RBY RBY OU Winter Seasonal #1 - Round 2


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Requesting extension vs Chill Shadow to around 10PM est Wednesday, as I believe we'll be able to work out a time that day that will work for both of us.
Adjudged progressions:

Winners bracket:

eden's embrace vs Bedschibaer -- No contact, coinflip in eden's embrace's favour.
MetalGro$$ vs AAamen -- AAamen contacted, no replay from MetalGro$$, activity win to AAamen.
Genesis7 vs neomon -- Genesis7 showed bigger effort in scheduling + posted act, activity win to Genesis7.

Losers bracket:

false vs Sneakers -> false contacted, Sneakers never replied, activity win to false.
Sun vs wyc2333 -> wyc2333 contacted, Sun never replied, activity win to wyc2333.
Drud vs Staxi -> Drud contacted, Staxi immediatly repied, Drud never replied back, activity win to Staxi.
Slick Willy vs teal6 -> No contact, coinflip in Slick Willy's favour.
Drowsy Drowzee vs CKW -> CKW contacted, Drowzy Drowzee never replied, activity win to CKW.
Arialhg vs Hipmonlee -> Hipmonlee showed much more effort in scheduling, Arialhg missed scheduled, Hipmonlee posted act. Activity win to Hipmonlee.
Alpha Male Psyduck vs So Noisy -> No contact, coinflip in Alpha Male Psyduck's favour.
CzarPokemon vs Funbot28 -> CzarPokemon contacted, Funbot28 never replied, activity win to CzarPokemon.


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