as fighters and stuff like Maushold if it does ever get knocked.

:breloom:: My main abuser of Hippo/Cyc/Molt, I find Breloom to be legitimately very good in the tier and it has distinct advantages over other options for fighting types. I really wanted a way to threaten Hippo that allowed for Cress to sweep endgame, and I found that Breloom was the best at that role. Bullet Seed puts Hippo in a situation where it either needs to Roar you out to deny an SD, but risk a Bullet Seed doing massive damage, or switch out and risk an SD ending the game instantly. Tera Fire allows for you to become immune to Burn from Moltres, as well as tank any fire moves as well. Max Speed and a Jolly nature is to potentially outspeed Moltres without needing to take damage from it in the process.

:salamence:: Mence is the main physically defensive blanket for the team, leveraging intimidate to make its average defensive stat much greater. I’m running fully Special Mence with Flamethrower to not have to potentially miss hurricanes against things like Coba, as well as being generally good against other steels. The defensive investment was originally for CB Gapdos, but I remembered that Defiant was an ability, so now it’s just for better bulk against things like Coba and other physical attackers that can threaten big damage even through the -1 from intimidate. Tera Steel gives you a resistance to Fairies and Ices, proving useful against things like Fezandipiti or Ice Beam Empo.
Here’s a game of the team if you want to figure out how to use it outside of just blobs of text.
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Taunt Noivern + Choice Band Infernape Balance
:sv/noivern::sv/infernape::sv/cyclizar::sv/gastrodon::sv/amoonguss::sv/deoxys-defense: click the sprites for the importable

First time participating since the thread revived.

This week, I decided to chose Noivern over broken Salamence, because of Noivern's more interesting movepool and better speed, and because playing a lower tier Pokemon is always funnier.

This team is based on the Taunt Noivern + Choice Band Infernape Core, the two being able to Pivot thanks to U-turn and threaten the other' counters (Infernape threatens Empoleon and Jirachi, Noivern threatens Hippowdon and Moltres). With Pivot moves, Taunt and Switcheroo this Core can easily weaken the opposing defensive Core. To complete these two, I decided to add a solid Defensive Core that can support them and a classic Cyclizar.
Lets'move on the individual breakdown :

:noivern: Our first Offensive Pivot, that will help making progress thanks to Taunt + U-turn and will threaten Physical Walls for Infernape. The EV spread allows Noivern to survive a Psyblade from +2 Iron Leaves and let it outspeed Cyclizar.

:infernape: Our second Offensive Pivot that will compte Noivern. It threatens Special Walls for Noivern and can use U-turn on Hippowdon or Moltres to bring Noivern. The team was lacking Wallbreaking, so I opted for a Choice Band set, and it showed out very good, doing insane damages.

:cyclizar: What is a SV RU team without its Cyclizar ? More seriously, Cyclizar was added to do Cyclizar things : remove Hazards from our side and make progress with Knock Off and U-turn. The HP investment optimizes Regenerator's heal.

:gastrodon: Gastrodon is the Special sponge of the team, taking hits from Blastoise, Gengar, Salamence, Volcanion, etc... and also Revavroom. It's also our Stealth Rock setter. The Defense EVs allows Gastrodon to survive 2 High Horsepower from +1 Revavroom.

:amoonguss: Amoonguss is here to support the two defensive sponges, by beating Enamorus, Breloom, Mimikyu, etc... and taking Knock Off or some other attacks thanks to Regenerator. The Stun Spore + Clear Smog is probably my favorite set at the moment, as it helps you a lot against Setup Sweepers. 76 SpDef EVs allows Amoonguss to live 2 Earth Power from +1 Enamorus and the Speed EVs are here to creep other base 30 like Slowbro and Reuniclus. Tera Dragon is here so we don't get 6-0d by Iron Leaves.

:deoxys-defense: Finally, Deoxys-D is to Physical sponge of the team, taking hits from Zapdos-Galar, Terrakion, etc... It also set Spikes, that will help Infernape 2HKO Hippowdon and it will bring our Offensive Pokemon safely thanks to Teleport. Tera Ghost blocks Rapid Spin, that is very useful against BO or Balance, or even Fat archetypes.

