RBY RBY OU Global Championship 2021: Round 1 (Stage 2 @ #88)

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RBY OU Global Championship is a standard RBY OU Tournament with a goal to find the best RBY OU player of the year.
Previous winners are Tiba, Slimmer, Peasounay, roudolf13, Prinz and Amaranth.

Each round will consist of 2 stages. The first stage each player will be given 2 sets of pairings, in which they play a first-to-2-wins (best of 3 excluding ties) vs their opponent. After the first stage is completed and the host has determined wins, players who win both their matches go through to the next round, while players who lost twice are eliminated. The players who won 1, lost 1, battle it out in a tiebreaker FT2W in stage 2 to join the two-time winners in the next round (or the player wins the tournament in the case of a final). If a 3-way final, a 3-man FT2W round robin will determine the winner of the tournament (repeated if necessary).

The prize returns: a $50 (or equivalent) amazon gift card will be given out to the winner of the entire tournament!
The winner will also earn the right to display
in their signature.

Past RBY OU Global Championship Tournaments

RBY OU World Championship 2015
RBY OU World Championship 2016
RBY OU Global Championship 2017
RBY OU Global Championship 2018
RBY OU Global Championship 2019
RBY OU Global Championship 2020

Additionally, the winner of RBY OU Global Championship will earn the right to compete in the year-end RoA Forum Championship, competing in the RBY OU division for the
medal (to go in their signature).

You can also earn qualification points for the year-end RBY OU Championship.

RBY OU Championship 2021 Points

RBY OverUsed Format

Banned Moves

Dig, Double Team, Fissure, Fly, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Minimize (Dig/Fly Glitch Prevention + Evasion + OHKO moves)

Banned Pokémon
Mew, Mewtwo

Freeze Clause, Sleep Clause, Species Clause.

Tournament Format : pseudo-double elimination (64 man as an example)

Round 1:
Stage 1 - 2 sets of 32 FT2W matches (64 unseeded players, subs period) & Stage 2
Round 2: Stage 1 - 2 sets of 16 first-to-2-wins matches (32 unseeded players) & Stage 2
Round 3: Stage 1 - 2 sets of 8 first-to-2-wins matches (16 unseeded players) & Stage 2
Round 4: Stage 1 - 2 sets of 4 first-to-2-wins matches (8 unseeded players) & Stage 2
Round 5: Stage 1 - 2 sets of 2 first-to-2-wins matches (4 unseeded players) & Stage 2
Finals: Stage 1 - 2 sets of first-to-2-wins matches (2 unseeded players) & Stage 2
Stage 1 End: Players with 2 match wins go through, and those with 2 losses are eliminated.
Stage 2: Players with a 1-1 record play each other in a FT2W match to see who progresses (or wins the final)

Tie Rules

Battles ending in with no pokemon on either side, due to a Self-KO move (Explosion / Self-Destruct), result in a tie.
Battle ties do not progress either player towards winning the match (battle is replayed).

Arrange location: Profile posts on the Smogon Forums.
Battle location: Pokémon Showdown! Smogon Server


Substitute Signups: Wednesday, May 12th 11:59 PM -4
Stage 1 (Sets 1 and 2): Sunday, May 16th 11:59 PM -4
Stage 2: Sunday, May 23rd 11:59 PM -4
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Set 1:
Completed Matches: 28/52

