Rate/Refine My VGC team and any hints and tips for first VGC tournament

So as the title states, this will be my first VGC tournament. I'll be participating in the masters.

I've had a go with this team more than a few times on Showdown. I feel like I'm missing something or maybe my teams not working well together. Now and then I do pull of clutch wins and the rare full sweep. However it is probably just inexperience at playing competitively.

So here is my Team

Ferrorthorn @ Lum Berry, Brave, 252 Hp, 204 Atk, 52 SpD - Iron Barbs: Leech Seed, Power Whip, Protect, Gyro Ball

Rotom-W @ Sitrus Berry, Calm, 252 Hp, 116 Def, 4 SpA, 132 SpD, 4 Spe - Levitate: Hydro Pump(Surf), Will-o-Wisp, Thunderbolt, Protect

Garchomp @ Yache Berry, Jolly, 124 Hp, 48 Atk, 83 SpD, 252 Spe - Rough Skin: Dragon Claw, Protect, Earthquake, Stone Edge

Charizard @ Charizardite Y, Timid, 4 HP, 252 SpA, 252 Spe - Blaze: Heat Wave, Rock Slide, Dragon Pulse, Protect

Gengar @ Black Sludge, Timit, 4 HP, 252 SpA, 252 Spe - Levitate: Protect, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Dazzling Gleam

Lucario @ Leftovers, Modest, 172 HP, 200 Spa, 128 Spe - Inner Focus: Aura Sphere, Psychic, Protect, Dark Pulse

Any recommendations to swap moves, items or even pokemon would be helpful. Thinking about Greninja and Chandelur, but don't know what to swap out. I also feel like I need to bring in another waller, as I have a bit too many sweepers. Also another mega suggestion would be welcomed.

I usually lead with Lucario and someone else, based on what the other team might have. Having some troubles with a few status inflicting teams, but other than that seem to be going alright.
First of all, just a nitpick, however you mistyped Gengar's Nature, as it is being displayed as a "Timit Nature" and not a "Timid Nature." You might wanna change that. XD

Also you might wanna take note/be aware that there will be another internationals next month (June), so make sure that you don't give up yet! In case you was wondering, I went 34-12 with a low 1700 Rating in the Juniors (even though I am technically my last years in Seniors lol).

You might want to add some more information on each individual Pokémon - what do they / can they achieve? What does the EV Spread accomplish? What are these moves used for? It might seem obvious to you, but it won't to everybody! ;)

I'm interested in that Garchomp spread - what does it achieve? I normally run 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd with Jolly just to outspeed and KO weakened Salamence, Mega Kangaskhan, and other base 100's. I'd recommend switching from Stone Edge to Rock Slide though, as the higher accuracy, a 30% flinch move and being a spread move can turn the tables in quite a few games.

I wouldn't run Greninja (especially over Rotom-W), because not only does it have better bulk, as well as it's great dual-typing working both offensively and defensively, and it especially helps with taking down Talonflame, Mega Charizard Y, and opposing Greninja without having to rely on the shaky Hydro Pump accuracy. Speaking of which, Discharge could be an option for your Rotom-Wash, especially that 4 of your other Pokémon carry Protect, but it's personal preference I guess.

I wouldn't run Rock Slide on your Charizard. Not only does it have an attack-hindering nature, however already having 2 Pokémon that can already take-on Flying-types with little-to-no-issue is enough, and you could easily be KO'ing Pokémon such as Rotom-Wash and weakened Garchomp on the switch. Personally, I'd also run Air Slash>Dragon Pulse for STAB and allowing (Mega) Venusaur harder, even though you do cover it quite well. It's up to you though.

Nice team nevertheless, and I hope my advice helps! :)
I'm gonna suggest removing Leftovers from Lucario. Bulky pokemon prefer Leftovers. Squishy sweepers not so much. Either give him something for his offense, give him a berry for common super-effective options, or give him a Focus Sash.

I don't use that spread for Rotom personally, but most dudes use Calm, and it works, so no biggy.

Gengar could actually go with Will-o-Wisp. It's all the rage these days. I hate it with a passion, but my teams are just weak as hell to Gengar to a fault to begin with. WoW makes it worse though. You should try it. Bait a Sucker Punch and bounce that noise back with a burn!

Garchomp looks bulky with max speed. I went bulky + Adamant with just enough speed to beat Focus Sash Smeargle. It's pretty good for what it does. My problem with your build is that...wouldn't it be on the wimpy side? Just one damage drop would be huge when your damage is that low. If you're going speed, why not use the standard 4 HP + 252 x 2?

I'm not fond of Char Y either. You could use Overheat to OHKO Kangas, and have other pokemon throw rocks at Talonflame. Some Char Y run D. Pulse, and I don't necessarily want to tell you not to. But the Rock Slide...I would remove that for Fire Blast or Overheat.

Those are my thoughts. Side note: Someone could REALLY use a Focus Sash between Gengar and Lucario. Preferably Gengar.
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