RBY RBY OU Winter Seasonal #6 - Round 4

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I ask for act win my opponent lost the rescheduling of our fight
I think u misunderstood what I explicitly told u, we sheduled for friday 5 pm +1 that was already rough for me, I still showed at this time and what ? U miss our fight to harass me 1 hour after when I'm on phone getting reqs for a suspect test (and I don't play tour games on phone obv), I told u 3 times that what we agreed ISN'T a reshedule, and it would only be if I'm free, and I wasn't cuz I planned stuffs today and I'm still not available (ur waisting my time btw), I was kind enough to give u a chance, a poor chance but a chance, and ur calling act on me ? lol.


And if u don't agree with what I just said, show me proofs.
I arguably didn't miss the time we agreed on Smogon IIRC

PS: I don't mind resheduling when I have other availabilities but this one was rough for me and we sheduled on Friday which is basically a common fight day.
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