Gen 2 Rate My OU Team?

Im trying to go for an (more or less) offensive team, and I'd like to know how good it looks:

Exeggutor @ Leftovers

- Psychic
- Sleep Powder
- Giga Drain
- Explosion

Generic Exeggutor, not much to see. I'm thinking of switching a move to HP Fire for Foretress, but I don't know what

Snorlax @ Leftovers

- Belly Drum
- Fire Blast
- Return
- Rest

Every team needs a Snorlax, and Belly Drum is a bit faster than curse. Fire blast is for Skarmory, Return is for damage/no recoil.

Zapdos @ Leftovers

- Thunder
- Hidden Power Water
- Rest
- Sleep Talk

When everyone tells you to swap Heracross for Zapdos, by God you swap him

Miltank @ Leftovers

- Heal Bell
- Milk Drink
- Growl
- Body Slam

Heal Bell is always nice, and Miltank packs more of a punch than Blissey when push comes to shove.

Steelix @ Leftovers

- Earthquake
- Explosion
- Roar
- Body Slam

I feel like that if I don't have a phazer, set up sweepers and some stallers would wreck me.

Gengar @ Leftovers

- Thunderbolt
- Ice Punch
- Hypnosis
- Explosion

Gengar is here for coverage and general tom foolery. I'm not big on growth eeveelutions, most because there's no way I would have been able to get one in real life. However, that's just a personal choice.
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Abilities don't exist in GSC, so Gengar doesn't have Levitate.

Drum/Fire Lax isn't as great an idea as it sounds - Skarmory doesn't take that much more damage from Fire Blast than it does from 999 Returns and Double-Edges. With Miltank you have a decent shot at turbo-drumming past Skarm anyway.

Not sold on Rock Slide Steelix. You have two strong sweepers already, and no Exploders targetted at the walls Steelix needs removed (Suicune and Miltank); Steelix should be providing support with Explosion rather than attempting to sweep in its own right.

Speaking of Suicune, consider Zapdos to help against Roar Suicune + Spikes.


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Honestly, it's not bad. Then again it's hard to go horribly wrong as long as you pick 6 OUs with decent type synergy.

FB Drumlax isn't bad. However, I'm a pussy and would probably just run Curse, although Drumlax works very well with Miltank. Rock Slide Steelix is decent enough too, really. However, you won't be sweeping all that often (except against stall teams that you should honestly just be sweeping with Drumlax anyway), and you'd probably prefer the ability to quickly take out a pesky Zapdos from time to time. With Growl Miltank and Gengar playing backup, you don't have to worry all that much about getting steamrolled by Snorlax if you Explode your Steelix, so you can afford to actually use Explosion most of the time.

I can see Miltank struggling to jive with this team. Its main goal is to use Heal Bell and to stall, the latter of which goes against the philosophy of an offensive team. However, as I have said before, Miltank actually works well with Drumlax so it's kind of hard to say that it definitely should be removed or anything.

A change I would be most certain about suggesting would be Sleep Talk Zapdos > Heracross. I couldn't really list all the things it does better than Heracross, it's just a better Pokemon overall, even though Heracross does better in a couple of important matchups (most notably vs. Nidoking, Gengar, and Tyranitar). However, you should be fine against those threats even without Heracross: Steelix (ALWAYS your first look because of Mean Look possibilities) and Snorlax cover Gengar nicely (and Zapdos can absorb any Hypnoses) whereas Miltank walls Ttar and Nido very nicely for you.
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Skarmory takes 58-50% from Fire Blast and 51-43% from 999 STAB Return. I'd rather go for Earthquake. It lets you donk Steelix at +5 (granted, it lives, but only barely so with any prior chip damage it dies) and it lets you kill Tyranitar and Missy. Also, yeah, Zapdos (or Raikou I guess) over Heracross.
He originally had EQ over Fire Blast on the lax, but i suggested to change it sometimes in the oldgens room on PS. Full physical lax is stopped hard by Skarm, and you can't really belly drum on an opposing skarmory. Baiting a Skarm or Steelix into a Fire Blast would do a chunk of damage and open up more easily for Heracross or Lax itself. By going a generally more special offensive way by switching Hera to Zapdos EQ would be probably the better move.
Misdreavous is imo not a big problem to the team with 2 sleepers and Steelix. I see Ttar becoming kind of a problem, depending on the set. Pursuit tar will fuck over Gengar if it misses the Hypnosis or has slept something before already. Mixtar really threatens Steelix. Casual Cursetar is stalled out by Miltank, and Heracross should handle Ttar in pretty much all variations. Switching it to Zapdos tho would leave the team a bit more open, in that case EQ might really be the better move on the Lax.
Also Miltank is still the most "offensive" Heal Beller. Blissey and Umbreon would take out the pace even more, and as you all already said, Drumlax and Heal Bell just works. Also having a backup plan on an opposing curselax or other cursers like Ttar can come in pretty handy in some cases.
Also Miltank is still the most "offensive" Heal Beller. Blissey and Umbreon would take out the pace even more, and as you all already said, Drumlax and Heal Bell just works.
I've seen some theorising about running Sing Blissey with a Turbo Drumming setup, to try and catch opposing Miltank Belling for Skarmory. Not really relevant in a team that already has 2 sleepers, though.
well, by offensive i meant that Miltank is pretty fast and has a decent Body Slam. It's main job is stalling, but at least it can do something apart from spreading status like Umbreon and Blissey do. Umbreon not that bad as blissey, since it can Mean Look + Baton Pass/Toxic, which can actually beat opposing mons.
In that one scenario Sing Blissey would put quite some pressure on the opponent, but generally it just sits there to take attacks. The Heal Bellers are generally speaking all stall mons and imo Miltank is the one that can do most outside of stalling.
Yeah, the only other option I would have for Heal Bell would be Granbull. His attack is a lot better than Miltank's but I feel as if his defenses (70/60 I think compared to 100/70) and his lack of reliable recovery would hurt him a bit. I could run Return/Rest/Heal Bell/Sleep Talk but Curse users could pose a problem if I miss out on growl. T-Tar and Nido could hurt too, because I don't think he could wall them like Miltank does. I could run Heracross over Zapdos then to help, but why do all of that for 30 extra attack? It doesn't help that he's also slow as Christmas.

