Tournaments RBY PL II: Player Signups [Auction Saturday 10/2 3PM GMT-4]

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Artwork by Spook

Host: emma
Tournaments Rules and General Guidelines
RBY PL Discord
RBY PL II Commencement Thread
Spreadsheet (courtesy of Ticken)
Schedule Sheet (coming soon!)

In this thread, you can sign up to play in RBY PL II. There will be six teams. The tiers are as following:
  • RBY OU
  • RBY OU
  • RBY OU
  • RBY UU
  • RBY NU
  • RBY Ubers
All slots are Best of 3.
Here is the signup format:
Tiers Played:
Significant Time Missed?:
Name: emma
Timezone: GMT-4
Tiers Played: RBY OU
Significant Time Missed?: No
It is absolutely pivotal that you sign up using the above format, as we will use an external tool to parse signups and push into the spreadsheets. If you have anything else to say or wish to shitpost, do so in the commencement thread! If you do not use this format I reserve the right to edit your post.

For the first two weeks of RBY PL, you may only play the tiers you signed up for. This does not apply to those with a 3k price tag.

Starship Starmies: Justamente & Nalorium
El Wrappo Dragonites: shiloh & Mako
Silph Co Snorlaxes: TeamCharm & FatFighter2
Hipster Hypnos: Amaranth & May
Viridian Victreebels: IoSonoNeon & SaDiSTiCNarwhal
Ding Dang Dewgongs: EB0LA & Serpi

Each team will have minimum 8 players (6 starters + 2 substitutes).

If you are interested in playing, be aware that any team may buy you, and you are expected to play for any one of them. Only list tiers in your signup that you are willing to play. While these aren't binding for the entire tour, it will affect how the managers will see you, and you are expected to play them if necessary. If you would not consider seriously playing a tier in a tournament, do not list it. Do not make dumb joke posts about playing tiers you don't care for.

You are generally expected to participate in your team's Discord. While we understand that activity levels may vary, this is the core portion of RBY PL, and what makes it fun. Your team's Discord server is where your team will hang out, discuss strategies and just have fun without worrying about the game. This is where teams come together (or fall apart), and likely the most integral part to the entire tournament.
  • You must signup to be retained.
  • This is the cost it will take to retain the player.
  • You are allowed up to 3 Retains.
  • Managers can buy themselves for a flat 15k. Your retain price does not matter.
Retain Pool 1 (Viridian Victreebels)
  • TC 13k
  • Jyt: 10k
  • Lord Thorx: 10k
  • Koalacancee: 10k
  • mikmer: 10k
  • Oiseau Bleu: 10k
  • Ruft: 10k
Retain Pool 2 (Starship Starmies)
  • Ranshiin: 21.5k
  • Kenix: 16k
  • Excal: 12k
  • kjdaas: 12k
  • Luirromen: 10k
  • IosonoNeon: 10k
  • Xevara: 10k
  • Fakee: 10k
  • Natan: 10k
Retain Pool 3 (Silph Co Snorlaxes)
  • BKC: 21K
  • Frrf: 15k
  • Louna: 13k
  • Malekith: 10.5k
  • ForgottenOnes: 10k
  • brewfasa: 10k
  • Tack: 10k
  • Ilesaural: 10k
Retain Pool 4 (Hipster Hypnos)
  • Mister Tim: 16.5k
  • Unowndragon: 15.5k
  • HSOWA: 14.5k
  • coffee_white: 11k
  • Laroxyl: 10.5k
  • Sevi 7: 10k
  • Maple: 10k
Retain Pool 5 (Ding Dang Dewgongs)
  • Gilbert arenas: 11k
  • Mr.378: 10k
  • Yami: 10k
  • egalvanc: 10k
  • Prof_J: 10k
  • samy0w: 10k
  • Alumn: 10k
  • phoopes: 10k
  • Toytean: 10k
Retain Pool 6 (El Wrappo Dragonites)
  • TonyFlygon: 18.5k
  • 64 squares: 11k
  • Hayburner: 10k
  • iKiQ: 10k
  • LpZ: 10k
  • Shakur: 10k
  • Skysolo: 10k

  • Do not sign up if you cannot commit to the entire tournament.
  • Managers must let me know who they are retaining and if they plan to buy themselves before Player Signups close.
  • Please just use your common sense and if you have any questions just ask.
  • Signups will remain open until Friday October 1st 3:00 PM GMT-4. Auction is at Saturday October 2nd 3:00 PM GMT-4.
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Name: Volk
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Significant Time Missed?: I'm not missing anything in particular, but I am chronically busy. I can definitely be a strong support player at minimum, though I think I can play pretty much every week. Don't spend too much here, I'd hate to disappoint.
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