Championship - Type A RBY Double Elim Tour R2

Activity. Will-I-Am didn't bother to convert timezones, wasn't on at the scheduled time, then asked me to play at 4am. Also please tag everyone in future rounds.
Huston asked me to continue as a host since he has to deal with irl issues, hope this is okay. I'll be as active as I can to ensure this tour goes according to plan from now on.

Huston missed time against TropicalTeo, also I'm not sure if he even still wants to participate. Activity to TropicalTeo. lol I suck, Teo won. Changes nothing about the result tho.
Zenobu dropped out, so ProfessorMasterChief wins the round.
teal6 vs MetalGro$$ gets an extension because they had less time to get the match done.
majaspic22 and Star made no visible attempt to contact each other but I can't see Star's wall so I'll give them a few more days to clarify the situation.
Mindnight and Weegah both put minimal effort into their scheduling so I'll coinflip.
Millennial never responded to Acsel so Acsel gets the win.
i dunt no and Marshall.Law didn't VM each other, giving them a short extension because no one got tagged this round, so it's not really their fault. Same for Eseque vs KoldKappuccino, Caetano93 vs Hamhamhamham, HANTSUKI vs Drud, Lavos vs Genesis7 and SOMALIA vs Stan Soojung.
Extending my own game vs Will-I-am. Under normal circumstances I'd request an activity win, however that wouldn't be a clear decision and it would depend on the host whether I'd actually get the win, so I'm giving us an extension.
Hayburner advances since Omfuga is banned.
AM dropped out so Floppy gets the win.

R3 will be up in a few minutes.
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