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Rater of the Week

Do you rate often? Are your rates of good quality? Do you have the official Team Rater badge (
) ?

If you answered yes to the first two questions and no to the last one, you might win this! The Rater of the Week is a project, a bit similar to the OU Potato award, that recognize the hard work of raters without the official Team Rater badge!

Here is how it will work:

~Every week, a winner will be decided by the staff to be the Rater of the Week. The chosen user will win because he/she has shown great quality, activity and consistency in the past week in his/her posts in the RMT forum.
~This user, however, cannot be a current official Team Rater.

Here is what the winner gets:

~#ratemyteam VOps
~A place in the Rater of the Week archive
~More consideration for

Winners can rate any tier, and they can win it more than once, as long as they don't have the official Team Rater badge. This being said, the winner will be announced on Sundays, in this thread.

Good luck to all and may the best rater win.

Rater of the Week Hall of Fame
Week #1 - undisputed

undisputed have been a tremendous force in RMT last week, with a great total of 9 rates, all of them being of outstanding quality. undisputed is an excellent example of a complete rater who not only fixes weaknesses, but makes the team more effective in general.

Week #2 - ala

ala has been an amazing rater this week. He has rated a total of 10 teams this week, which is great, all of which offering great advice to the thread's OP. He was able to correctly identify threats to teams, and ways to make them work better, which makes him a very good rater. There were a lot of good choices for this week, and ala was the one standing out the most, so congratulations!

Week #3 - Funkasaurus

This week's rater is Funkasaurus! Funkasaurus has rated a lot of teams this week, a total of 9 rates. All of his rates show great knowledge of the metagame and Funkasaurus uses it to improve the OP's team, not only by fixing the weaknesses, but also by suggesting overall more effective Pokemon, movesets, and ev spreads. He has been everywhere this week and it's no surprise that he wins the award. Congratulations Funkasaurus!

Week #4 - Leftiez

This weeks RotW is Leftiez! Leftiez was easily recognized this week as an awesome rater due to the sheer amount of rates he produced with a grand total of 16! He is good at finding holes in a team and patching them up. Also the fact that he posted in Rating Basics shows that he is a smart rater that wants to learn from the best raters on the site.

Week #5 - Honus

This week's rater of the week is Honus! He has made a respectable amount of 7 rates in the last week, all of them being of excellent quality. Honus made detailed rates clearly explaining the issue with the OP's team, and his suggestions are helpful and improve the team greatly. He has everything of a complete quality rater which makes him this week's Rater of the week. Congratulations Honus!

Week #6 - Neliel Tu Oderschvank

This weeks rater of the week is Neliel Tu Oderschvank! Like all good raters Neliel Tu Oderschvank does a great job of finding problems in a team and fixing them up, while still not changing the purpose of a team entirely. He also does this in great detail as he has no problem giving big rates to people to prove the importance of his suggestions. Also the fact that he also posts in Rating Basics shows he is constantly trying to improve his rates by learning from other good raters and official TR's.

Week #7 - Kidogo

This weeks winner is Kidogo! Kidogo, uses his great knowledge of the OU metagame to give out great rates which not only help a team deal with its threats, but also help the team achieve its overall game plan. Kidogo also rated 8 teams this week, and was not hesitant to pick high quality teams to rate. So congrats Kidogo!

Week #8 - Princess Bri

Rater of the Week for this week is Princess Bri! Bri was on fire this week rating a total of 10 teams. She also used her knowledge to rate an Uber team this week, which is great seeing how Ubers doesn't have much quality raters. Like all good raters she identifies threats to a team, explains why they are threats, then looks to solve those problems with good suggestions. She wasn't afraid to rate excellent teams like this weeks team of the week!

Week #9 - Novaray

This weeks winner is Novaray! Ever since getting back into rating Novaray has been an all star in the rmt forum. His rates are very well presented as he highlights threats to a persons team, explains why they are threats and then solves those problems without changing to much of the team itself. He is also very consistent making a total of 7 rates this week.
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