I wonder if there was a way to fit in Slowbro. You know, a bulky Special Attacker paralyzing stuff.

Also, I know Gen 2 didn't have abilities. I forgot to take those out while I was editing the post, I took the team straight out of the exporter on Team Builder. I just managed to accidentally forget to take off Steelix's and Gengar's. Fixed it though
Slowbro isn't really good in GSC. If you want a bulky special attacker use Zapdos, Raikou, Exeggutor, Starmie, Vaporeon, Suicune or even Cloyster. All of them outclass Slowbro in many ways while still filling important roles for the team. Zapdos as tank, Raikou as wall and phazer, Starmie as spinner, Vap as setup sweeper, Suicune as wall and phazer, Cloyster as Spiker and Spinner/Exploder.


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Misdreavus is always scary if you have something that can't touch it. Steelix is a very passive answer to Missy, and it could very well just end up dying to Confuse Ray shenanigans. Not saying this makes this team bad or anything, just know that, at the end of the day, Missy is more than capable of claiming a soul (and this is regardless of whether you have EQ on Lax because you have Miltank, too).

There's no reason you can't have more than one sleeper on a team. And realistically, neither Blissey nor Miltank is offensive, not really. If you're using a beller, you're using something that's ultra-passive, no ifs ands or buts about it. 13 DV Sing Blissey was something I remember Borat talking about, but that was more or less super-specific to a particular (not to mention, boring) team matchup: namely, winning the "turbodrum"-vs-"turbodrum" stall game by sleeping your opponent's Heal Beller (the idea being that 13 DVs lets you outslow the other Bliss and catch it with Sing after it Bells away Sleep Clause).

Slowbro and Granbull are pretty bad to be honest. Granbull can't really tank much of anything (although he's a bit like the also-mediocre Donphan in that he's a primarily support-based Pokemon that can actually kind of hurt things with his Attack, so... there's that?), and Slowbro... well, he has a niche, but realistically there's better things to be using.
Ah, I thought Slowbro would be fine considering his analysis page sings high praises of him. But I guess there is a reason why he'd be in UU and not OU. I did know Granbull wouldn't do too well though, considering his lack of defenses and the fact that he's slow.

Should I just swap Miltank for something that's offensive, and if need be, kill Missy? I didn't know she was that common of a threat, but I could see how she could be. I thought a heal bell user would be standard in a team though, especially with the large amount of Rests going on
Well, imo Belly Drum and Heal bell just works out well and the Miltank taking out offensive pressure isn't that big of an issue, since no heal bell would take out even more pressure giving Lax a hard time to drum more often.
Misdreavous isn't on every team, but you will probably face it and it can screw you over, it can screw every team over when it gets the right setup. Just make sure to punish it the turn it Perish Songs. It will mean look first turn, if it doesn't, just keep switching. Steelix can just Roar it out on a Perish Song. Confuse Ray can make your Steelix backfire, but doesn't have to. A Thunder from Zapdos can 2HKO Misdreavous. Assuming it doesn't miss and you don't hurt yourself in confusion,that is enough to kill it and get out before the Perish song kills Zapdos. If you hit it when it comes in your chances of beating it with anything on your team that can hit it increase. You just need to make sure that it doesn't come it on Miltank, which can become quite a problem, like Jorgen said. Every team that has a mono normal attacking mon has a problem with Misdreavous, unless you run stuff like Pursuit Ttar. It's not like Missy is on every second team, but if you face it you need to play around it, which can be tricky from time to time.
Maybe I could just use Curselax instead of Belly Drum, and replace Miltank with another offensive Pokemon since this team is generally offense related. Not sure what would fit though, really. Swords Dance Tenta? I could bring Heracross back maybe. If I could make sure to get Skarmory or Forretress, I'm sure Tauros could mesh well too, although whatever he could do, I feel that Snorlax could do better. I wish there was a way to run a team without Snorlax, however I'm sure that's a cardinal sin and every battle would be uphill.
You do have a good point, sometimes originality is preferable over function. I may just keep the team how it is at the moment, except maybe switching Gengar's explosion for Destiny Bond. If I accidentally get stuck on a Pursuit T-Tar, I could just use Destiny Bond for desperation or to scare him off. I also believe that DB covers being hit by Pursuit on a switch out too.

But like you said, FB Drum Lax is one of the few original parts about this team. I do wish there was an alternative to Snorlax, because that would spruce up the originality on the team and give me two free slots. I've never been a Snorlax fan in general, and I'm sure a non-Snorlax team is possible. However, I don't think it would involve this team.


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Rock Slide on Steelix is only useful in conjunction with Curse/Roar to threaten Skarmory enough it can't just keep switching back in to block your cock. Otherwise just use Body Slam or Toxic to status stuff, Rock Slide only covers Zapdos which Steelix can't beat it anyway.


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Yeah I wouldn't want to switch Zapdos into a RS Cursing Steelix, but normally you want to be able to switch Steelix into Zapdos, and he doesn't really pose much of a threat to Zapdos in that case unless he can Explode.

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