RBY RBY OU Winter Seasonal #1: Round 1


it's a thug life ¨̮
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teal6 vs eden's embrace
byronthewellwell vs Melle2402
Kink vs Genesis7
Sneakers vs MetalGro$$
Holiano vs Magma
Sun vs Lord Thorx
Drowsy Drowzee vs AAamen
iKiQ vs Slick Willy
Bro Kappa vs Gilbert arenas

Due to the sheer amount of games not played, I'm going to extend the round until tomorrow 5PM CET. Please get your games done by then, you won't get any more extensions since no one asked for one before the deadline.
not sure if it was missed or if Genesis7 forgot to post, but in fairness and transparency, he won 2-0 against me - ggs
Adjudged Progressions:

Sneakers vs MetalGro$$ (Sneakers said on his wall he wasn't available during the week and proposed the following week, but the following week is already after deadline so MetalGro$$ gets an activity win)
Holiano vs Magma (Better effort in scheduling, called act, Magma gets an activity win)
Drowsy Drowzee vs AAamen (Much more effort in scheduling)
iKiQ vs Slick Willy (Better effort in scheduling)
teal6 vs eden's embrace (coinflip)
Bro Kappa vs Gilbert arenas (coinflip)


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