No replays, because I forgot to save them :/
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Toxic by Brittney Spears
Who cares about Salamence? This is a Cobalion+Tentacruel team!
:Cobalion::Tentacruel: The stars of the show, this team took its form when I realized that cCbalion is able to just muscle past its counters thanks to toxic spikes. I go over my thoughts on that here, but simply put, Basculegion, Palossand and Slowbro do not like being poisoned.
:salamence: The best supporting actor. Mence makes a good partner for Cobalion thanks to its good type synergy, easily switching into fire and fighting type attacks. I like this Mence spread a lot. 288 speed is an important benchmark, the SpA EVs are equal to your SpA stat if you go 252/timid and the HP lets you survive some important hits. It's tera steel because otherwise this team has a Gardevoir problem. Always be aware of your tera needs if you see Gardevoir in team preview. I considered using Mixedmence here, but the rest of the team doesn't really have a problem with Empoleon and I really wanted this Mence to be bulky.
:gardevoir: Gardevoir might be the best mon in the tier, and with rain being real popular right now it feels almost essential on every BO team. Gardevoir pairs well with the cobalion win condition thanks to being able to come in on a volt switch or flip turn and threaten out poisons like amoonguss and okidogi. I went with thunderbolt and healing qwish as my filler moves because I wanted to be able to threaten empoleon and moltres and healing wish helps to bring cobalion back to full health for the sweep.
:thundurus-therian::krookodile::These two are just filling out the teem with needed speed and good type synergy. They also provide useful knock off utility, removing heavy duty boots to force poison on the enemy. Krookodile is really great at just breaking teams apart in the early game, but it kind of struggles to find switch-in opportunities against much of the tier. I've also experimented with Bisharp and Horoark in place of Krook and Thundurus respectively. Bisharp is less weak vs gardevoir but lacks knock off and krook's nice coverage, and Horoark's speed is really nice, but the electric damage from Thundurus is just so useful vs mons that try to beat tentacruel and cobalion.

To finish it off, here's a good replay of Thundurus knocking off a rocky helmet from their Cobalion answer, volt switch Cobalion keeping up the momentum, Mence being a good switch and softening the team up and the flipping and volting bringing in Garde on its good matchups.
YADM (Yet Another DragMag)

click the sprites for paste!

Also known as "what happens if a tier had 1 fairy and 3 steels top"

Our DragMag core. Magnezone traps Steels such as Forretress and Scarf Jirachi so our Dragons have an easier time doing their stuff. It also has a decent matchup against Gardevoir and Mimikyu. Specs Regidrago is the strongest wallbreaker in the tier bar none, capable of OHKOing 252/252+ Gastrodon and IronPress Cobalion with Dragon Energy. Conversely, Salamence gets to turn its bad matchups into opportunities for Regidrago to come in and blast through Cobalion and other physical walls, then proceed to clean games after 1 dragon dance. Fairies are obviously a problem but they are very scarce in RU and can be played around with Tera. We also have a few more tools against them...

As per usual, Jirachi uses its set compression abilities to the maximum here. Perfect switch-in against Gardevoir, Doom Desire + U-turn into a Dragon checkmates Fairies, Body Slam helps Regidrago outspeed would-be faster mons while letting Salamence find safer setup opportunities, Encore eases the Bisharp, Enamorus and slow Stored Power matchups tremendously.

Terrakion brings some utility in the mix with Stealth Rock, a way to pressure Steels, it improves the Bisharp matchup, it excells as an anti-lead thanks to Rock Blast, and it can severely chunk some of Salamence's worst matchups such as Hippowdon. Since we are not running a Rocky Helmet user in this team, having another Normal resistance for the Maushold matchup is welcome.

Our spinner. I try to not use Cyclizar anymore and I did not try Tsareena yet, so here she is. U-turn is always helpful to get Regidrago going and Triple Axel nukes Gligar and Thundurus-Therian. Tera Rock is a cool tech against Thundurus-Therian, giving a resistance to both Tera Blast Flying and Sludge Bomb.

