Tournaments RBY Ubers Open I (Won by Ctown6)

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Round 1:
ArcticBreeze vs theBigbrother17
Lutra vs phoopes
Gastlies vs InfernoDragon
ForgottenOnes vs Fluore
King Billu vs iKiQ
stunner047 vs Enigami
Dead by Daylight vs May
ClairDeLuna vs nimzowitsch
julian113 vs Alpha1013
Oathkeeper vs XSTATIC COLD
pulsar512b vs snailmail
Peasounay vs HRCassetteTape
Crokodil13 vs Fc
Flatemo vs swag god
Zekarum vs Oiseau Bleu
Torchic vs Blue Cloyster
Heika vs Eledyr
Ctown6 vs MrTact1C
Scholar vs martinvtran
MagearnaTheBoss vs AM
Sailorgreatest vs kjdaas
GH0 vs Totomi
pokem1399 vs Bye3
jeffdaboss vs Bye4
VTMagno vs Bye5
Justamente vs Bye6
Paulluxx vs Bye7
Unowndragon vs Bye8
uhBella vs Bye 9
Jake Moran vs txitxas
SaDiSTiCNarwhal vs Bye11
Frrf vs Bye12

Initial pairings were generated at
(A general reminder to NOT follow this bracket, it was simply used to generate the round 1 pairings. Each round must be generated at random so after the completion of round 1 an entirely new group of pairings will be generated)

We still have room for Subs, if anyone still wishes to join

Edit: no more subs

Dealine for Round 1 is Sunday June 26 at 11:59pm -7
Good luck and have fun!
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If possible I need to ask for an extension, contacting opponent rn to reschedule because something came up
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