Rate my VGC 2010 Team!!!!=D

Rate my VGC 2010 Team!!!! weather countewr Team! Also Trick room!

Warning: these pics are not from me, i didn't draw them.

Clefable/Bold/Magic Guard/ Life Orb

252 hp/152 def/100 special def/4 speed

Cosmic Power

My first person out.

Clefables main role is to set up wish. then keep doing cosmic power, etc, etc.

FIrst off, Blizzard. Now you might be thinking (Why Blizzard) well with the ability magic guard, Abomnasnows hail (see later) wont deal damge, An life orb wont deal any damage. As you may not know yet, Blizzard is 100% accuracy in battle, when hail is up

Cosmic Power Is to get up massive defense and special defense, Which i will most likely do it 3-4 turns in battle. Since It has Bold nature, The Defense and special Defense are ALMOST the same (EVS)

Wish is my third move, setting up with wish, then cosmic power (i know, its annoying) and do it 2 times (most likley) to get about 3/4 health back overall. I dont do Moon light because It ont really work with hail in battle. and rest, i need the life orb for Clefable And not a chesto berry.

Encore is when i predict there going to do a Status move like trick room follow me, etc.. It keeps doing trick room and i keep doing cosmic power(or wish) when ended I will probably use blizzard, like 70% of the time.

Obamasnow/Quiet/Occa Berry

126 def/ 126 special def/ 252 special attack/4 hp

Grass knot

Abomnasnows Item is for fire types that try to kill it quickly.His role is being a Mixed attacker.

Blizzard, of course, has 100% accuracy, and does a well good job of hitting. Blizzard hits both opponents so win abomnasnow and clefable uses Blizzard most likley will knock them out both.

sythineses is when its health is like 1/2 done ( or more) and heals itself. While Clefable can do any move, especially cosmic power. Not much to say here, just for healing.

Grass knot is for mostly heavy's and defiantly KYOGRE. As you know, the blue whale thing is going to be the #1 thing people are using. So i will use
grass knot, and will maybe to almost to red, but its water spout would really not do anything.

And the #1 moves in vgc, protect. Protect is when it could KO me in 1 hit. while clefable does a different move, just use protect so it could possibly survive.

Tyranitar/Adamant/Chople Berry

Dragon Dance
Rock Slide
Low Kick

This is my Dragon dance T-tar.

This is mainly with clefable on the team, because of magic guard.

First off, Dragon Dance. Will do it about 2-3 times and Hope that i live because he has a decent defense.This is perfect when they are doing protect

Rock Slide Is for the STAB and hits both of them. flinching would help, and thats really why i chose this move.

Low kick is definatly for the heavy legend, but best on dialga and heatran.
After a dragon dance, it can do a ton of damage to the oppnent if it is heavy. and snorlax would be a good one too.

Payback is good when the opponent hits me and ill do double power. Its also a STAB move.

Groudon/Adamant/ Leichi Berry

156 attack/253 hp/ 32 def/ 60 Sp def/ 8 speed

Hammer Arm
Dragon Claw
Thunder Wave
Sword Dance

Hammer Arm is for the trick room teams. I keep doing hammer arm because it makes me slower and slower. Does alot of damage to groudon and normal types, But most of the time its for trick room.

Dragon Claw is for Girtiana both forms, and other dragons, Also, for hammer arm and dragon claw , It gets a boost from the berry. So lucky that, it might kill after a sword dance.

Thunder wave is for me to go first with groudon. Great for hammer arm because it will still be slower than you. But this particultar move is not really the best for trick room teams.

Sword dance is just to boost attack and if it can survive 2 hits, Dragon claw+ sword dance might = KO

So see people speed isnt everything. also this is entirley almost based off for trick room teams, and this is also a weather team too at the same time

Infernape could easily counter this team. The first two pokemon have attacks that are weak against fire. Infernape could use heat wave and OHKO abomasnow. Or it could use close combat. You couldn't switch tyranitar in case infernape used a fighting type move. Groundon would take a considerable amount of damage if hit switching in.
Palkia could counter too. Groundon and tyrainitar are weak against grass and water.
Kyogre could use water spout if goundon and tyrainitar were both out and they probably woudn't be fast enough to do much. Even with sunny day a kyogre with full hp can do a lot of damage to your team. Also protect is a very useful move. In vgc battles, you see that most of the pokemon know protect.
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"So see people speed isnt everything. also this is entirley almost based off for trick room teams, and this is also a weather team too at the same time".
This is obviously the focal point of your team so why not include TR instead of hoping your opponent sets it up for you? Else, fast sweeper teams will tear you apart in a matter of seconds. Changes in bold. PM for questions.

Clefable @ Focus Sash
Relaxed (-Spe), 0 IVs on Spe
Magic Guard
252 hp / 4 Def / 252 SDef

Follow Me
Fake Tears


The only good idea on your original Clefable was encore. Clefable's got no damage output and that stat boosting circus you suggested WILL NOT WORK in VGC. Clefable is used for supporting, helping your partner get off the Trick Room; with Follow Me this is virtually guaranteed. Also, Clefable needs something to set it apart from the other TR supporter, Togekiss. Both learn Follow Me, Endeavor and Encore which are wonderful support options. Togekiss got Air Slash for some flinching and it still has some special beef to make spamming Air Slash appealing. Clefable's secret weapon is Fake Tears, which cuts the opponent's SpDef in half. You will see why that makes sense.

I replaced Abomasnow because I can't see it working. Also, your original "strategy" to heal off damage with Synthesis while having Clefable boost its stats won't work. If you want to keep it as a Kyogre check, have it in the back instead of Tyranitar. But in the lead position you will need your Trick Room set up Pkmn so here we go.

Dialga @ Shuca Berry / Lum Berry
figure out nature and EVs for yourself
- Trick Room
- Dragon type move
- Fire type move
- random coverage move / Protect

Firstly, find out yourself what works for you. The idea of this lead duo is to get your own Trick Room off and start killing opponents by Endeavoring + Dragon Pulsing them. Now this is where Fake Tears Clefable really shines. You can't Endeavor lead Giratina so just Fake Tears + Dragon Pulse it, even if it has Haban it probably will die.

Tyranitar @ Iron Ball
Brave (0 Spe IV)
Rock Slide
Low Kick
Fling (one time use, Base 130 Dark move)

Again, stat boosting with DD or the like won't work here. Use Protect over Dragon Dance to Protect yourself from your partner Groudon's Earthquake. With Iron Ball, you'll be the slowest user on the field so you are almost guaranteed to move first under Trick Room. If you don't need the Iron Ball to be so slow, you can Fling it on Giratina to possibly kill it. Also, Rock Sliding and hoping for Flinches can aid your Groudon in buying time to Swords Dance up. With Iron Ball attached to Tyranitar, the weather will be sunny if you send in both Groudon and Ttar at the same time under Trick Room. This is important because both work well under sun (both get defensive boosts vs water types) whereas in Sandstorm only Ttar gets a boost for its SpDef stat.

Groudon @ Passho Berry / Rindo Berry / Life Orb
Brave (0 Spe IV)
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpDef
a coverage move of your choice
Sword Dance

Your Swords Dance idea will work best under Trick Room because most opponents will try to outstall your Trick Room with Protects and this way you can really profit from the free turn a Protecting opponent gives.

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