 W-0  Thepatatedouce
Diophantine  0-A  Justamente
Ryanor  0-2  Lusch
egalvanc  1-2  Exiline
 F-0  TC
gye5  F-0  Mindnight
spies  W-0  Waves
ForgottenOnes  2-0  weird mon
rss bootcamp  F-0  Marshall.Law
Quarante8  2-0  PkmstrShane
NEWAL  0-A  MendeeZ
Fakee  0-2  SMB
D4 Repertoire  1-2  chuva de perereca
Gaalil  0-A  false
IoSonoNeon  0-A  Louna
SoulWind  1-2  Eledyr
Pheo'  0-W  Hyssou
HSOWA  0-F  Nael222
 A-0  Ron...5
Khaetis  W-0  Tobste
El Cadaver  2-0  Gastlies
Melanie uwu  1-2  iNoLife
 2-0  iKiQ
Akarui~Kurayami  1-2  RampageWebber
crow crumbs  0-2  FriendOfMrGolem120
 F-0  Stoked
Attack on Samurott  F-0  Prof_J
EB0LA  1-2  Davy Green
Samqian  0-A Plague von Karma
Fant'sy Beast  0-2  mikmer
Mister Tim  0-A  RidMain
 2-0  The Quasar
John W  2-1  professor tox
Serpi  A-0  FatWarlord
Unowndragon  2-0  Drogba In Shenhua
emma  U-2  Nalorium
kjdaas  U-2  Kenix
LTG  0-F  Hats
TopLel TopKek  0-2  Green on fire
16bit  0-2  Zerses
 W-0  Xenqt
McSim  2-1  LightScreener
Vivarby  0-2  Enigami
GasaiYunoSan  0-2 Lunala
 2-1  Far too complex
Oiseau Bleu  2-0  mentalsoft
Blui  W-0  Dlanyer
MichaelderBeste2  F-0  Xandes
euFeatured A-0  Gen1991
Slave Of Passion  2-1  SpectralThief
kael  2-0  Eremita
Lord Thorx  1-2  frisoeva
Yves Stone
 vs  Bye 1
Amaranth  vs  Bye 2
Ophion  vs  Bye 3
Huston  vs  Bye 4
Groudon  vs  Bye 5
Alpha Male Psyduck  vs  Bye 6
Luirromen  vs  Bye 7
NEON_Voyager  vs  Bye 8
Pohjis  vs  Bye 9
Tomahawk  vs  Bye 10
Ctown6  vs  Bye 11
roxiee  vs  Bye 12​
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Set 2:
Completed Matches: 32/52

Hats  0-A  Khaetis
LightScreener  1-2  Gastlies
RidMain  0-2  Ctown6
gye5  0-2  Koalacance
Souw  0-2  John W
Plague von Karma
 W-0  Thepatatedouce
spies  2-1  Frrf
Drogba In Shenhua  2-1  HSOWA
Fakee  0-2  Luirromen
Melanie uwu  0-2  TC
NEON_Voyager  1-2  Slave Of Passion
FatWarlord  0-A  Alpha Male Psyduck
 W-0  eden
D4 Repertoire  2-0  roxiee
iNoLife  2-0  Gaalil
SpectralThief  0-A  false
 2-0  Green on fire
EB0LA  2-1  egalvanc
Marshall.Law  0-W  Zerses
Tobste  0-2  Lusch
 2-1  PkmstrShane
Nalorium  F-0  LTG
SMB  2-0  El Cadaver
Oiseau Bleu  2-0  Ophion
Mindnight  F-0  rss bootcamp
Lauriane  1-2  emma
 A-0  Samqian
Diophantine  0-A  IoSonoNeon
 2-0  Hyssou
McSim  0-2  Pohjis
MendeeZ  0-F  TopLel TopKek
Pheo'  0-W  Mister Tim
frisoeva  U-2  Kenix
 2-0  Ryanor
ForgottenOnes  W-0  weird mon
Yves Stone  A-0  Eremita
crow crumbs  1-2  Amaranth
 2-1  Vivarby
professor tox  0-W  Groudon
 2-1  MichaelderBeste2
Dlanyer  0-W  16bit
The Quasar
 2-1  Prof_J
Serpi  2-0  Akarui~Kurayami
Huston  0-A  Far too complex
 2-1  Louna
Lunala  W-0  Yami
agenS  2-1  Lord Thorx
Exiline  0-2  Blui
Attack on Samurott
 A-0  Gen1991
GasaiYunoSan  0-F  Xenqt
chuva de perereca
 2-0  kael
euFeatured  1-2  Fant'sy Beast
 vs  Bye 1
Ron...5  vs  Bye 2
Waves  vs  Bye 3
Unowndragon  vs  Bye 4
SoulWind  vs  Bye 5
FriendOfMrGolem120  vs  Bye 6
kjdaas  vs  Bye 7
NEWAL  vs  Bye 8
iKiQ  vs  Bye 9
Davy Green  vs  Bye 10
Tomahawk  vs  Bye 11
Nael222  vs  Bye 12​
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