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I promised to use wild stuff for this tournament, so I figured I would share some of the ideas.

I was thinking that since I knew I was going to be playing at awkward times when I would be tired, and I wouldnt have time to practice, I would be pretty crusty. So I figured I would make up for that with crazy teams. Unfortunately building teams takes just as much time as practicing, so they were a bit underdone and some of the wilder stuff I didnt get to try out. So mostly they ended up being a little bit too sane for my liking, but that's probably good for you if you are gonna steal them.

R1: https://pokepast.es/78b20dee3fee8324
This team is basically exploiting the current overabundance of jolteon. Anyone who relies on Jolteon as their sole zapdos check is gonna have a terrible time facing Zapdos alongside a ground type.

This build is pretty wrong though. Chansey should not be on this team, it should be a snorlax. The chansey gives up too much momentum when you havent got a lax to punish enemy chanseys. You can see the issue with that in my r1 games.

But I do want to highlight that chansey set. It will be a recurring theme here.
Ability: Natural Cure
- Ice Beam
- Reflect
- Soft-Boiled
- Filler (usually twave)

Two big advantages to this set over the seismic toss variant. Obviously its great against rhydon. Can come in against it and have reasonable odds of beating it, as opposed to normally rhydon comes in easily against chansey. But the bigger thing is that ice lax cant stay in against you to try to freeze you. Or it can, but its a losing line for the lax. So it resolves the biggest issue with using Chansey as a lax check, so you can go back to your SPL IX lines.

The other r1 team wasnt that crazy, I had a fun counter abuse line, but it didnt really end up happening. Used a similar team in the last game r5, but again, didnt come off.

This was fun. It worked relatively well, aided by SN's starmie FPing a little too often, but hampered by paralysing his chansey with a tbolt.
The idea is you can lead chansey but have an absolutely brutal option if you face lead jynx. Lead eggy isnt really a thing at the moment, so it means youre pretty much guaranteed a favourable lead matchup. At the cost of having a really dumb Chansey set.

But imagine like, t1 its jynx, ok sleep sac starmie, back to chan, twave it, fireblast it. They have to switch now, the obvious choice is starmie. Twave it, tbolt it. They gotta switch again, so now you sing, which there is no way someone is picking that you have dropped softboiled. At this point its turn 7, you have already won the battle.

Now if you dont get that perfect matchup, its still pretty practical. Chansey still checks waters, it takes them ages to KO you. You get your sing pretty safely anyway, and Starmie is everywhere so there is a great chance of you at least getting half of the full plan. And if youre lucky you can sleep sac the chan after that. You only really need it for starmie anyway.

R2 and 4:
https://pokepast.es/70916b50f762583b and https://pokepast.es/d569a77d5459d73a
This is abusing the fact that people have been running jolteons and cloysters instead of psychic types. So you just spam them with psychic. This was a good idea, but the trend in this tournament seems to be that psychics are back in fashion.

Reflect zam is great, but so easily ppwastable. But its very hard to ppwaste it once youve already had to ppwaste an stoss zam. Two Zams isnt allowed, hence Hypno.

No lax, but you have the Chansey to shut it down pretty well. And look out for the counter reflect chan, which is pretty much guaranteed to shut lax down completely. It also is a deceptively strong sweeper. Unpar chan in an endgame can be a pain, but usually you can deal with it by just hyperbeaming with Tauros and you are favourable to win the 1v1. But not if it has reflect and counter. You dont have a great switch in against Tauros if Mie gets slept, so be careful about leaving a sleeping pokemon around too much.

Keep Eggy healthy if you can, you need it for surfmie, jolteon, alakazam and rhydon. You're pretty unlikely to face a combination of any of the last 3, but they are all pretty likely to be used with surfmie. So that's a bitch.

Against Jynx you absolutely objectively need to sleep sac Hypno, but since youre running a Hypno and its boring to use UU mons just as sleep sacs, you'll have to sleep sac Eggy and play sleeperless instead. This is not a strong position to be in, especially since, as I just mentioned, Eggy is very important to this team. "When push comes to shove you gotta do what you love, even if its not a good idea".

Seismic toss Chansey is also a dick to face btw.

Jynx is a good option over Starmie on this team too.

Mostly just a bunch of fun sets I wanted to try. Waveless Jolteon definitely bit me in the ass, so not sure if I should recommend it. The lax is great, +6 blizzard + hyperbeam KOs Chansey, so it cant just sit on you, which Counter chan will often try to do.

Rest tauros with Flash chansey to let it come in. Basically you can surprise people by taking unreasonable risks with tauros, knowing that it can heal back in the late game. The rest of the team is very defensive to support tauros when it rests. It did not come off at all, but I still think its solid. Had an alternative version with Gengar over Jolteon, which would have been utterly brutal in the game.

These teams were deliberately weird stuff, but all of them are practical. They could probably do with some tweaking, since I built most of them just before my battles.

If youre gonna try them out, please make changes. There are alternative versions of them cause when I build these teams, I usually build 2 or 3 versions. Most of them rely on surprise to some extent, so wont really work so well if your opponent has seen this thread, unless you change stuff!

Also if you have any crazy teams/sets you want to share, please do.

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