Championship - Type A RBY Double Elimination Tour - Round 8

Yee let's go
Rules: RBY BO3, double elimination (Challonge bracket format with no randomization in between rounds), replays are required, VMs are what matters for activity. Also all general tour and site rules hold.

Winners Bracket

Chill Shadow 1-2 EB0LA
Gilbert arenas 2-1 ridk021

Losers Bracket

TropicalTeo vs The Idiot Ninja
Eden's Embrace 2-1 Melle2402

Deadline Monday Dec 4, 10am GMT+1.

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2-1 over Chill Shadow.

Pretty haxy series. Was FP almost 50% of G1. Which marks my 1st game lost in the entire tour. But Semi/Finals here we come :).

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