As a super offensive playstyle, DragMag's bad matchups are straightforward and include super fast Scarfers such as Gengar/H-Zoroark, Rain and Stall. So is the fate of DragMag. As it turns out, stacking Dragons creates some issues on the defensive side of things. But if you're looking for high risk high reward gameplay and you are a fan of clicking buttons and seeing HP bars explode, then this is definitely a team comp worth looking into.
:sv/rhyperior:Week 6: Rhyperior:sv/rhyperior:

The star of this week is the Rock Wrecker, the great tank, the 4x weak warrior: Rhyperior. Rhyperior's great strength is its tanky stats and offensive stab pair. Nothing wants to take its attacks, and despite its many weaknesses it can be hard to ohko it thanks to solid rock. You can build Rhyperior in a few ways, using it as a stealth rock setter or just turning it into an all-out offensive threat with swords dance. You can pair it with webs to try and compensate for its low speed or try to patch up its weaknesses with so many tera types. Whatever you come up with, share your ideas here and receive the validation of strangers on the internet.

Teambuilding criteria:
Your team submission must be legal in SV RU and have a Rhyperior on it.

Submission deadline: Teams should be submitted by 11:59 PM (GMT-5) on Friday, April 19th, voting will then go until 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Sunday April 21st.
Sneaky has graciously allowed me to repost.

Shamelessly resubmitting Tricky Stars and Hearts because I'm lazy (and it's unlikely that I'll come up with something more interesting...)
:jirachi: :conkeldurr: :rhyperior: :enamorus-therian: :porygon2: :slowbro:

Larson, P. [lars]. (2024, April 3). This time I present to you... Tricky Stars and Hearts! [... I've ] been on a big trick room kick lately and Jirachi [Online forum post]. Smogon.

Edit: I used my right to edit, but I was a little too late :/

Aww crap, I swear I was trying. Just couldn't quite get it done in time. Lots of bad iterations and initially I thought maybe it was just bad, but I finally got to this (fair is fair - it's not for voting on). I think double dance rhyperior actually can work...

Just wanted to share my efforts if others want to try it. Sometimes life just gets in the way of mons...

She's a maniac on the floor:

:rhyperior: :swampert: :bisharp: :slither wing: :Slowbro: :talonflame:

I wish I had time to explain it a bit more, but yeah, it's late. Basically it needs good para support. Spread para and SD up vs bulky teams. Just rock polish vs faster stuff, it sweeps surprisingly well. (Faster than Talonflame @+2 speed) Due to para support, I was able to ditch a lot of speed and just index attack on the support structure. Double Stealth Rocks was initially a mistake, but it was legit really useful so I went back to it. Obviously very physical damage heavy, but what can actually withstand the Maniac's onslaught??? (Max/max hippo takes ~50 from +2 EQ)

Have a good weekend everyone!
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Triple Duos Team
:rhyperior: :necrozma: :gyarados: :cobalion: :jirachi: :thundurus therian:
Took a long time to make this team, but at the end I found that there were three pairings of the same typing across the team (for reference, I never do this with regular teams), but I didn't intend this to happen. This team aims to weaken the opposing team in order for Choice Band Rock Wrecker Rhyperior to clean late game. I've used rock wrecker rhyperior in the past, and it is devestating.
Rhyperior @ Choice Band
Ability: Solid Rock
Tera Type: Flying
EVs: 204 HP / 252 Atk / 52 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Rock Wrecker
- Earthquake
- Fire Punch
- Rock Blast
Choice Band Rhyperior absolutely decimates any team that it can outspeed, hitting them for buttloads of damage. The ev's are for the maximum amount of damage, while also outspeeding neutral 0 speed evs enamorus therian, with the remainder put into hp. Tera flying allows rhyperior to avoid any e-quakes aimed at it while shedding itself most of its weaknesses. E-quake is of course just good ground stab, fire punch destroys steel types as well while decimating grass types and rock blast does good damage (average of 75 bp, the same as rock slide) while also breaking sashes. Rock wrecker is of course, the unique part of the kit. Resists take huge damage from this move. Specially defensive empoleon takes 63% minimum from this move, hippowdon takes 32% minimum and bisharp takes 52% minimum. Yikes.

