Rater of the Week mk. II

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Rater of the Week
Hosted by Princess Bri and Honus

After some downtime from this project, the official Team Raters have decided to bring it back! Rater of the Week rewards helpful, unbadged raters and gives them a little help to try and earn the Ladybug or official Team Rater badge. Each week, the official Team Raters will be paying close attention to the Rate my Team subforum and we will be reading several of the rates that you all post. If we find your advice is helpful, you are in the running for Rater of the Week! Keep in mind that Rater of the Week is focused on quality and not quantity. Posting 10 sub-par rates will NOT mean you are chosen; however, posting two or more extremely good rates will rate your choices exponentially.

Simply put, Rater of the Week will work like this:

  1. Official Team Raters will look over non-badged users' rates and decide which are in contention for the prestigious Rater of the Week award.
  2. Between the pool of the best raters, the official Team Raters will decide one user who they believe has the best raters, activity, and consistency.
  3. We will post the winner here and you will go in the Rater of the Week archive!
Why should you do this?

  • More consideration for the Ladybug (
    ) and official Team Rater (
    ) badges.
  • You earn #ratemyteam VOPs on SynIrc.
  • You earn a place in the Rater of the Week hall of fame.
  • You become a more experienced rater in the process.
Keep in mind, users can win more than once as long as they are not an offical Team Rater. Each time you win, you're more considered for Team Rater or Ladybug and you also may earn a bold custom user title!

Good luck raters!
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