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Here is my team that i have been building up in my platinum to battle online. As of right now I am still training to level 100 as my Pokemon are currently at level 80 or above. The move-set is fixed, although I'm thinking of changing some held items especially for Infernape. My old item for my Gallade was Scope Lens however I changed it to focus band. I was thinking that I could get some suggestions for my held items and if necessary to alter the move-set.

Here is my team.

Gallade @ Muscle Band | Steadfast (Max speed and attack EV)
Nature: Serious
Ice Punch | Psycho Cut | Close Combat | Lead Blade

Aerodactyl @ Life Orb | Rock Head (Max speed and attack EV)
Nature: Naughty
Fly | Dragon Claw | Crunch | Stone Edge

Infernape @ Expert Belt | Blaze (EVs are spread out equally)
Nature: Calm
Focus Blast | Heatwave | Thunder Punch | Earthquake

Venasaur @ Wide Lens | Overgrow (Max Sp Attack EV)
Nature: Bashful
Energy Ball | Toxic | Sludge Bomb | Sleep Powder

Magnezone @ Wise Glasses | Sturdy (Max Sp. Attack EV, High Defense)
Nature: Sassy
Thunderbolt | Thunder Wave | Flash Cannon | Signal Beam

Swampert @ NeverMeltIce | Torrent (Max attack EV)
Nature: Naive
Aqua Tail | Earthquake | Hammer Arm | Ice Beam

My Swampert has NeverMeltIce to boost ice beam because it is the only move that is special in my Swampert, since my Swampert has maximum physical attack and very low special attack. I am thinking of changing my Swampert to Empoleon. I have already trained Empoleon in my previous team with the move-set: Blizzard | Surf | Hydro Pump | Drill Peck. However I want to teach my empoleon roar but I don't know which move to replace, can anybody give a suggestion? My held item for Empoleon is leftovers as the EVs are spread out on HP, defense, special defense, and a little on special attack.

Empoleon @ Leftovers | Torrent (EVs on HP, Special Defense, Defense, little on special attack)
Nature: Bold
BBlizzard | Surf | Hydro Pump | Drill Peck
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