Necrozma @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Prism Armor
Tera Type: Steel
EVs: 252 HP / 104 Def / 88 SpD / 64 Spe
Bold Nature
- Morning Sun
- Future Sight
- Knock Off
- Trick Room
The first psychic type of the team and a supportive member, necrozma can set up teammates to do a lot more damage and secure kos. The defensive spread allows it to take many different hits on each side of the spectrum (there isn't really specified hits that this spread was for, its just to make it really bulky) and the speed evs means it outspeeds crawdaunt and in a pinch can speed tie enam-t. Tera steel is just a good defensive typing and HDB means hazards won't wear it down. Morning sun is reliable recovery for necrozma and future sight can setup nasty situations with teammates that can break through mons they might otherwise struggle with. Knock off removes items and means stealth rocks have more value. Trick room is the final option and means that necrozma can use it to set up rhyperior to decimate everything under it and can actually allow it to recover hp if the opponents try to stall out the trick room with non attacking moves.

Gyarados @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Intimidate
Tera Type: Ground
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Dragon Dance
- Waterfall
- Thunder Wave
- Earthquake
The first flying type of the team, gyarados acts a both a sweeper and a sweeper on the team. This is a set I used on mega gyarados in NatDex and it works well here. Intimidate gives the team a lot more breathing room by limiting physical threats, and tera ground not only makes it immune to electric moves, but boosts the power of e-quake. Dragon dance is of course to make gyarados a scary sweeper and waterfall is good water stab. T-wave means that even if something like a grass type walls it, gyarados can cripple it. It also means that something like rhyperior can be supported easier with the speed drop, giving gyarados even more utility. Finally, e-quake is just a good coverage move that decimates steel types and only 6 mons resist the combo in the tier.

Cobalion @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Justified
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Volt Switch
- Aura Sphere
- Flash Cannon
- Stealth Rock
The first steel type of the team, stealth rocker and speed control of the team, cobalion is able to hit hard, take hits and get its teammates in. Tera ghost means that cobalion can avoid potential fighting moves aimed at it. Volt switch gives the team a pivot and can deal with flying types that may wall the stabs. Aura sphere was chosen over focus blast due to its consistency and the ability to outspeed more things means its a better cleanup tool. Flash cannon is just good steel stab. Finally, stealth rock was inspired by scarf Lando in previous OU metagames as a utility option. At the start of the game, cobalion can get off a stealth rock and then switch out, while mid/late game it can pivot in and out or cleanup teams.

Jirachi @ Leftovers
Ability: Serene Grace
Tera Type: Dark
EVs: 252 HP / 224 SpD / 32 Spe
Careful Nature
- Body Slam
- Iron Head
- Wish
- Protect
The second steel and second psychic type of the team, jirachi is an annoying mon that can disrupt the opposing team while keeping its own teammates healthy. Tera dark means that dark or ghost types can't do as much to it while its doing its stuff. Body slam means that jirachi can spread para's on oppsing mons while dealing damage, and combined with iron head, which is a good stab move, can form the dangerous paraflinch combo. Wish allows jirachi to keep itself healthy and give its teammates who lack recovery some healing. Protect means that jirachi can scout the opponent's move while making sure it receives its own wishes.

:sv/thundurus therian:
Thundurus-Therian @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Volt Absorb
Tera Type: Steel
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Volt Switch
- Grass Knot
- Psychic
- Nasty Plot
Finally, we have the second setup sweeper of the team and second flying type, thundurus therian. Thundurus therian acts as a pseudo ground type, being that it is immune to ground type moves. This means that rhyperior is not so strained to do its defensive utility and can focus on hitting things really hard. Nasty plot of course gives thundy-t the ability to start breaking through bulkier teams and grass knot helps deal with ground types that might wall it. I chose volt switch over another electric move since it still hits pretty hard and can give thundy-t more early and mid game utility by pivoting. Finally, psychic was chosen over focus blast because the most common steel types (cobalion and revavroom) are neutral to it or in the case of empoleon, weak to electric. Forretress does not take volt switches well, bisharp takes 73% from volt switch and jirachi takes 54% minimum from it. Thus, I believed that psychic is the better option. Tera steel is just a good defensive typing that allows it to setup.
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Reckless Supercell Slam Rhyperior Balance
:rhyperior: :jirachi: :enamorus-therian: :slowbro: :salamence: :krookodile:

After some thought about wanting to use Doom Desire Jirachi, I realised that Rhyperior could have good synergy with it, in the same vein as Future Sight + Fighting type. The three resistant types to Steel are Fire, Steel and Water. Rhyperior's EdgeQuake combination will deter all of the Fire and Steel types (except Bronzong), but bulky Waters like Slowbro and Milotic are naturally good switchins to Rhyperior, since they survive two Earthquakes and can threaten it out or heal. That's where Rhyperior's new Electric move Supercell Slam comes in. Not only does it deal super-effective damage to these Water types, but it's boosted by Rhyperior's rarely-used Reckless ability!

