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Hey everyone! We on the RBY Discord have been playing and exploring 7U, a meta based on the mons too weak for even the lowest tier on Pokemon Perfect, 6U. For those unfamiliar, 52 mons are legal in this tier, and the strongest mon is Meowth. This might sound strange, but it's an exciting, fast-paced tier where predictions immediately pay off and games are over in the span of 20 turns. It's a really cool tier that everyone should at least give a try, and we're going to be doing the very first tournament for it - if you're new to the tier and interested, I'll include resources at the bottom of this post. This is just an unofficial little thing but come join it and have fun - and there's a prize!

Tournament Rules:
  • Matches will be best-of-three (defined as the first player to win two games, i.e. ties are not counted) except for the top 3 (Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals), which will be best-of-five (defined as the first player to win three games)
  • This tournament will be Double Elimination, meaning that players will drop to the Losers Bracket after one match loss, and will be eliminated upon another match loss
  • All tournament games must be played on Pokemon Showdown!, and all replays of all tournament games must be posted
  • Games will be played in the [Gen 1] NU format while following this list of usable Pokemon
  • Signups and each round will last at most one week (hopefully we can keep it shorter)
  • All standard Smogon tournament rules apply as do all of the usual rules and clauses inherent to [Gen 1] NU
  • Ctown is generously sponsoring the tournament - $100 for 1st place, $50 for 2nd place, $30 for 3rd, and $20 for 4th!
Information and Resources:
  • 7U Resource Hub - while older this will let you know what mons are in a tier, speed tiers, and a little bit in the way of resources (some early VRs and such)
  • #7u channel on the RBY Discord - check pins there for a Calculator import with all mons in the tier, and a (now somewhat outdated but still generally helpful) guide to leads, as well as discussion on teambuilding and strategy
  • Challenge command: /challenge gen1nu @@@ -All Pokemon, +LC, +Clefairy, +Charmeleon, +Ivysaur, +Golbat, +Hitmonchan, +Beedrill, +Kakuna, +Metapod, +Gloom, +Nidorino, +Nidorina, +Pidgeotto, +Ditto, +Farfetch'd, -Exeggcute, -Abra, -Diglett, -Dratini, -Drowzee, -Gastly, -Horsea, -Omanyte, -Pikachu, -Poliwag, -Ponyta, -Sandshrew, -Seel, -Slowpoke, -Staryu
  • Also here's a few sample teams to get people started; all of these use the core of Meowth - Charmeleon - Tentacool - Ivysaur since that's probably the most simple and effective core for newbies, but you can definitely get creative:
:tentacool: :charmeleon: :meowth: :ivysaur: :shellder: :rhyhorn:
:charmeleon: :meowth: :tentacool: :ivysaur: :voltorb: :rhyhorn:
:ivysaur: :charmeleon: :meowth: :tentacool: :voltorb: :golbat:
:tentacool: :charmeleon: :meowth: :ivysaur: :hitmonchan: :rhyhorn:
:charmeleon: :meowth: :tentacool: :ivysaur: :voltorb: :beedrill:

Post "in" to sign up. Signups will be open until next Saturday, May 21, 2022, at 11:59 PM GMT -7
EDIT: We now have a prize generously provided by Ctown - $100 for 1st place and $50 for 2nd place! Added to the post above.
EDIT 2: Added challenge command
EDIT 3: Prize pool just got upped by Ctown - there's now another $30 for 3rd and $20 for 4th!
EDIT 4: Tour has begun, added the bracket
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