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Hello everyone, and welcome to RBY Boomer vs. Zoomer I! RBY Boomer vs. Zoomer is a 10-on-10, one week team tournament between returning legends and current superstars to decide the strongest era of RBY OU players.

The concept was first explored in January 2024, with the first ever 1v1 USA vs. The World & UU USA vs. The World, both seeing The World come out on top. The idea was expanded upon in Smogon USA vs. The World tournament, which saw Team World narrowly win 16-13. We have also seen similar tournaments around Smogon, including Doubles USA vs. The World (won by The World), GSC USA vs. The World (won by The World), National Dex USA vs. The World (won by USA), DPP France vs. The World (won by The World), and BW Fakes vs. The World (won by Fakes).

In RBY, we will have a generational showdownwho will reign?

Captaining Team Boomer: Hipmonlee & Sceptross
Captaining Team Zoomer: The Circuit Three (chuva de perereca, Gefährlicher Random, & Serpi)

Teams will have 13 players — 10 starters and 3 substitutes. Winners will memorized in the RBY Hall of Champions!

The 10 slots for RBY Boomer vs. Zoomer I will be as follows. All slots are Best of 3 unless otherwise stated. Players have the ability to mutually agree to any additional rules. The number of slots are subject to change.
  • RBY OU
  • RBY OU
  • RBY OU
  • RBY OU
  • RBY OU
  • RBY OU
  • RBY Grand Slam (Ubers/UU/NU/PU/Random Battles, Best of 5)
  • RBY Triple Threat (OU/Tradebacks OU/Stadium OU, Best of 3)
  • RBY 4U **Team Boomer Homefield Advantage Tier
  • RBY OU Blitz (Best of 5) **Team Zoomer Homefield Advantage Tier
Eligibility will be based on how long players have been playing RBY.

Signups will begin June 2nd and the tournament will begin June 16th. Tiebreaker will be begin June 23rd, if necessary, and lead up right into RBY Invitational V.



Have a nice day
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Notes on PBS (if it comes to that):

There is an exit bug, so battles can end randomly. When that happens, basically if one player is obviously way ahead they win, otherwise you replay. This is all based on agreement between the players, so you have to trust your opponent. Expect exit bug in like, one in ten games or something. Not sure, but we used to complete tournaments on this sim, so it cant have been _that_ bad..

Never click the back button. Only bad things come of that. There is no undo, don't try it.

After your opponent's pokemon faints from explosion you might see it come out again. Just wait, their mon will come eventually. Unless you got the exit bug in which case the battle is over anyway. Pretty sure exploding on a sub does not prevent fainting.

If you see your own pokemon come out again after an explosion, I cant remember exactly how to resolve it. But definitely dont attack.

All multi hit moves, including partial trapping moves are all banned. This sucks for Jolteon.

The upside for Jolteon is focus energy does work (IE it works like it does in stadium), we could ban this, but its awesome so I vote we allow it.

Substitute blocks paralysis, so it is banned on any non-ground pokemon.

Counter doesnt work.

Paralysis/Burn reapplication doesnt occur.

Rest restores speed/attack when it removes status.

I recommend trying out moves like splash, roar, teleport etc... they are fun! (Not good though).

This is all I can think of at the moment. I will update when more comes to me.

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