This team has had good success in roomtours, taking me to first place in the official Bellibot tours twice so far.

The centrepiece of the team uses its standard EdgeQuake pair to hit almost everything for at least neutral damage with powerful STABs. Tera Electric Reckless Supercell Slam deals huge damage to the vulnerable Water types while removing your 4x weakness. Stealth Rock is there because every team wants it, but could be swapped for Swords Dance and move the rocks to someone else. 164 Speed outspeeds Empoleon and Swampert.

Jirachi runs Modest 252 SpA to maximise Doom Desire damage, with 196 Speed to outspeed Okidogi. Psychic Noise is a fun STAB option that ignores substitute and disrupts opposing healing. U-Turn to get Rhyp in, and Wish for additional team support.

Enamorus is a lategame sweeper to set up and clean once the main pair has done the damage.

Slowbro is a great defensive presence, and can spread TWave to allow Rhyperior and Enamorus to outspeed some targets. Future Sight also provides options for breaking, paired with Rhyperior and Krookodile.

Special Salamence provides good resistances, and solid breaking power to team. This can be replaced with a Defog Noivern for hazard control.

Scarf Krook was added for speed control, cleaning and because a Ghost resist was desperately needed. Its coverage options of Gunk Shot and Earthquake let it answer most of the tier.

The team's biggest weakness is its lack of hazard control, and extra care needs to be taken to prevent your opponent from getting spikes up. Putting boots on Rhyperior and/or Jirachi may be a good idea to alleviate these issues, or replacing Salamence with a Defog Noivern.
:Rhyperior: : The star of the show....or is it? Rhyperior makes for a great Mon with it's immense defensive utility (resisting flying, and fire) and with the virtue of being a ground type making it immune to electric type moves. Its naturally great attack coupled with some invesment makes sure it's not very passive and so does it's STAB edgequake combination. The speed investment allows it to creep :Hippowdon:. The hp investment makes it fat while the rest is dumped into special defense. Rocks is rocks and the next in line r it's STABs. Protect allows if to rack up leftovers and stick around for longer. (It can also live a grass Knot against thundurus under sand)

:gardevoir: : Pretty standard set. Click Moonblast and win.

:incineroar: : The ghost resist of the team. 84 evs allow it to creep uninvested :politoed:. The hp and spdef makes sure it's difficult enough for the ghosts to break past, especially with :jirachi: fulfilling all of the cats wishes. Fire Blast is there to make sure that u actually deal damage to a +2 (or more) :Cobalion:.

:amoonguss: : The water and fighting resist of the team. Pretty standard set. 4 speed allows it to win ties against opposing amoong and slowbro. Foul Play hits hard, sludge bomb and giga drain make up it's STABs and stun spore is great team support.

:jirachi: The Fairy resist of the team. Speed evs creep max speed neutral natured base 70s (volcanion importantly). Max hp makes it fat. The def makes sure it doesn't completely falter against strong physical attackers like :iron Leaves: (pre boost) and non banded :terrakion:. The rest in dumped into spdef.

:noivern: : The REAL star of the show. Its immense natural speed along with good natural bulk makes it a great fit to any balance! It has a good defensive typing to boot. Draco Meteor/Hurricane r both great STABs and can be used interchangeably. Flamethrower bcoz u wanna hit steels. Roost to heal and U-turn to pivot (can also be taunt or defog, the former makes it a great pick against fatter builds shutting down hippowdon and moltres while defogs makes up for the crippling spikes weakness this team has).


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AV Rhyperior Sand

:rhyperior: :hippowdon: :conkeldurr: :enamorus-therian: :jirachi: :salamence:

Team takes advantage of sand for passive chip, as well as other benefits gained, mainly the Special Defense boost to rock types, and change of weather ball typing.

