RBY Cup IV - Round 1

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LOIC stay loaded
is a defending Smogon Snake Draft Champion
Activity against my opp, didn't reply to me until he PMed me yesterday, missed me twice and didn't come online at all today.
Hi, Hec and I have not been able to play yet. This is mostly my fault, due to having a lot of irl stuff on, and not having a clear schedule for when I was available in advance. I would like to request an extension of 1 or 2 days so that we can get this done. Thank you.
Activity decisions 1:

Fruitdealer vs Leftiez - Fruitdealer posted activity in the forums as Leftiez's profile is private; Leftiez finally reached out to Fruitdealer late Saturday night; Fruitdealer replied with two potential playtimes on Sunday but Leftiez didn't respond
PDC vs hyperbeem - PDC made initial contact, and hyperbeem responded early in the week to no reply, and then later in the week but still to no reply
nightcore vs idiotfrommars - nightcore reached out early, idiotfrommars offered no visible response
Frrf vs EternalSnowman - Frrf missed scheduled time
Ark vs Holiano - Ark made more effort to schedule, Holiano stopped replying after initial contact
Padlin vs JDFS - Padlin put forth more visible effort to schedule
Tachibana vs Heika - Heika never responded
Caetano93 vs Mr.378 - scheduled for Sunday, Caetano93 was online today, Mr.378 was not
Supersnipery vs CrapAtRBY - CrapAtRBY made effort to schedule, Supersnipery did not work to plan a time (posted once that he was online "now" but that's not helpful)
InfinityKnight vs AAamen - InfinityKnight didn't reply to AAamen
Evronight vs TonyFlygon - TonyFlygon missed scheduled time
Hamhamhamham vs Sas0 - Hamhamhamham missed scheduled time
Rodriblutar vs GreyPowerVan - no reply from GreyPowerVan
Shakaji vs TOLML - No reply from TOLML
potato14798 vs CKW - potato missed scheduled time
Blightbringer vs Regrets - no reply from Blightbringer
supergogebob vs Anish - no reply frmo supergogebob
Deezcastforms vs Hootie - Hootie missed scheduled time
Zenadark vs Steven Snype - no reply from Zenadark
M Dragon vs rockfistmole - rockfistmole missed scheduled time
Duskfall98 vs Christo - Christo missed the scheduled time; although he came online later and posted on Duskfall's wall, it was well after the agreed-upon time, and Sunday evening to boot
Malekith vs Shrug - no reply from Shrug
Drud vs Trelloant - no reply from Trelloant
Cynara vs Thelight288 - no reply from Thelight288
Snou vs Diegolh - Players scheduled for Sunday evening, but according to Diegolh, Snou did not come online. Snou has not disputed this version of events
hexed vs Doggy666tm - no reply from Doggy666tm
thecreatorMS vs Groudon - no reply from thecreatorMS
Diego Maradona vs Cofaiclus - Diego Maradona put forth more effort in scheduling
GGFan vs Lavos - GGFan missed scheduled time early in the week and made no contact with Lavos afterwards
Sinkyr29 vs Posho alola - Although Posho alola responded to initial contact, he made no follow up efforts to lock down a specific time with Sinkyr29, who did
Befus39 vs Shirtless Gray - no reply from Shirtless Gray
dk vs CaCaTuA - no reply from CaCaTuA
Fireon1234 vs Fear - no reply from Fireon1234
Niel101 vs FlamingVictini - no reply from Niel101
Jos223 vs Genesis7 - unclear contact from Jos223 late in the week, though Genesis7 reached out right away. According to Genesis7, Jos223 wasn't online today and Jos223 has not disputed this account
TheAprilFool vs nick###### - no reply from nick
Coconut vs Lord Booty Milk - Coconut suggested Friday, Lord Booty Milk was online Friday and Coconut was not
badabing vs Lionyx - scheduled for Saturday, but according to badabing Lionyx did not appear. Lionyx has not disputed this account.
Ojama vs SABAO_CRI_CRI - no response from SABAO
miltankmilk vs Lego_Sheepy - no response from Lego
N01syBoy vs Great_Angel - Great_Angel left after one battle; N01syBoy reached out to complete the set to no reply. Considered a forfeit
Kaz_Gasai vs Osh - no reply from Osh
Grey Gliscor vs Conni - no reply from Grey Gliscor
Jytcampbell vs scosendeyjr - no reply from scosendeyjr
Algeria4Ever vs GustavoYAY - no reply from GustavoYAY
Coinflip decisions:

Coinflips in many cases were clear cut (no visible contact from either party) while others fall into the range where both players made some sort of contact, but the battle didn't take place and no one player made more effort than the other. I don't have time to type the detail behind each decision here. If you want details on a particular call, send me a private message.

zugubu royal vs Santu
Brammi vs AA NickelQuack
vs fatty
Hayburner vs Stepchild
Spooptile vs Parley Pigeon
senorfresco vs Da-Eevee-King
Professor Meteor vs CyberOdin
HSOWA vs Raspberry
ridk021 vs Myu151
snagaa vs iEvils
BluBirD252 vs Apple_Pineapple_Pen
John1240 vs Jase Duken
vs Haruno
ninamori vs MadeByRage
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