:Rhyperior: Rhyp has the very special trait of being bulky and not sucking offensively, and AV pushes this bull even further. Because Hippo is on the team, we don’t need Rhyp to be our rocker, and it already hits super hard unboosted, so a lack of SD is generally fine. Supercell covers Herscu, who can never KO when sand is up, and Megahorn covers things like Bro and Leaves, with both neither doing enough to OHKO, however Bro can threaten scald burn. Speed EVs cover no investment Empos, allowing you to KO with being threatened back by surf, Attack EVs and adamant nature allow you to murk a Herscu after rocks and sand, with the other EVs alllowing you to rank as many hits as possible, like a Leaves Leaf Blade after rocks. Tera Dragon is generally useful, getting rid of your water and grass weakness if things get dire.

:Hippowdon: Can’t have a sand team without sand, Hippo acts as our rocks setter, and phaser, not running EdgeQuake as Rhyp already covers for it. Provides sand for the team, which definitely helps against rain. Tera Dragon on this as well for more assurance against rain.

:conkeldurr: I didn’t feel like doubling up dragon types with salamence, so for removal we have defog conk. Provides both utility for the team in defog and knock off, as well as priority with iron fist boosted mach punch. Drain punch provides recovery, and tera water is a naturally good defensive typing. Max HP provides the most survivability in most situations, and I decided to forgo speed creep for things like Enam as conk really isn’t trying to do anything to it besides knocking.

:enamorus-therian: The main breaker and potential sweeperof the team, Overcoat provides immunity to sand along with the option to run weather ball, which bypasses checks like Moltres and even other enamorus. I also didn’t go for any speed creep here, as I consider the bulk I get from max HP to be generally more useful in most situations. Tera ground for STAB in EP, as well as an immunity to electric.

:jirachi: The team lacked a lot of healing and speed control, so wish pass BP Rachi felt like the perfect fit. I’m running SpDef investment for things like Herscu and Enam-T, and tera water for better typing and more help against rain.

:salamence: The goat is back to prove that he’s better than Noivern, bringing better bulk due to Intimidate and offensive prowess. Typing once again helps against rain (seeing a pattern here), and hurricane even benefits in the not so great matchup into it. Just try to spread damage with Dracos and mediate physical sweeping potential through Intimidate. Tera steel is for stray Ice Beams or Triple Axles, or even potential Stone Edges/Axes. Got a guy to rage quit, team must be fire
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Bisharp's zoo or my attempt at building without cyclizar.
This team was basically just me trying to slap coverage for rhyperior's weaknesses all on a team. Fezandipiti for fighting types, slowbro for water, moltres for grass, and then mienshao and bisharp to provide some sort of offense while filling out the type needs.
:rhyperior: The star of the show, SD+rocks is a wonderful set because it doesn't really need the coverage on a team like this. You just take hits like they're nothing, set up hazards early and then destroy stuff. If I had the time to completely redo the team I would suggest fitting rocks on something else not because rhyperior needs the move slot but because you just want to have as much EQ time as possible. I like the thought of SD protect rhyperior, squeezing out those bits of leftovers recovery and scouting the intentions of revenge killers.
:fezandipiti: what I learned here is that despite being so beefy and slow, rhyperior loves u-turn support a lot. Basically nothing can 1v1 it when it's at full health, so bringing it in without taking any hits helps a lot.
:moltres::slowbro: the rest of the team's defensive backbone. Mixtres with roar is just the best and I will not be accepting criticism at this time. Note that since the team has no hazard removal you need to be careful with letting moltres get knocked. Tera steel is there to save you, and you don't have to worry about the assed fighting weakness because you have fez and slowbro.
Here are some replays featuring tera grass rhyperior eating a specs kingdra hurricane for breakfast and rhyperior forcing a team into sacrificing themselves 1 by 1 by getting a nice switch and clicking swords dance.

This is not a team suggestion if you want to win, but if you want to use a fun and silly team then try this hazard stack where the spinblocking is just rhyperior and chesnaught getting free switches vs cyclizar. The only thing faster than 285 speed is the bike, it is all utility pieces with no speedy spikes abuse offense and it is still pretty deece.
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